You Belong To Me! ~Cp~

I didnt know what was comming... But ofcourse it was my only way to get away... From... My... Dad?

The story starts with ... being hold inside the house away from everyone and everything,
Life as ... know it, will change and after ... left the house life is getting weird, and will probably always be

"Wh-what do you mean by-"

"You Belong To ME! Understand!?"


14. guilt and Apology

i felt kinda bad, the guilt was falling on me like rocks, no, more like boulders, gigantic boulders. "Heh..." i said out of nowhere.

"its fun how Zalgo actually said this to me. he warned me" i sighed. "i dont know why i even left" i could feel the tears slowly forming. i-i didnt want to cry. i have never cried before. i've never had a reason. but now i feel like hiding the rest of my life.

"didnt i tell you to stay...?" a voice said behind me. i turned around to see


"Zalgo..." i said quiet. and he stepped out from behind the tree. "w-what are you doing here?"

"i am simply here to give you a chance to get home..." he took a deep breath. "but this is always a opportunity to think this through" i looked at the ground. "i saw how you brought pain to that boy, and i told you to be careful about your eyes"

"if anything happens, you know you can always come to me" he said as he hugged me. "i will always stand with open arms for you" and he vanished.

"are you ok...?" i heard another familiar voice behind me. a tear fell from my cheek and my fold fell to the ground. i turned around to see Toby. i quickly looked at the ground, i didnt want to hurt him, again. "i-i..." i didnt get to say more before his lips crashed onto mine. my eyes opened wide as he grabbed around my waist dragging me closer. he then pulled away still holding my waist. i was blushing like hell and i just starred into his chest. "i took that as an apology" he said and laid a finger on my nose. "ok young lady...?" i nodded instantly just starring into his chest. "now your lips are sealed, you dont tell anyone about this" he said and ruffled my hair, handing me my fold.

"lets go home" 


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