You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


11. panic :D


"Yeees!!!" He laughed evil and dragged my hands over my head. "Now what is slender keeping a secret?!" He yelled. 

i glared him down with hate and he looked surprised after that changing to a mere fraction of lust. "i am not saying anything" i spat at him. "my mouth is sealed!"

he then grinned. "if you dont tell i am going to seal them" he said and took his fold away from his mouth. i gasped. he was smiling. but some part at the side of his mouth was burned off, making it look a little like Jeff's scars. but not as much.

"what?" he said narrowing his eyes. "am i not pretty enough?" he started laughing again. he came closer to me and blew my hair away from my fold over my eyes. "i have shown my secret show yours now..." he said and bit my fold slowly dragging it away from my eyes.

"Screw that!" i screamed and kicked him in the stomach but he still had my fold so it got torn away from my eyes. "Its so bright!" i said kneeling down hiding my eyes. i ran off still hold for my eyes. barely seeing through my fingers. i heard him cursing behind me.

"de Ja Vu...." i said and ran faster. i started seeing the end of the forest. omg No Way!! a way out! lucky, me!


i reached the end and felt two hands on my shoulders. ?! i turned around with a quick moved and apparently making the two behind me fall. 

"Hehehe..." it came from.

"Masky, Hoodie?!" i gasped, still holding for my eyes. "H-how d-did you?" i said reaching a hand to them one by one. "well arent you just fast Milady..." masky said and apologized. Hoodie ruffled my hair. "what happend to you..?" he asked curios. "i-i lost my fold..."  i stuttered. "how? did you run into a tree before we found you?"

i straightened my hair. "not quite..." and that was when i was attacked by. 

"There there" BEN said and smiled with lust in his eyes. "did someone take your Blind fold?" he smirked. i was hella afraid. for some reason i was way more afraid of BEN and Dark Link then anyone else. "get off her you perverted shit...." hoodie said dragging him off me. "don't you see she is scared of you" he threw ben away like was he nothing. "FuuuUU!" he screamed and hit a tree.

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