You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


1. Start of journey

I am in the middle of a forest, everything is pitch black with only the trees to show me the surroundings and paths. "He..hello" i said quiet as i heard my words echo throughout the forest. "I.. Is anyone here...?". No answer. I started walking, with every step i took i felt the ground slowly shaking under my feet. I was shivering like a dog, allthough it wasnt cold. I felt like someone was watching me from behinde the trees, i turned around with chills flowing down my back. There was no one there, so i started to walk back again still feeling someone was watching me. But there just behinde the trees was a large human looking thing. I stood still for a moment. "Whe..where am i...?" I asked nervously . The thing took a step out from the tree. The thing didnt have a face, it was just tall, pale white and appears to be wearing a suit.

"You... Are... His... child..?" He said. I was still standing just starring at him until i finally figured out that he was talking to me. " i dont think i understand... Sir.." I said with a calm voice. He sighed, "you will understand soon, just, wait" and he disappeared. "Wait No! I dont understand!!" I screamed just to find out.


"It was a dream!" I woke up, almost screaming. It was in the middle of the night, i was still wearing all my clothes. I remember now, i was in a argument with my father, about when i could leave the house for the first time since mother died. He said that as long as he was alive, i could not leave the house. I slowly left my bed and walked over to my window looking out in the night.


A Couple Of Days Before!


"Daughter..." i heard my father say. "Can you pleas come now... its time for training!". i ran over to the training room at the bottom of the hall i was walking around in. "Yes father" i said cheerfull. training time was awesome, with only me and my father, i agreed to it because it made me think that if i knew how to defend myself, meaby then he would let me go outside for once after mother passed away.

"Now what did we learn last time" father asked. "i learned to use the same strenght as you do, father". "yes.." my father said. "anything else Sweetheart?". i stood still in defence pose, thinking. "Oh Yeah!" i said. i also learned to transform to mothers species!" i said. i could easily see dad got sad when he heard the word 'mother'. he nooded. "now for the fight you have been waiting for" he said and got into defence pose aswell. i nooded with a prepared expression. i thought i heard a gasp and looked around confused but to only see the butlers and my father, the butlers looked at me. "is there something wrong? Princess...?" one of the butlers said. i shook my head and looked back at father. "ready..?" father asked. i laughed. "you are amusing daddy!" i laughed and i saw the smile on his face form. "Begin!" the butlers said. and we were fighting. now is the time!. i yelled as i attacked. now is the time i can show my father i can do this!. he dogded and kicked me in the back. i ended up against the wall with a bump. i smiled and stood up again. He smiled pleased with how strong I had becomed. he came rushing at me. Now! Do Your move! i thought as i dogded and made a flick that ended with him against the wall. i took my large knifes from my pockets and rushed at him. i Can do THIS!. he dogded at stood looking dizzy. he shook his head and formed his claws. still smiling. we ended up rushing each other, the was a little not much damege explosion when our weapons hit and we ended up against the wall. i heard another gasp. i transformed into the species of my mother. my mother was not a Cp, but a dark Angel in form of a human. i looked like a dark angel and i had wings. i rushed father wich was still against the wall and i took my blade to his throat. he smiled again. he coughed and said. "i am proud of you.. you won...". i removed my blade and smiled with a scar over my right eye and a couple of cuts on my arms. i laughed and so did he.


then we came to the part after that. when my wounds healed up, i walked into the living room where Father sat in front of the fireplace. i walked over to him and sat beside him. "Father..." i said quiet. "Yes my daughter...?" he said, he put a hand on my hair and shook my hair so it was tousled. i laughed. "i was wondering... when can i go outside...?". i could see his face changed from happy to not so pleased. "What...?" he said with a little anger in his voice. "i really wanna go out side again father...." i said quite scared. he stood up looking down at me. "there are meny people out there and i do NOT! want to hear you say that you want to go Outside again!" he said with more anger in his voice. i looked up at him scared, but then changed. "Father i dont understand why i can not go outside??!" i said with now anger in my voice. he looked disgusted at me. "i dont inderstand why you CANT JUST STAY IN HERE!" he yelled. i looked at him like was he crazy. "i want to go outside Dad!" i yelled back. he sighed and put a hand on my shoulder. "Sweetheart... i lost your mother... i dont want to loose you too to those!" he said, almost sounding like a cry for help. i turned around crossing my arms like a kid. "Who are those you talk about father!?" i asked. "i... i cant tell you.." he said with sorrow in his voice. he hugged me and i heard a tear fall o the ground behinde me. and i figured out what his weakness was. Me.... . i sighed. "fine..." i said loking at the ground were the tear fell. the tear had made a little hole in the floor of our house. "i am going to bed now father...". he looked happy at me again. "okay then... sleep tight sweetheart.." he said leaving the room saying. "You cannot leave this house until i die..."



Now Back Again...


i opened the window, took a deep breath. Now i have to... I Must!. realising i still was looking like my mothers species. i fold out my wings and suddenly stood on the roof ready to leave the house i have known all my life. i took of in a run and jumped, i closed my eyes hoping for the best. i opened my eyes to see i was in the air. IT WORKED!. i started spinning in the air i was so happy. "Finaly.." i said quiet as i flew off. i slowly flew to the ground and landed safe, transforming into my normal self. i sighed happy. walking around in the night. nothing could destroy my moment. if not only. the things Father could not tell me about.


i walked around for a long time just looking. i was amazed clearly. "what now..." i asked myself. but not before i saw the larger person again. i stopped up and gasped. "What on earth..." i said quiet. hopping it was Quiet enough for him not to hear. "you... Again..." i said quiet. i blinked and he was gone. "Wha...?". i blinked again and he was infront of me. "ArrgH!!!" i said almost falling. "Oh Im sorry..." it said and took a step away. "i really didnt mean to scare you..." it apolegised. "i..its ok..." i said. he reached out to say hi and i shook his hand. "My name is Slenderman..." he said. i smiled. "My Name is..." i didnt get to say more before someone called slenders name. "Hide!" he said quiet and i climbed up in a tree. i looked down watching slender wihtout saying a word. now, i was shaking like a dog again. "Hey Slendy what are you doing out here...?" a man came over to say. he was holding a kitchen knife with blood on, and i put my hand over my mouth trying not to say gross. another man came running over to them. he had a green suite and a green hat, with blood beneath his eyes. my eyes were wide open. "Yeah why are you out here at this time...?" the second man said. now three other men came walking over to them. one of the three men had a blue mask on. second had a hood to cover his face and the third, a white mask.

"He is hidding something.." the man with the blue mask said. "How can you tell..?" the man with the hoodie on asked. "its just a feeling..." . i was holding my breath looking down at them. "Why did you follow me children..?" slendy asks. "Jeff Spotted you and we wanted to see what you were doing, then ben wanted to race with him who ran faster" the white masked person said. i tried to climb up higher slowly. "Wait a sec...". the man called jeff said. "i can smell fear". and he smiled even more. "Either Ben is a chicken or someones here". i tried climb up in the tree even more, but i should never have done that. "Rgh!" one of the branches I stood on, cracked and fell to the ground. i held my breath again. "told you he was hidding something..." the blue masked man said as he walked over to my tree. And my eye opened more now in horror. Jeff walked with the masked man. "Why Helloooo" Jeff said as a evil grin formed on his face. i could hear the masked man laughing beneath his mask as jeff started to crawl up after me. "DamnIT!"


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