You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


5. Slender's Daughter

"Gaah!!!" I said and pushed away from the two idiots. "Hey slendy anything i can help you with...?" . Close one, those two really got on my nerves. "Sure you can..." Slendy said happy


After we got the food ready Slendy showed me the room i should be in Aka his room. "I am sorry for you having to sleep in the couch..." I said looking around in the room. "Tobbe honest, i got really happy when you said you didn't want to sleep with any of them" he said an made the bed, what are huge bed tho! I let out a small laughter. "But can you meaby reconsider and think of who you want to share room with, the couch doesn't really fit me" he said and patted my head. "Heh... I can think about it"


slendy left the room and i got to look around more and more, ended up standing in front of the window. "so princess, he told you to chose after some nights...?" jeff stood in the door opening. "Huh...?" i turned around. "what in the...?" jeff was gone, he wasnt there. "have you chosen yet?..." Jeff stood right behind me. "what The..?!" he grabbed around my waist. "Jeff stop IT!" i said and tried to get out of his grab. "shh..." he said and tightened around my arms. i felt his breath on my neck. "Jeff Go Away!" i said and stomped on his foot. he then let go and disappeared again. "what on earth was that about...." Then the door closed. "Oh crap..." I said and ran for the door. The others standing on the other side of the door stared at me. Jeff was there too and he smirked. "I think i need some air..."

I ran down the stairs and out in the front yard. Shaking my hair, breathing out slowly.

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