The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


28. Chapter 28 - Too much to handle at once. That's all I can say.

I waited for a moment listening, nothing. The breeze was gentle through my fur. There were no new scents. I ran around the house checking for anything. There was nothing. 

Leah! Leah! Answer me. What’s going on? 

I shook my head trying to clear it. I need to focus. Seth’s panicking thoughts weren’t helping. 

I’m not quite sure. I heard Bella gasp. Then it all went quiet. Then she let out a blood curdling scream. 

I moved back towards the front of the house. Seth must have been close. I could see him in my peripheral vision. I moved quietly listening for anything. What had happened? Then it smacked me in the face. A strong smell of metal, fumigated the air outside. Blood. It was combined with vampire stench. It burned but I had to forget it. Push past it.  Had the fetus tried to rip itself from the womb. All these crazy images started swarming in my head. I imagined it biting it’s way through Bella’s stomach. I cringed at that one. 

Jeez, Leah. It’s a baby not an alien.

I caught Seth picturing the scene from Space Balls. When they’re in the diner and the little alien pops out of the guys stomach. The alien proceeds to do a song and dance on the counter then disappears. I looked at Seth and he just shrugged a little. 

Then the voices upstairs snapped us both back.

“MORPHINE!” So they were trying to ease someone’s pain. I kept trying to listen. They were talking so fast, I couldn’t follow. Then I heard blonde yelling, “Get Carlisle on the phone.” They were somewhere upstairs in the massive house. I remembered, the doc, wife and the huge vampire took off earlier. So what were they doing to her. I was horrified listening to the commotion. My stomach became one giant knot. Seth whined softly behind me. Then there was a loud commotion again and banging of metal. Edward was yelling. I listened and could hear hearts still beating. Multiple hearts was a good thing. Then there was another much faster heart beat. Seth gave a wolfy grin. 

The baby is ok. That’s a good thing.

I ignored him. Then Edwards voice was normal again, “Renesmee.” Bella’s whisper of a voice repeated the name. She slowly spaced it out. LIke she was trying to catch her breath. “So . . . beautiful.” was the last time I heard Bella Cullen speak. She gasped once more. This time It was a gasp of pain.

The monster had bit it’s own mother. It only starved her to death. It broke her bones. It was a killer, just like it’s father. A demon. A blood sucking murderer. So it was already thirsting for blood. It wouldn’t be able to sustain the animal blood diet. So now we were all in some serious trouble. It didn't care who it hurt. It just knew what it wanted and that was it. Edward cautioned the thing on what was wrong. So the guy who wanted nothing to do with it, was now all paternal. I almost waited for someone to pop a the cork on a champagne bottle. That would be the blonde vampire. She got the baby she so badly longed for. 

Then I heard the last, THUD. As Bella’s heart faltered to a stop. She didn’t make it. She truly had left Jacob. She made it long enough for the creature to survive, and that was it. The girl Jacob had loved so much, was gone. Seth laid down beside me while I stood. He put his head on top of his paws. I listened helplessly. I wanted to take away Jacob and Seth’s pain. I could hear Jacob trying to do cpr. The leech was helping also. I started to feel a black veil come over me. 

The voices and noises were swirling inside my head. Flashes were all I was seeing. Images flashed through my mind. Images I tried to stuff away. Stuff away down to the bottom of my feet. Movement in the house caught my eye. The blonde vampire came down the stairs quietly. She sat in the living room on the couch. She cooed at the monster in her arms. It looked normal from what I could see. I was having trouble. This rush of emotions was running through me. I was jealous of Rosalie. She was able to hold a baby. Something I would never have the opportunity to do. She had someone she loved. She had someone to spend, forever with. I turned and loped back to the river back. Seth stayed behind. I laid down and watched the river. 

I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Would Jacob hang around for her funeral? Would there be a funeral? Would he take off and leave me here. Would he try and kill this creature? I couldn’t think straight anymore. I’d lost so much in the past few months, right now, I was having trouble controlling everything. I just remembered being told, my dad didn’t make it. Remembering my last moments with my dad as he laid on the ground. I started to get angry, I never tried to do cpr. Why didn’t my mom try. She just knelt beside him holding his hand. Why couldn’t the paramedics get there faster. Why didn’t the doctors try longer to work on him. They could have saved him. 

Leah, it was his time. You’ve got to understand that. I’m sorry sis. 
Seth’s soft thoughts were interrupting mine. I let it all go quiet. I fell asleep.

I wasn’t out very long. Maybe an hour at most. Then Seth almost jumped on top of me. 

He imprinted. On the baby. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. 

I blinked a few times. 

What? Wait, when? I thought. 

He came downstairs. He saw her and boom. You could just tell. He was frozen in place for like five minutes. Seth was so excited. 

Wow! Congratulations I guess. Let me grab some Pine needles. I don’t have confetti at my disposal. We’ll throw them in the air, and celebrate. 

Geez, Leah. Can’t you be happy for him?

He’s stuck to Bella forever. Don’t you see that. He imprinted on a baby. A BABY SETH!  Doesn’t that seem a bit strange. Maybe he wants to be with Bella so badly. 

Seth cut me off. Leah, think about it. Maybe that’s why Jacob was so close to Bella, while she was pregnant. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 
Please, please, please, Leah. Be happy for him. Be happy he has someone.
 He nudged me gently and went back to the house. 

I laid back down with my head on my paws. I tried to fall asleep. It didn’t come easy this time. I listened to all the various sounds going on around. I heard Jacob inside cooing at the baby. The blonde vampire groaned because Jacob was so close. Then I heard the rushing of air. Something was moving fast through the tree’s towards the house. It wasn’t wolves. It was the three Cullen’s that had left earlier in the day. I listened as the glided up the stairs and in through the front door. I finally was able to get back to the sleepy state I was so desperate for. A few seconds later I was out.

I must have slept forever. It sure felt like it. I felt a little better. It had rained while I was sleep. Luckily the huge Pine I was sleeping under gave me plenty of protection. It was some time in the morning. I stretched out and then slowly stood up. I made my way up over the embankment towards the house. Jacob was just coming down off the porch.

“Hey Leah.” He was smiling. “Thank you for not causing any more trouble. I really appreciate it.

I nodded a little.

“So how are you doing? I know it’s been crazy.”

I nodded towards the living room windows. Blondie had the baby again. But the others were close by as well. Jacob looked up at the window then back at me.

“Seth? He’s inside. He got some new clothes. Took a shower. They’ve fed him. Now he’s just resting.”

I nodded and nudged Jacob’s hand gently thanking him.

“Not a problem. I promised I’d look out for him, Leah.”

I looked inside the windows again.

“Nessie?” I nodded. “Oh she’s great. Healthy. Growing. Smart as a whip. I know Seth told you I imprinted. Please don’t be angry at me. I can’t leave now. She’s here and she’s the one. I know we talked about going off together.”

I just nodded. He didn’t need to explain anymore. I proceeded to look up to the second floor windows.

“Bella? She’s transitioning. It seems to be going good at the moment.”

I nodded then turned and started my walks back towards the river.

“Leah, I’m sorry.” Jacob called after me. I laid down again. There was nothing to talk about. 

Laying there left me to do more thinking then I wanted to. I had nobody now. I was going to go off alone. Nobody needed me, and vice versa. Seth could stay back in La Push. He needed to graduate. Needed to make something of himself. I’d graduated. So the only thing I was know for in La Push was, Sam Uley’s pathetic ex-girlfriend. The girl he laid with in bed, took the most pure piece of her. Then left her for Emily Young. Soon to be married. Then they’ll be having children. They’ll be phasing. I just didn’t need to hang around and see his happiness. 

Jacob came to talk to me. “Hey listen. I know Seth isn’t happy about this, but I’ve gotta talk with Sam.”

I looked at him and whined.

Jacob gently patted my head, “It’ll be ok. He won’t hurt me. I will be back in a little bit. Keep an on the place.” He smiled and left.

I stayed on the front lawn near the tree line. Carlisle came out and walked over and smiled, “Hello Leah.”

I nodded. I still didn’t like the leeches. Carlisle I was sort of becoming fond of him. I’m not sure why the sudden change. His calm personality. His overall view of wanting to help others. He always seemed to be smiling when I saw him. I saw my dad. Carlisle would go to any length to keep his family safe. He never was looking to hurt anyone when he changed them. He looked off smiling softly. He just seemed to be in a different place. He didn’t mind my company and if I was honest -  I didn’t mind his. 

We both kept our spots and didn’t say a word. Then I heard the thudding of paws and the noise changed. I heard Jacob and Sam. Their breath was calm. Sam’s heart rate was slightly accelerated. They emerged from the trees and walked over to Carlisle.

“Hello Sam.”

Jacob looked at me and smiled a little. Sam nodded, “Hello Carlisle. Jacob has explained to me about Renesmee. I’m aware of the Imprint. So the treaty is no longer void. It will remain as it once was.”

Carlisle smiled the genuine smile and nodded, “Thank you for understanding.”

Sam nodded. I stared off into the tree’s. Sam looked in my direction. I caught the glance out of the corner of my eye. “How’s she been? Any problems?” Sam asked Jacob.

“She’s been good. She’s talked to me. She’s been hunting twice. Had to eat raw. She spends most of her time, phased.”

Sam nodded, “I was angry when she took off. I felt a bit betrayed I must say.”

Jacob straightened up, “She did what she felt was right. No offense Carlisle. She didn’t see the point of an attack on innocent, people.” I couldn’t believe Jacob just lied to Sam.

Carlisle smiled, “She’s a strong wolf. I must give her credit for that.”

Sam nodded, “I need to be getting back to La Push. Emily’s making lunch.”

I felt the knife stab. I tried to stifle the whine. I quietly got up and walked down to the edge of the river and laid down. 

“Jacob I will see you at some point. Have a good afternoon Carlisle.” Sam turned and took off into the woods.

Carlisle waited a few minutes and looked where I had been laying, then at Jacob. “How is she? Be honest please. I know this has put a great deal of stress on her. I know us coming back alone, has really pushed her.”

Jacob sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, “ She’s ok. Before I imprinted she asked if she, could take off and go wolf with me.”

Carlisle raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. She really wants out of La Push. I feel bad. She’s not a bad person deep down. She’s harboring a lot of anger. It doesn’t help that Sam clearly wished, she’d disappear before.” Carlisle nodded, “Well please let her know, we do appreciate all she does. If your pack still needs anything, let us know.”

Jacob smiled, “Thanks, will do.”

They both headed back in the house.

The day continued to pass by. I didn’t bother to run a patrol. The Cullen’s were no longer a threat. The only reason, Seth and I stayed was, the pack. We didn’t leave unless Jacob gave the ok. I sunk back into sleep. My dreams were crazy. Actually they were more like nightmares. 

Jacob, Seth and myself. We were running patrols around the Cullen’s still. Bella was a newborn vampire. Her eyes were crimson. I’d never seen anything so creepy in my life. She was out hunting for food, I guess you’d call it. Seth was too close and she lunged at him. I heard the whimper and a loud, crack. Seth’s lifeless body was on the ground. He was still in wolf form. I was horrified. I didn’t have time to check on him. A scream ripped through the tree’s. I ran to find Bella attacking my mom. I charged at Bella trying to knock her off. One back hand sent me across the woods into a tree. I heard the thud as my back met the tree. I fell on the ground. I got to my feet and I was running again. Then I watched Bella bite my mother. Her blood dribbling down her neck. Bella held on to my mother. I finally knocked her off my mother. She slid down to the ground and body all twisted up. She looked up at me with lifeless eyes. I phased back I didn’t care I was beside my mother naked. I shook her by her shoulders.

I rubbed her arm. “Mom please. Don’t leave me like this.”

I could hear Bella behind me smirking. “So please remind me again, who’s the killer here. Oh right. You killed your father and now your mother. Maybe you should take the blame.” I heard her take off running. I stayed there with my mother’s lifeless corpse. 

I must have been whimpering loudly in my sleep.

“Hey Leah. You ok?” I woke up and found Seth squatting beside me in human form. "We could hear you from the house. Jacob sent me out.”

The fear and pain showed in my eyes.

“You’re ok now. Listen what ever happened, it was a dream. You were out cold. I knew you were exhausted.” I gently nudged his hand with my head. “Love you too sis. I want to give you a head’s up. Bella’s completed the change. Edward’s going to be taking her hunting. I quickly stood up and tense.

“Calm down ok.” Seth put his hands up. I looked past him. 

A few second’s later Jacob joined us. “Hey. So they’re heading out now.”

Seth nodded, “Yeah I filled her in.”

Jacob smiled, “Thanks. So here’s the deal. I’m going to test Bella when she comes back. We want to see if she’ll be able to see, Nessie. I want you two near by while this is going on. Seth you need to phase also. I looked at Jacob. “I don’t want to hear any complaints Leah. I know what I’m doing. I’m the in charge and what I say goes.”

My tail twitched back in forth. So we followed Jacob to the line where the tree line, touched the Cullen’s grass. Jacob stood on the line. I paced back and fourth. Seth paced a little more nervously. He was between excitement and boredom. He was an walking oxymoron. Before we knew it they were back. Edward warned Jacob to be careful. I snarled but Jacob wasn’t the least bit worried. So Jacob was the human, the guinea pig. I’m glad it wasn’t Seth volunteering. I’d kill him. They wouldn’t have to worry about Bella doing it.

“It’s your neck, I guess.” Edward said to Jacob. That was it for me. I growled furiously at the leech. 

Jacob, Bella and Edward quietly spoke for a moment. Then Jacob was all to eager again, “First let’s get this show on the road.” When I saw what he was doing, I whined trying to stop him. I slid out from behind them trees. Seth followed behind me. “Cool it guys,” Jacob said. “Stay out of this.” He was too close for our comfort. “C’mon, Bells. Do your worst.” I hissed. Bella commented on Jacob’s scent and how, unpleasing it was. Edward started laughing, Seth joined in. 

Oh yes Bella. And you smell like a Rose bush. No you’re more like the thorn and smell like, 

Seth chuckled a little, You can get over the scent if you want to. 

I’m quite alright with that. The scent bother’s me for a reason. As it should you and him. If she doesn’t kill him, maybe they’ll go back and have a tea party. Well Jacob will have tea, she’ll probably have a blood bag. 

Seth sighed, One day maybe you’ll be nice to them. 

Ha. Keep dreaming little bro. I thought back. 

We watched as Jacob moved a little closer to Bella. I backed up. Nothing happened. She was perfectly fine. His blood didn’t phase her. 
After the little experiment they all headed back to the house. While they were inside, Seth and I were outside near the front lawn,within the tree line. We just waited. 

So what are you planning on doing? Going to hang around?

I sighed, I will stay around now probably. Thinking about going to school in Seattle. Nursing like mom did. I’d come home on the weekends. I’ll only be a few hours away. 

Seth grinned, That’d be cool. So I would have two rooms for myself.

I laughed, Keep dreaming. I need somewhere to sleep when I come back. 

Nah. You can phase and sleep outside. He laughed. 

Then our conversation was cut short when there was commotion inside the large house.

“You stupid mutt!” Bella was furious. Seth and I exchanged glances.

I guess she found out about the imprint. Seth thought. I nodded agreeing with him.

Next thing we saw was - Jacob quickly walking down the porch stairs backwards. Bella was moving fast as well. She was growling as she spoke. Jacob desperately tried to explain. He kept walking backwards in our direction. “It was involuntary.” Jacob insisted.  He backed right into the tree’s with us. We flanked to either side of Jacob. I opened my mouth snapping at Bella. She snarled back at me. Jacob was begging her to listen. “Leah, back off.” He said. I curled my lip and didn’t budge. 

The other’s were outside now. Bella was furious. I stood there ready to knock her out. I didn’t like his imprint but Jacob was truly innocent. He kept desperately trying to get Bella to listen but she wouldn’t. She used to be so calm. So easy going. Now she had turned into blonde vampire bff. They were remarking on how she hadn’t attacked him, yet. I was ready if she tried to. I would kill her. Then Jacob said it. Jacob explained to her why he couldn’t stay away while she was pregnant. He had already bonded with the baby. Then he backed up some more. He was between Seth and I fumbling to speak. Then Bella lunged at Jacob. 

Before I could get in between her attack on Jacob, it was too late. I heard the loudest sound of bones slamming against stone. The noise echoed through the tree’s. There was a thud, and a whimper. Jacob was beside Seth. Bella was on her feet. Edward and Carlisle were there in a second. Carlisle was on the ground beside Seth. I growled angrily and stared at her.

Oh damn. She broke something. Seth thought.

Are you ok otherwise? I whined a little.

can’t move my shoulder at all. He whimpered a little. 

I locked eyes on her. I was going to lunge at her. Breaking something on her. See how she liked it.

“LEAH, NO!” Edward yelled.

Jacob stood in front of me. “Calm down. I know. Please I don’t want you getting hurt.

I snarled and my body trembled. 

Leah, I’m gonna phase back. I’ll let the doc fix me up. I’ll be good as new. 

Jacob looked at Edward., “ Seth’s going to phase back, Carlisle.” Edward heard the conversation between us.

Carlisle nodded. Seth got to his feet and went behind the tree’s. He walked back out cradling his arm. “Man she can hit.” Seth smirked.

Carlisle carefully held Seth’s arm as they walked inside. “We’ll get you fixed up.” Seth smiled. Edward, Bella and Jacob stood there for a moment. Edward looked at me, almost like he felt bad. He wrapped his arm around Bella’s waist and guided her back into the house. “Leah, I’m sorry.”

I nodded and Jacob walked back inside behind them.

I turned and walked off to the river. I was so angry. I wanted to rip her throat out. Seth was so young. She needed to learn to control herself. Jacob sat on the porch with Renesmee. He quietly spoke to her. He was so happy. She smiled back at him. She was growing fast. Hard to believe she was only two days old. I had a knot that took over my stomach. The whole in my heart just grew. Jacob and I were not going to run away and go all wolf. He was firmly planted here now. He had his true love in life. 

I paced back and forth along the river. I would stop and look up at the house. I looked and could see Seth sleeping. He was all splinted up. The blonde vampire was now outside with Jacob. I blocked out their bickering over the child. It became old very fast. Bella glided over to the windows. I glared at her. Murder was high on my list, her name was conveniently beside it. Jasper was reassuring Bella that nobody was angry with her. I just snorted and they both heard it. Before I knew it Jacob, Renesmee and Rosalie were inside. It was time for the babies measurements. 

I walked back up to the house. I sat down quietly and looked int he large windows. They measured her with clock work precision. She was growing like a weed. After everything was done, I walked back to the river. I stood quietly for some time. I’m not sure what happened, but Jasper was pacing along the river. I kept my distance. The next thing I saw was him leave over the river. He was gone within seconds. I assumed Bella had done something to cause him to take off. It was easy to assume she was behind anyone’s anger. 

The time passed and there was nothing to do as usual. There were no more patrols. Jacob and Seth were inside, relaxing comfortably. I started thinking about when I may take off. I thought long and hard about Seattle. It would give me the freedom I so badly wanted. I was still glowering, when I got up and slunk into the bush. The smallest vampire, Alice was at the rivers edge. She did some acrobatics and propelled herself over the water to the other side. The mother just leaped over casually. The big vamp, stomped through the water splashing everything. Water even hit the windows on the house. Then Jasper was the last one back over. They must have come back from hunting or something. I went back to thinking. 

Seattle was perfect. I could attend school at Seattle University. I would be able to drive back here in about four hours. I always liked helping people. I’d always been fascinated with medical stuff. So college, part-time job and a life. I could handle this. No more phasing. No more patrols. I’d be Leah Clearwater. I’d have my life back. Nothing would change it. A smile registered on my face. I had to admit now, I was tired. Everything that had happened today, put a drain on me. I had hunger lurking in the background. I didn’t have it in me to hunt. I couldn’t eat raw tonight. When Jacob came he helped distract me. Now he couldn’t. So I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

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