You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


2. one bed, one girl, two phsycos..

What is going on!?. My head was full of thoughts. One second i was at home, and then a minute later, i was in a tree and someone with a bloody knife named Jeff was climbing the tree to get me down. what was my biggest thought and probably the last?... HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!.


"Come on down..." he said with a smirk. "i am not gonna hurt ya' ". i started to climb higher in the trees. it felt like the tree tops were endless. "Jeff hurry the f*ck up lazy *ss!" the man with the blue mask said laughing. Slender slapped him in the back of his head, but he kept on laughing. my pants got ript here and there and my arms started to hurt too, it was not the best thing that could happend.

i looked down and stopped climbing. "He... He's gone...?" i said while I tried to breathe normally. i could'en see him anywhere. i sat down on a thick branch. i breathed out. "That....That wasnt funny at all... i cant believe how... how he could laugh... wasnt he excausted?". i said now gotten my breath under controle.


just when i started to relax i felt a finger go down my spine and a hand on my shoulder. i felt the chill's rolling down my back again. i turned around with a set, and to my horror.~~~~~~~


"Oh Sweetheart... what a fun race, but rule number one... dont stop running away Ok Sweetheart...?" he said with a perverted and pleased smile. "Pshyco!!" i screamed as i felt being pushed down. i hit my head on a branch and passed out... after i stopped falling i felt being in someone's arms. "Good Job Jeff..." a voice said before i lost consciousness. 


"'Good Job Jeffery'.... Pff!... did you have to push her down?!...." i heard someone screaming but i could'en say anything... or see anything. it sounded like slender screaming at jeff... "Yeah Yeah.... how would you have gotten her back but get her to pass out Hm...?" jeff responded... What an ass. " and either way she look like she is healing faster then us....". "it doesnt matter if she heals faster!... and you Jack... you are also guilty in this!" slender screamed again. i wonder who jack is... probably the guy in the blue mask... he is right... he is guilty in this too. "Pff.... not my fault She Fell... anyway i actually caught her!" jack answered Slender calmly. "she could have gotten way more hurt if i didnt catched her!". "no mattter how hurt she is you two are responsable to watch her till she wake up!" slender said. "And do not get any funny ideas...!". what did he mean by 'any funny ideas'..?. "Mhm... Fine..." jeff said. "Sounds good to me..." Jack agreed... i had a bad feeling about this.... this isnt gonna end good... i need to get back to My Fathers House before it gets to morning... "I wonder who she is...." Jack Said. "i mean its like... i have never seen her around here before...". "I agree... it is quite Odd slender was talking to the girl.. not killing her...". jeff added. "Mhm... meaby he knows something we dont...." jack ended it there. there was a dead silence.

i suddenly felt myself waking up again, but i didnt react to it, only that my ear twitched a bit. Pleas dont say my ear twitch was enough to make them see i was awake... "what was that..?" jack suddenly said out of nowhere. "Huh... what do you mean..." jeff said confused. "i.. saw something.... her ear twitched...". He Saw That?!... "dude.... are you on drugs again...?". I was never on drugs!" Jack snarled to Jeff that he should keep his mouth shut. jeff just let out a small laughter. my ear twitched again. "Yeah shes awake....." jeff suddenly stopped his quiet laugh and went over and laid down beside me, jack went over laid on the other side. i suddenly felt uneasy. "Hah... are you sure shes awake... then prove it..." Jeff Dare'd Jack to make sure i was awake... do not do anything stupid Jack I dare you!. "Pff.... Fine...." jack said. i could clearly hear his joy in his voice. Crap!!. Suddenly he poked me in the side and i am very... very ticklish. and as i was smart, i reacted very hard and in a set i turned around and pushed him so hard he ended up on the wall and got knocked out, but i also ended just in the arms of...


"Oh Well He was right.... you were awake sweetheart..." he grined. he laid his arms around my waist and arms so that i couldent move. "oh you are pure trouble arent you sweetheart...?" he laught again. suddenly he was over me looking down at me, i could easily see he was enjoying i was afraid of him. "you look so scared... like you've seen a monster...?" he just kept on making me uneasy. I hit my elbow against his chest but it did not seem that it did anything, he took my arm away again and laughed derisively. "What's wrong sweetie?". "dont you want me to come closer to you ...?". his face was closer to my face than before. he looked pleased when i blushed up.


"Go Away Phsyco!" i scream as i pushed him off me and he hit the ground. "Ouch Sweetheart... that Hurt..." He Smiled even more. i jumped off the bed and opened the window i ran off to the roof. "De ja vu..." i said qiuet as i heard him stand up slowly. "Were are you going sweetheart?" he said as he started running to the window trying to get to me. i closed the window and ran higher on the roof. i could hear him swear behinde me. "What just happened...?" i said Quiet as i sat down a place were they couldent get to me...

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