The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


27. Chapter 27 - So now I'm the, "Bad guy."


I was circling back around the perimeter again when I came by the house. I saw Jacob storm out the front door and into the garage. I skidded to a stop waiting to see what he might do. Was he finding a murder weapon? I was a little too eager on that idea. Then a few seconds later, I heard a car engine rev to life. A few seconds later Jacob quickly backed out of the garage and peeled off down the long drive way. I had no explanation as to why he was leaving. He was angry. So the question was, “What had Bella done now?” I loped behind some tree’s, and calmed down and phased back to my human form. I threw on my shorts and shirt and made my way to the house. 

I walked up the porch stairs and knocked on the door. My thoughts were clear. I couldn’t lead Edward onto what I was about to do. I was quickly greeted by the mind reader.

“Hello Leah.” he smiled.

I looked at him, “What happened to Jacob?

He was trying to keep me from snapping. “He needed to get some fresh air. Change of scenery. Cool off.”

I eyed him, “Cool off?” My jaw clenched tightly.

Edward nodded. His body was so stiff. I wanted to punch him in his flawless face. I knew he wouldn’t feel it but I sure as hell would.

“Leah, he was really upset. I heard the fe...babies thoughts. We’ve found out, it’s not meaning to harm Bella. He’s working with what little room he has. Bella and I were very happy to know that. Jacob became angry because of this. I gave him the keys to one of my cars, and he went out. He’s perfectly safe. No harm came to him.”

I eyed him carefully as I just kept thinking, “Jacob’s safe. He’s not hurt.”

Edward nodded assuring me after hearing my thoughts. “How lovely of a Kodak moment. Too bad there wasn’t a camera around.” Edward sighed softly.

“Anyways. Can I speak to Bella. I won’t be long?”

Edward nodded and moved out of the doorway. 

I walked inside and looked around as I entered. “Come this way.” He showed me to the living room. He stepped to the side allowing me to enter the large room. Bella was laying on the couch. Her stomach was so swollen now. She looked like she’d gone through hell. She had a quilt draped over her. She looked over at the door way. She must have been expecting Jake.

She smiled and whispered, “Hey Ja...” then stopped short, once she saw me. “Leah?” I looked at Edward then back at her. “Yep. In the human form. Shock I know.” 

She tried to sit up a little bit. Leech lover was there in a second to help her.

“Thank you Edward.” Her raspy voice sent a shiver down my spine. “ here?” The girl had to pause in between each word, just to catch her breath. Then she looked at me, “Oh no. Is Jacob hurt?”

I shrugged, “Depends on your definition, of hurt. I’m not quite sure anymore. He took off without any warning. Nice way to leave me in a lurch. I have a hunch that you caused it. Well that thing inside you did. Your leech lover husband told me, about the Kodak moment. I truthfully couldn't care less. Jacob get’s upset, I mean really upset, only over certain things. Well that list has only a few people on it. Three of them are in this room. I will narrow it down, I’m not one of them. So you can take an educated guess as to who I mean." I looked at her. 

 She looked back at me and took a second. She cleared her throat. The raspy voice spoke again. “Leah, I’m not trying to hurt him. like a brother to me. He’s my best friend.” She stopped to catch her breath. “I love and care about him. It hurts me, to put him through this pain. I don’t care what form. Mentally, emotionally, or physically, I hate it. He doesn’t deserve it. I’m not that cold hearted. He need’s to understand, this is what I want. As my friend he should support me. If it were him going through something like this, a huge life altering decision. Well, I’d stand behind him.”

I scoffed at her letting my head fall back. I barked out a sarcastic laugh before I locked eyes on her again. “You care and love him so much? So when are you going to remove the knife from his back? I should call your dad. Tell him to arrest you for stolen property. Maybe assault and battery. You stole Jacob’s heart. Then you proceed to knock him down. Then continuously beat him. But for some reason he keep’s coming back. I don’t know why. You chose your life, well what’s left of it.” I looked at her.

She was withering away for this monster. This parasite who supposedly cared about it’s creator.

Then Bella spoke softly, “Leah, please. I know all of this is hard on Jacob. Once the baby is born,” She cradled her arms around the massive bulge. She cooed a little. I wanted to find a gun and well you can guess the rest. “I will be changed. But inside I’ll be the same old Bella. He and I can continue to be friends.”

I couldn’t believe she actually thought things would be, somewhat normal. I clenched my fists. “Please tell my you’re joking? You’re dying. That monster is killing you, more and more by the minute. You’ll be dead. Jacob will be alone. What will he have then? A grave stone. The truth is, he’ll have NOTHING. Everything he ever cared about will be gone. He’s only stayed because of you. When you’re gone, so is he. What’s it like to hurt someone so much. You must have been taught so well by Sam.” I just shook my head. “You know he’s the reason why we’re all suffering.” I pointed at Edward who stood behind the couch. "If his life sucking family never came back to Forks, I’d have a life. None of us would be wolves. I’d have my father, alive. Jacob would be happy. He’d have the girl he loves, you. It’s ok. You have a nice, “life” with your killer husband." 

Bella had tears streaming down her cheeks. “He never imprinted on me. Edward is my soulmate.” She gently touched his hand which was on the back of the couch. I wasn’t sure if he needed support, or if he was trying to keep himself composed. The blonde vampire was now on the stairs.

“Soulmate?” I questioned. “He’s dead. Mate maybe I’ll give you that. Creatures, animals have mates. The only purpose is to reproduce. He’s not even alive. He’s a piece of stone. You know what, you may not be soul mates. But I will tell you this. Your hearts are as black as the night sky and as cold as death. So when you die, blonde behind me. She’ll be playing mommy. She’ll get what she always wanted. Just remember, Jacob’s an amazing guy. You never gave him the chance to imprint. You were too good for him. But when you’re gone maybe he’ll find someone better than you." 

Rosalie’s hand clutched the banister. “I think you should leave, NOW. You’re not helping the situation.” Rosalie spoke through gritted teeth.

Edward moved quickly from behind the couch. He was beside me in a second. “Leah, please leave. You’ve upset Bella. There was no reason to yell at her.”

I turned and headed for the front door. Edward called the blonde over to comfort Bella. Oh the poor thing. I was so mean to her. I thought to myself.

“Actually you were quite harsh. That was quite uncalled for.” I ignored him and whipped open the front door. “Maybe you should stay the hell out of people’s heads. You’re so damn nosey. Now I can see why Jacob get’s so annoyed with you.”

I was down the stairs and walking back to the rivers edge.

Within a second, Edward stood in front of me. “How dare you. You said you wanted to SPEAK, to my wife. You had NO right to yell. I should have thrown you out myself. I was polite and asked you to leave.”

I looked right into his eyes. “If you had laid one hand on me, you’d be in pieces. I can phase faster than you can think, LEECH.”

Edward’s eyes burned with pure hate. “I’m much more respectful of Jacob than you give me credit for. I don’t waste my time with pup’s like yourself.”

I growled, “Just remember who’s protecting your crappy little, “Family” leech boy. I so badly hope, her blood stains your hands forever.” I nodded towards the house. “May her death live on your conscious forever.” I slammed into him with my right shoulder as hard as I possibly could. He was a little caught off guard. I know I did not inflict any pain. I wanted to get my point across. 

I stripped out of my clothes once I was back down by the river. I tossed them on the ground. I quickly phased back with very little effort. My anger was ruling my phasing ability right now. 

Hey nice way to leave me in a lurch. 

I heard Seth and saw him come into view a few seconds later. I trotted over to him. He looked like he just woke up. Maybe he caught the last bit of my conversation with Edward.                                            

Well maybe you should say the same thing to Jacob. I thought

Seth yawned.I wondered what happened. Any word?

I shook my head.

Then Seth looked at me. He caught the last image of Bella in my mind. She was in tears. Then he saw me bang into Edward. What did you do to Bella? Why’s she upset? Leah! 

We waited not saying a word. Jacob had to come back, eventually. So we ran quietly until then. Jacob drove past us as he came up the long drive. He nodded at us and continued to the house. 

 I’m gonna go check on Jacob. Be right back. 

Seth loped off in the direction of the Cullen house. I went down by the river and sat back on my haunches. Seth was gone for about, ten minutes. 

Jacob told me, to tell you, and I quote, “Hey, tell your sister to back off now, okay? Enough.” I don’t what you said, but relax. Don’t blame Bella, ok? She’s my friend as well.

I continued to sit quietly not saying a word. 

You need some like chill pills sis. Your becoming a mental case. Anyways we need to run a patrol. So let’s go.  

We quietly ran the perimeter a few times. Seth stayed closer to the house. I took the outer most loop. Nobody was trying to penetrate the Cullen territory. Then I finally broke the silence.

She had it coming. She needed to hear it before she dies. Get an inside scoop. 

Seth snarled at me. You’re my sister and I love you. I don’t love who you are now though. You’re a cold hearted person. 

I growled. Let’s all pretend Bella is some, wonderful person. She’s so precious. So innocent. Bella can do no wrong. 

Seth ran over to where I was coming around. He stopped right in front of me. Who the hell do you think you are? You’re such a bitch. What did she ever do to you? Nothing. Your acting all mighty. What are you trying to prove? Wow your so tough. Yelling at her for hurting Jake. Guess what? Jake’s a big boy. She know’s how he feels. She feels bad. But you know everything. Well you really screwed up this time. 

I looked at Seth.You need to get off the Bella train as well. If you don’t, she’ll drag you down as well. The last thing need is two moping wolves. 

I saw Bella as Sam. Jacob was me. Well Edward was Emily. I didn’t want anyone else to feel, the pain I felt. The hurt, and anger everyday. 

Oh, I get it now. It’s all about you Leah. If you’re not happy, why should anyone be. But It comes back to Sam. It always does. You’ll never move on. Well you need to. Sam has and he’s happy.

I was so angry the pain had it’s tight grip on me. I loped off and took my spot back by the river. 

Leah, I’m sorry. Seth felt bad now. 

 I laid down and closed my eyes. I just wanted to shut off everything. Everything, including my heart. I didn’t move for the rest of the afternoon. I watched the sky as it clouded over. I could hear them moving about inside the house. Bella was on the couch. I could hear Jacob giving Edward the ok to save Bella’s life. So she would be turned. If Sam heard this, I could only imagine what would happen. I kept listening to what was going on inside the Cullen fortress. I was trying to stay in the loop. I wanted to know how much longer I was stuck here. 

It sucked bad. I didn’t have any access to books, music or my journal. The only thing that really knew how I felt. I missed my home a little bit. I missed the smell of my mom’s cooking. I decided to try and get some sleep. I laid there listening between the river running beside me, and the soap opera inside. I was on the edge of dozing off when, I heard the gasp. It was Bella. Then a moment later, a blood curdling scream ripped through my ears. What was going on? 

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