ℒet's Imagine 5 seconds of Summer!


10. Dressed up...... or down???!

Imagine; you were kind of a tomboyish girl, and you hated to wear dresses. The boys always wanted to you in a dress just for once. One day you and the boys played ‘True or Dare’ and it was your turn.

Michael: ‘’Y/N true or dare? ‘’

You: ‘’Dare I guess’’

Michael: ‘’Okay… y/n you have to ….. You have to wear a dress’’

You: ‘’Okay that is not a big deal, but sorry guys I don’t have any dress with me!’’  You through you will get away with this one but then….

Calum: ’'Yeah we know that, and that’s why we bought one for you’’ They all had just smirked at you, and Calum handed you the dress!

You: ‘’you all had this planed didn’t you guys…’’

After almost 10 minutes you got the dress on it was hard to get it on since you weren’t used to it. You walked out of the bathroom, and walked over to the four guys who had waited enough! When you saw them they gave you their reaction which was:


You didn’t understand why it was such a big deal…..

Michael couldn’t stop staring
Calum just blushed and looked down every time your eyes were at him
Luke couldn’t stop giggling and smile
Ashton was the only one who was able to talk

Ashton: *Whistling* ''Wow…. Just…. wow''

You: ''Oh shut up!''



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