You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


9. The Truth

Toby knew my nickname...?! I haven't told anyone...! I don't even think Zalgo knew it at that time. I just always had this necklace which i got at birth... Weird it was indeed

"I need an explanation, Toby..." BEN snarled. "Hey calm down slender can tell"

And we started walking back to the mansion. I was still a little numb from the attack and twitched one time with my eye, but only ones.

"Your back!" There stood Slendy waiting for us with a smirking clown beside him. "Why did it take so long..." Toby waved and slender facepalmed. "Oh i get it now..."

The others went inside as i stood looking at the moon, for ones the sky was clear. It was a ones in a life time opportunity. And i wanted to enjoy every single second.

Slender's P.o.v~

"I dont get it" it came from Jeff with a slight of frustration. "Your daughter Selena died years ago" he was now stomping around the couch. "Hey bitches im back!" Dark Link said smashing trough the back door. I face palmed.

I dont want them to know. I dont want her to get too much attention, otherwise she would just run away. I really want her to make a home here. They were all staring at me now. Except for D.L who was just confused. "I-i... Eh..."

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