The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


29. Chapter 29 - Jacob have you ever used your brain?

It must have been about 5:00am when Jacob woke me.

“Hey Leah.” He gently nudged my shoulder. I opened my eyes yawning and looked up. “I need you, and Seth to come with me. I’ve gotta go talk to Charlie. Seth’s ready to go. Will you come? “ I stood up stretching “Thanks Leah.”

I nodded and nudged him with my head, and he laughed. We quietly took off for Charlie’s house. Seth was being a smart ass, “Well luckily she doesn’t need a leash.”

Jacob smirked and I rolled my eyes. “Oh Leah, you know I’m kidding.”

I just nodded and kept up with them.

“So how’s the shoulder, and collar bone?” Jacob asked Seth. I growled softly. I was still not over that.

“Good. A tiny bit sore. But hey, it comes with the territory of protection. I couldn’t let Bella hurt you.”

Jacob smiled and the growl was louder this time. “Thanks kid. Trust me if your sister stepped in, well I don’t think Bella would be walking.”

I let out a wolfy chuckle.

“Yeah. Leah isn’t afraid to protect us.” They both turned back and smiled.

“Thank you for your restraint Leah.” Jacob smiled.


We were in the woods, beside Charlie's house.

Seth looked at Jacob, “Should I phase, or stay human?”

Jacob thought about it for a minute, “Stay human. I think just incase.”

Seth nodded and slipped behind a tree. I kept hidden. We watched as Jacob made his way up the porch stairs. He knocked on the front door gently. It was still early. Charlie was already dressed. It looked like he might have the day off. Fishing was my guess. In the next month or two it would be too cold to go anymore. I sat back on my haunches and waited. Charlie opened the door, a little taken back to see Jacob towering there.

“Hey kid. What are you doing here? Charlie peered around him to see, if anyone else accompanied him.

“It’s just me. I’m going solo for now. I wanted to see how you were doing.”

Charlie nodded, “I’m pretty good. Still worrying about Bella.”

Jacob nodded, “Well she’s better now. I saw her myself.

Charlie perked up, “Really, when?”

Jacob nodded, “Yesterday. Anyways, I was hoping we could talk. It’s kind of important.” Jacob shifted his weight.

Charlie rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah I guess so. Is everything ok with you?”

Jacob shrugged, “Yeah. I need to show you something as well.” Charlie looked at Jacob. “Come on Charlie. Let’s go. I can’t wait much longer.” Charlie stepped out and shut the door behind him. “Let’s walk.”

Jacob was down the stairs in three steps. Mind you he skipped stairs like they didn't exist. His legs were long enough he could do it. Charlie followed behind him. They walked into the woods beside the house. Seth and I kept our place.

“So Bella’s not sick anymore. She’s back here in Forks. She’s with the Cullen’s at her house. Charlie you need to understand, things are different.”

Charlie eyed Jacob, “What do you mean different?”

Jacob rolled his eyes, “Like weird sort of.” Charlie started to turn around, Jacob caught his arm. “Hey hold on there. Just listen ok. I need to show you something.” I was not ready for this. 


Jacob stood there and started to take off his clothes.

“Whoa, Jake.” Seth was on the ground holding his sides with one arm and covering his mouth with the other.

I was able to contain my laughter. Charlie’s alarmed face was priceless. “Relax ok. Don’t be jealous of my physique Charlie.”

Charlie just shook his head. “Son, I don’t think I can relax. You’re standing here, in front of me, in underwear.”

Jacob laughed, “Not for long.” Those were the next things to come off. Charlie turned as red as cherry. At this point I think Seth had stopped breathing. Jacob shook and the next thing I saw was his wolf form. Charlie had gone white. His bottom lip quivering. Shock set in. My heart started to race.

Good way to scare the poor guy. He’s either going to have a heart attack or end up in a looney bin, Jacob.

Jacob gave a wolfy grin and laughed, Nah. Charlie’s a tough guy. He needs to know the truth.  

Jacob I’m not kidding. You could have hurt him.

Once Charlie had taken it all in, Jacob phased back to human. He got dressed as best as he could. His laughter echoing through the air. “Breathe Charlie. You’re not crazy.”

Charlie was still white as a ghost, “You were a wolf. A giant wolf.”

Jacob nodded, “Yeah I phase for kids birthday parties. Need to make some extra money for myself.” Charlie’s eyes at this point bulged out of his head. Jacob burst out laughing once again, “Charlie, I’m joking.” Charlie just nodded, “So now you know my secret.” 

They started back towards the house, “Charlie you need to understand. The world you live in has, many secrets.”

Charlie took some deep breaths. I could still hear his heart racing. “For now kid. I want to keep this on a, “Need to know” basis.”

Jacob laughed and nodded, “Will do then.” They continued to talk some more about various things. I didn’t bother to pay attention. If I had known what he was up to, I wouldn’t have come.  "I have to head back to the Cullen’s. I’m going to give them a heads up your coming. I will see you there in a little bit.”

Charlie walked back in the house and shut the door behind him. Jacob started back towards us. Seth waited quietly.

I started walking back towards the Cullen’s ahead of the boys.

“I think that really bothered Leah.” Seth whispered to Jacob.

“Why do you say that?” Jacob was curious.

“Well when you phased, Charlie went white. I mean white. Leah’s whole face changed. Panic set in on her face. I could tell even when she was in wolf form. I was dying trying not to laugh. But when I saw her face, then Charlie’s, I knew.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow, “I’m not catching your drift kid.”

Seth sighed, “Our dad Jake. Our dad went white on us like that. Leah was there beside him, with our mom. I was on the phone.”

Jacob sighed, “I feel like a jerk. Kid I’m sorry.”

Seth put up a hand to stop him, “No need to apologize to me. I’m ok. Leah’s not thought. She still blames herself. She thinks, if we never phased, he’d be alive. There was no way of knowing. Our mom said he had a bad heart.”

Jacob nodded, “It wasn’t anyone’s fault.”

Seth nodded, “I know. Death changes you. Changes your outlook.”

The rest of the walk was quiet after that. 


Once we were back to the house. I went behind the tree’s and phased. All I had to wear were the dirty cotton shirts, and t-shirt, I left with when I joined Jacob's pack. I felt so uncomfortable. I felt the tears just on the edge. One thing, one memory, and the flood gates would open up.

“Leah, you ready?” Jacob asked.

I stepped out from behind the tree’s fidgeting with my shorts. Any distraction away from my face. “Let’s head inside and talk to them.” I followed behind Jacob and Seth. I wanted to run away. Just run until my legs gave out. I couldn’t. Jacob was in command. 


We walked up the porch stairs. Quietly we walked in, without knocking. That felt awkward. Jacob entered the tension filled room first. Seth and I were right behind him. 
Edward stood there, fire burning in his eyes. That seemed to me, all he was able to show. Both of our hands were trembling, we were so nervous. Edward informed all of them, about Jacob’s phasing in front of Charlie.

Bella snapped at Jacob, “You absolute, moron! You could have given him a heart attack.”

I automatically flinched at the word. So did this apply to Seth and I as well. Were we, “morons” as Bella had said. We phased then our father died. I couldn’t believe it. She was back to her cruel self again. Anything to hurt Jacob with. 


Bella then threatened Jacob. He had thirty seconds to tell her everything. He flopped down in a chair. Seth and myself, stayed by his sides. We both were still on edge. How could you not be, in a room full of vampires. Our mortal enemies. I locked my eyes on Bella. My teeth slightly bared. I was ready to protect my brother, from this crazy newborn vampire. Jacob got up to move close. Instinctively Seth and I moved but Jacob waved us off.

They finished speaking. Jacob had given her the whole story.  Renesmee was back in Jacob’s arms. Seth and Jake had slouched onto the floor. I stood there shaking my head. The tears were there again. I tried to hide it. I knew eyes were watching me carefully. I swallowed and pursed my lips together,

“Am I allowed to leave?” I griped. I was beyond uncomfortable. I was wearing the same dirty clothes, that Bella had seen me in, when I yelled at her. My hair was a mess. My face god only knew how that looked.

“Of course.” Jacob spoke. Alice looked at me adding, “Stay east so you don’t cross Charlie’s path.”

I never looked at her. I slipped out the back door, and stomped off into the bushes. 

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