The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


24. Chapter 24 - Two Alphas. Two packs. One major decision.

August 14th, 2006 
Oh my god. Please shoot me. Let me fall off the cliff and hit the rocks below. No I’m not suicidal but, Jacob is driving me there. He keeps going on and on. Dude get over it. She married the parasite, move on. I’m cruel sounding but whatever. He’ll never have a chance. 

Well the week had passed. Everything was so quiet well quiet for me. I locked myself away. Anything I could read I would. I just needed a distraction. I was harboring such anger, so was Seth. I couldn’t stand the all the, “Love” in the air. Seth still held a grudge  and that was out of character for him. This was actually impressive. Sounds sick yes I know. I was glad to actually see something igniting a fire under Seth’s anger for once. He was too easy going. Well he was finally starting to crack. I was quite smug about it. 


Finally he spoke. A week after the wedding. Actually he barked, “I don’t need a baby sitter. Why can’t Sam, mind his own business?!”

My mom spoke up, “Because he is the Alpha of the pack. The pack in which you and your sister are part of. I’m an elder of the council. So what happens within this pack affects us all. So please understand where we are coming from. I’m not ok with you befriending vampires.”

Seth clenched his fists.

I walked out of the kitchen to see this. “Seth calm down.” I spoke calmly.

“Leah, SHUT UP! You just need to go away like the others. All of you need to just butt out.” Seth whipped around and almost ripped the front door from it’s hinges. I followed him outside. 

We were crossing the front yard towards the woods. “Seth don’t run away. It won’t solve anything. Trust me. Just talk to me please.”

He stopped so abruptly I almost walked into him. I caught myself in the nick of time.

“Oh so I’m just supposed to stand there and smile. Play nice. Be the good little brother. Keep my mouth shut. Take orders from everyone. Including you and mom. I don’t think so.” Then out of no where he snapped. He was imitating a toddler voice, “Oh I’m a baby. Goo goo gaga. Care to change me while your at it. Wanna hold my hand. Going to put me in a timeout.” His face was turning red. He was not going to phase. He had great control.

I gently put a hand on his shoulder, “Calm down.”

He pushed it off, “Don’t touch me. You don’t care. None of you do.”

I snarled, “You take that back Seth. I do too care.”

He looked at me and shook his head, “No. You don’t care about anyone except yourself. If Leah’s miserable, everyone has to be.” I growled. “Keeping growling princess.” He turned around to walk away smirking. 

I lost my temper. I lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. “Get off of me you crazy woman.”

He tried to push me off, “Apologize. I’m not crazy you brat.”

Seth rolled us over and he was now holding me down. “You need to chill out Leah.” I tried to head butt him. Wolf reflexes he was quick and dodged it. I struggled trying to push him off. “Ha, your not going anywhere. Not until you calm down. I’m not letting you kick my butt. You’re nuts.” I kept trying. For being so scrawny he had the strength. I was exhausted physically and emotionally. Then we had company.

“Damn! Seth is holding Leah down.” Paul choked out a laugh.

Sam shook his head, “Why does she do this?”

My mom stood there and watched from the front door. Then to make matters worse, Charlie pulled up. “Kids stop fighting.” Charlie called out climbing out of the cruiser hurrying over.

Paul came over, pulling Seth off, “Seth let her go.” Paul said pulling him back.

Seth yelled, “Don’t touch me.” Seth was just about to pin me again, when Paul caught his arm.

“Let her ge...” then the thud of Seth’s fist meeting Paul’s jaw.

Seth pulled away and I was on my feet just about to shove Seth. Warm hands grabbed my arms,

“Calm down now Leah. You’re going to hurt someone.” Sam’s deep voice was behind me.

“Let me go Sam.” I snarled.

He remained calm, “I will let go when you calm down, and promise not to hurt Seth.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

I yanked free from him. I turned around and shoved him. “Who are you? Who are you to touch me. Who are you to speak to me. You mean nothing to me. Back stabbing, “ I whispered the last part, “ALPHA.”

Charlie came behind me and pulled me back. “Calm down hun ok. Let’s go inside.”

My mom stepped out of the way. 

 Once I was inside I went to the bathroom and shut the door. I turned on the water and stood in front of the sink. I washed my face.

There was a light knock. “Sis can I come in?”

I turned the knob and let the door open. Seth slipped in and shut the door behind him. He sat on the edge of the tub. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have held you down. You were so angry. I shouldn’t have said what I did. You had a point. So we’re even now. No fighting.”

I nodded. I grabbed the towel and wiped off my face. Then shut off the water. “Don’t worry about it ok.” The rest of the day went on. Then weeks. 


August 21, 2006
Oh please just shoot me now. Why Jacob has to picture, I shuttered hearing the thought run through his head. He pictured himself with her. Ok, let’s stop that thought right there. I think I may vomit. The guy has us all seeing it. Luckily the others can get away from it, the one’s who’ve imprinted. So much mushy, blah going on. YUCK.


August 31, 2006

Ten days. Guess what?! Nothings changed. I can’t escape in either wolf form or human. Why did I do to deserve this damn punishment? Emily and Sam all happy. God I’d rather poke my own eyes out. My heart, well that’s at the point of being ripped out? And throw it in the ocean. It does me no good. You can only block out so much. Being a wolf is a curse. One I would never wish on anyone. 


September 7, 2006

So what’s happened? Here is a run down - Bella and her leech are married. They are now happy. They rode off into the sunset. Jacob waved them off smiling. We’re all so happy for them. HA. That was an utter joke. These past few weeks have made me consider suicide. Well not literally. I sort of feel bad for Jacob. I know, scary to think about but I know what it’s like. To be left for someone else. To see him like this bothers me. Do the others see his pain like I do? Are they too wrapped up in their, “Imprint” lives? When you’re all alone, you see a lot more. You don’t have someone else to consume your time. I’m desperate just to feel wanted. 


Tears started to fall on the pages. I quietly shut my journal and hurried home. I didn’t need to risk being seen crying. I headed straight for my room once I was home. I quickly put my journal back in my desk drawer and shut it. That’s when I heard the howl rip through the air. It was too far for any human to hear. I could tell it was Sam and something was wrong. I took off out the front door without any hesitation and ran for the woods. Once I was out of sight of the human race, I quickly stripped tying my clothes to my leg. I took off running. I heard a few of them in my head. Then out of nowhere Jacob cut through like a knife.

'So self - absorbed all the time.' I thought in response to Jacob. 

'Yeah, no hypocrisy there, Leah.' Jacob thought back.

'Can it guys.' Sam’s flat tone broke through. 

A low snarl rolled off my chest. I hated being grouped together with the guys. Then I wondered if Sam did this on purpose. Just trying to get a rise out of me. I pushed even faster. Sam growled. I kicked into overdrive.
'Claim this moron.' I hissed in my thoughts. 
Jacob was running a lot faster now. Trying so desperately to catch up with me. 
'Jake, Leah, give it a rest.' Sam thought.

We both ignored him keeping our speed up. Sam growled. Jacob and I nearly entered the clearing at the same time.


'Beatcha again.' I sat back on my haunches beside Seth. 

Jacob went beside Sam. It took me a few minutes to process what Sam, had Seth tell us. Then out of nowhere, everyone seemed to be listening to Sam and Jacob trying, to figure out what to do. In my eyes the treaty wasn’t technically broken. She wasn’t changed. She was just, “sick”. I was listening but it wasn’t setting in until, I saw Jacob about to lunge at Seth. 
'Jacob!' Sam cautioned. 

The thought stopped any idea of a fight. I was somewhat relieved. Sam no longer saw the leeches as a threat. It hit me like a knife. 
'And we know that they will not be here much longer. Surely once they’ve told their story, they will disappear. Our lives can return to normal.' Sam thought. 


I let it replay in my thoughts, “Our lives can return to normal.” This word, “normal” echoed through my head. What the hell in my life was normal?! I was a female wolf. The only one in a brotherhood. My boyfriend left me because of a supposed, “Imprinting.” He wouldn’t have phased if the leeches never showed up. My father would be alive. My brother wouldn’t be cursed into, imprinting on a girl. He would have a choice to find a girl. It wouldn’t be decided for him. Sam’s eyes met mine. I forgot I wasn’t alone. 

Seth gently nudged me with his head. 'Leah, I don’t feel cursed. I like knowing I’m protecting people. Leah it’s my duty. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.'

I let out a soft whine. Sam was refocusing his thoughts. He was listening to Jacob. I let my thoughts go quiet and zoned out. Jacob’s thoughts brought everything back around. It was like a screeching halt came to all of our thoughts.

'I’m going to tell my father goodbye. '

That was all I could hear. 


We continued through the woods waiting for Jacob to come back. Not much was said. There was a lot of pacing. Some low rumbles. Before we knew it, he was back. Everyone including myself thought his name at once in relief, Jacob! Paul had already taken off to reassure Billy and Rachel, he made it back alive. He was in human form within seconds of Jacob’s return. Then the calm changed into a fog of tension. Uncertainty. We all saw it. Bella all distorted. Swollen. Pale. Then the leeches words, Bella’s life means nothing to her. 


We were all, in utter shock. We started running. We all met up with Jacob in a clearing. My thoughts were dead silent. Everyone was too quiet. Then all at once our thoughts were flying. One shouting over the other. I found myself snarling. Now the treaty was going to be void. This thing was going to put us all in jeopardy. Sam used one of Jacob’s memories for all of us to see. The blonde female vampire, acting like a bodyguard. She was crouching by Bella. She was crazy looking. The thought caught me. 

Jacob’s thoughts, 'It’s just a baby, for crying out loud. '

I thought back quickly, 'Not for long.' 

Jacob started to argue it. 'This is crazy. This after noon you were afraid to put the pack in danger.'

Sam quickly replied, 'This afternoon I didn’t know our families were at risk.' 

Jacob was now on the other side. He placed Bella and the Cullens on some pedestal.

'I can’t believe this! How are you going to kill this creature without killing Bella?'

Everyone fell silent. Jacob’s howl broke that. 'She’s human, too! Doesn’t our protection apply to her?' 

I didn't think it through,.' She’s dying anyway. We’ll just shorten the process.'

I heard Jacob leap in my direction, then the howl of pain escaped him. I could tell Sam had caught him. 

'Stop!' Sam looked right at me. You will not be cruel to him, Leah.'

 I was so angry. I was honest and now getting reprimanded for it. Sam went on with his plan for us to attack tonight. So I was going to concentrate on killing Carlisle, Alice, and maybe, Esme. My nerves were all over the place. I stayed quiet. I didn’t do anything except listen and breath. I didn’t need to piss off Sam anymore. 


It seemed like forever before Sam started moving us into formation. I had to take point. The younger ones behind me. I felt bad putting Seth through this. I wanted to hug him. He shouldn't have to see this. What kind of sister was I? I hated these leeches yet I felt bad. I was on a teeter totter with my feelings and emotions. How the hell was I supposed to keep focused? I wondered, was Sam trying to prove something? Show something to us all, to Jacob? Then it happened. Out of no where Jacob was on his feet. I watched carefully listening to his thoughts. They shocked us all.

'I won’t follow you Sam. Not for something so wrong.' 

Sam and Jacob started going back and fourth. I tried to ignore the banter. 

Then Sam said it, 'This isn’t about them. This is about Bella. She has never been the one for you, she has never chosen you, but you continue to destroy your life for her!'

The others stood watching. Waiting, to see what was going to unfold next. Then it happened. Jacob left the pack. He took off running. I stood not moving. I wanted to follow so badly but I couldn’t. I was stuck with Sam and his pack. His “brotherhood”. I was also happy to see Sam knocked off his game. There was part of me that wanted to cheer for Jacob. He made it out. Then things changed. I looked around and noticed Seth was gone as well. Then we all seemed to notice at the same time, we could no longer hear Jacob, or Seth’s thoughts. They had left the pack. Embry whined a little and Sam growled all too loud. Sam started howling. Furious you could tell. The growls erupted from the pack. Sam locked eyes on me. It was like he blamed me for Seth leaving as well. The guy I once loved, now hated me. Wanted nothing to do with me. The thoughts were so harsh.

'You should have stopped him Leah. He is your brother.'

I let the snarl in my thoughts warn him. I was about to think it before I was cut off. 

'Don’t Leah. It’s not worth it.' Paul thought quickly. 

All I had was Emily as my weapon. I wasn’t going to sit there and take this. My thoughts were cruel. I wanted him to know how hurt I was. I don’t protect everyone. 

'I’m not responsible for my brother taking off with Jacob. You’re the so called, “Alpha”. Maybe you should learn how to respect your, pack. Treat them better. Don’t be such a god damn bully you jerk.'

I just thought about Emily’s raw looking face. Just a few weeks after she’d been attacked. The agonizing pain that showed on her face, when she saw her reflection.

'Damn! Leah.' Jared thought. 

Sam stopped bothering me for the time being. I got my point across. 


Sam continued trying to listen for Jacob and Seth. With no luck. Sam knew they were gone. It was like they were never part of our pack. Jared and Paul looked at Sam and shook their heads, 'Nothing. Sorry.' 

Sam looked at us. 'There will be a meeting with, the elders. In the morning we’ll all meet up at Billy’s house. We need to put together a plan.'

We nodded in agreement and then split up to do our patrols. Jared and Paul took off in one direction. Quil and Embry set off in the opposite direction.

 I looked at Sam. 'I need to let my mom know what’s going on. She’ll be worried. Can I go home quickly?'

Sam thought back, “Yes. Go ahead.”

I took off running for my house. 

Once I was close enough to home, I phased back. There was so much going on. I got dressed and sat against the base of a tree. I realized we had to separate packs now. My brother and Jacob were going to fight, to keep the leeches safe. I was inevitably stuck with Sam. I was alone. I would be forced to see how happy he was. How perfect his life with Emily was. Then I realized, I was going to have to fight against my brother. I couldn’t keep him safe anymore. What if he got hurt. I could never forgive myself. I had to keep him safe. It was my job as an older sister. If Seth became a meal for the leeches, I’d kill them myself. I knew what I had to do now. I had to leave Sam’s pack. If I left his pack, no more hearing his thoughts. No more wishing me gone. He could no longer tell me what to do. He would no longer be connected to, the pathetic ex-girlfriend.  No longer would he see the girl who’s heart he broke. My mind was made up. I would be a traitor. I could deal with vampire stench, to keep Seth safe. After I was sure this was what I wanted, I went home. 


I slipped in the dark house quietly. I slipped down the hallway to my mom’s room. She was sound asleep. I went to my room and rummaged through my desk drawer, finding a notebook. I ripped out a sheet and started writing.



 I’m sorry. Don’t be angry. Crap you will be. Ok so there’s something going on. Like really big. So Bella’s like pregnant. Like super pregnant. Sam wanted to attack the Cullens. Jacob was against it. So was Seth. Jacob and Seth have left Sam’s pack. We can no longer hear their thoughts. So now they’ve gone to protect the Cullens. So I took some time to really think about this. I’ve left Sam’s pack. I don’t want a connection to him anymore. I’m going to go with Jacob and Seth. I will keep Seth safe. I promise. He will come home to you alive. I’ve gotta run. Mom I love you. 


I grabbed the note and stood in the doorway for a moment. I looked around the small room, one last time. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever come back to it. I quietly crept into my mom’s room and left the note on her beside table. I carefully kissed her cheek and slipped out of the room. I took a moment to take in the look of my home, one last time before I joined my brother and Jacob. 


Once I was safely within the woods coverage, I quickly stripped out of my clothes. I phased. I quietly picked up the clothes in my mouth and ran carrying them. I stayed focused on getting to the Cullen territory and nothing else. As I ran I realized, I could no long hear Sam’s thoughts, nor any of the others. I was finally free of Sam’s pack. I continued running. I was wondering where the two of them were camped out. Then I caught Seth’s scent. 

'Morning Boys.' I thought. 

Seth whined rather surprised, yet disappointed. Seth was loud in my head. 

'Oh, man! Go away Leah!' He groaned.

I carefully weaved through the underbrush into sight. 

'Stop whining, Seth. You’re such a baby.' I watched as Jacob’s ears flattened against his skull. I stepped back automatically. 

Jacob kept his eyes locked on me. 'What do you think you’re doing Leah?' 

I huffed a heavy sigh. 'It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it. I’m joining your crappy little renegade pack. The vampires’ guard dogs.' I barked out a low sarcastic laugh. 

Jacob’ didn’t hesitate. 'No, you’re not. Turn around before I rip out one of your hamstrings.'

I rolled my eyes. 'Like you could catch me.' I grinned and readied myself for launch. 'Wanna race, O fearless leader?'

He looked at Seth and told him to let the Cullen’s know it was only me. 

I whined as he took off. 'You’re just going to let him run off to the vampires alone?' 

Jacob looked at me. 'I’m pretty sure he’d rather they took him out then spend another minute with you.' He was already getting under my skin. 

'Shut up, Jacob. Oops, I’m sorry-I meant, shut up, most high Alpha.'

He was getting annoyed as well as questioning me. 'Why the hell are you here?' 

I had a simple answer. 'You think I’m going to sit at home while my little brother volunteers as a vampire chew toy?'

Here it started. 'Seth doesn't want or need your protection. In fact, no one wants you here.' 

I thought back sarcastically. 'Oooh, ouch, that’s gonna leave a huge mark. Ha, I barked. Tell me who does want me around and I’m outta here.' 

Then I’d given it away to Jacob. 'So this is isn’t about Seth at all, is it?'

I had to cover quickly. 'Of course it is I’m just pointing out that being unwanted is not a first for me. Not really motivating factor, if you know what I mean. '

Jacob was somewhat suspicious of me. 'Did Sam send you?'

I sighed. 'If I was here on Sam’s errand, you wouldn’t be able to hear me. My allegiance is no longer with him.' 

He was searching for anything. 'You’re loyal to me now?' He asked sarcasm was heavy. 'Uh - huh. Right.'

I looked at him. 'My choices are limited. I’m working with the options I’ve got. Trust me. I’m not enjoying this any more than you are.' I had to admit I was excited to be free of Sam. Even if it was only in one aspect. It was a start. I rather not be linked to Jacob, but not much I could do. Jacob sat there trying to pull out my thoughts. I didn’t need intruders. Seth came back sharing his explanation he’d given the leeches. 

'Wow, he looks bad.' Seth muttered to himself. I relaxed once he’d returned.

'What’s going on?' I asked. Catch me up to speed.

Jacob looked at me. 'There’s no point. You’re not staying.' 

I huffed. 'Actually, Mr. Alpha I am. Because since apparently I have to belong to someone - and don’t think I haven’t tried breaking off on my own, you know yourself how well that doesn’t work - I choose you.' 

Jacob wanted me gone. 'Leah, you don’t like me. I don’t like you.' He was already becoming obnoxious. 

'Thank you, Caption Obvious. That doesn’t matter to me. I’m staying with Seth.' 

Jacob was grasping for any excuse. 'You don’t like vampires. Don’t you think that’s a little conflict of interest right there?' 

I quickly replied. 'You don’t like those' vampires either. 

Jacob stared off toward the direction of the house. 'But I am committed to this alliance. You aren’t.' That was true. Jacob knew that about me.

'I’ll keep my distance from them I can run patrols out here, just like Seth.'

Jacob looked at me. 'And I’m supposed to trust you with that.' 

I stretched my neck going up on my toes. I was looking into Jacobs eyes. 'I will not betray my pack.' 

He looked at me. 'This isn’t your pack. This isn’t even a pack. This is just me, going off on my own. What is it with you Clearwaters? Why can’t you leave me alone?' 

Seth felt hurt. He always looked up to Jacob. 'I’ve been helpful, haven’t I, Jake?'

Jacob looked at Seth. 'You haven’t made too much of a nuisance of yourself, kid, but if you and Leah are a package deal - if the only way to get rid of her is for you to go home. . . Well can you blame me for wanting you gone?'                                                           

Seth looked at me. 'Ugh, Leah you ruin everything.' 

'Yeah, I know.' I was desperate. Now nobody truly wanted me around. Normally, that wouldn’t have hurt. Well at least I tried to act like it didn’t. This time though, it really did. I think because it came from my own family. 

Seth started to feel guilty. Jake. . . 'You’re not really gonna send me away, are you? Leah’s not so bad. Really, I mean with her here, we can push the perimeter out farther. And this put’s Sam down to seven. There’s no way he going to mount an attack that outnumbered. It’s probably a good thing . . .'

Jacob just groaned. 'You know I don’t want to lead a pack, Seth.' 

I quickly thought back. 'So don’t lead us,' I offered. 

Jacob snorted. 'Sound’s perfect to me. Run along home now.' 

Seth thought. 'Jake, I belong here. I do like vampires. Cullens, anyway. They’re people to me, and Im’ going to protect them, ‘cause that’s what were supposed to do.'

 Jacob nodded. 'Maybe you belong, kid, but your sister doesn’t. She’s going to go where you are -'

I wanted to hide these thoughts. I was not thrilled to be this close to the leeches. I didn’t trust them. I didn’t like them. I didn’t support them, or their lifestyle. I knew I wasn’t wanted here. I wasn’t wanted in La Push either. Sam had made that clear. He just wanted me to disappear. It would make his life easier. I wanted to stay here. Being here I was free of Sam. I wasn’t going to leave.

Jacob had seen what I was trying to hide. 'Thought this was about Seth?'

I flinched. 'Of course I’m here for Seth' 

'And to get away from Sam.' Jacob thought. 

My jaw clenched. I was becoming furious. 'I don’t have to explain myself to you. I just have to do what I’m told. I belong to your pack, Jacob. The end.' 

Jacob moved away growling. His idea’s of me. His thoughts about me. Him thinking he knew everything. All he knew is what Sam thought. What I let them hear. Then the idea of being a lapdog for the the Cullen’s drew the line. 

'I don’t know if I’d go that far. I thought. I was trying so hard I breaking badly. 
I’m sure I’d give killing myself a few good tries first.' I smirked slightly. 

'Look Leah.' Jacob quickly cut me off.

'No, you look, Jacob. Stop arguing with me, because it’s not going to do any good. I’ll stay out of your way, okay? I’ll do anything you want. Except go back to Sam’s pack and be the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can’t get away from. If you want me to leave-, I sat back on my haunches and stared into Jacob’s eyes. You’re going to have to make me.'

Jacob snarled. He was truly getting all bent out of shape. It took all I had to stay there. I didn’t want to be there, but I had no where else. 

He quickly thought to Seth. 'Seth, are you gonna get mad at me if I kill your sister?' 

Seth pretended to think about it. 'Well . . . yeah, probably.'

I clenched my jaw. 

 The two of them looked at me.

Jacob finally thought. 'Okay, then, Ms. Do-Anything-I-Want. Why don’t make yourself useful by telling us what you know? What happened after we left last night?' 

I looked at them. 'Lots of howling. But you probably heard that part. It was so loud that it took us a while to figure out that we couldn’t hear either of you any more. Sam was . . .' 
I remembered, Sam was snarling. Teeth bared at all of us. Then he stopped and looked into my eyes. Why couldn’t you stop Seth? He is your brother. His thoughts were so harsh. After that, it was clear and pretty quick that we were going to have to rethink things. Sam was planning to talk to the other Elders first thing this morning. We weren’t supposed to meet up and figure out a game plan. I could tell he wasn’t going to mount another attack right away, though. Suicide at this point, with you and Seth AWOL and the bloodsuckers forewarned. I’m not sure what they’ll do, but I wouldn’t be wandering the forest alone if I was a leech. It’s open season on vamps now. 

Jacob asked, 'You decided to skip on the meeting this morning.'

'When we split up for patrols last night, I asked permission to go home, to tell my mother what had happened-'

Seth quickly was all bent out of shape and growled. Crap! You told Mom? 
Seth, hold off on the sibling stuff for a sec. Go on, Leah. 

I nodded, So once I was human, I took a minute to think things through. Well, actually, I took all night. I bet the others think I fell asleep. But the whole two-separate-packs, two-separate-pack-minds thing gave me a lot to sift through. In the end, I weighed Seth’s safety and the, er, other benefits against the idea of turning traitor and sniffing vampire stink for who knows how long. You know what I decided. I left a note for my mom. I expect we’ll hear it when Sam finds out . . . 
I cocked my ear to the west.' 
Yeah, I expect we will, Jacob agreed. 

'So that’s everything. What do we do now.' I asked. 

'I guess we just keep an eye out for now.' That’s all we can do. Jacob thought. 

'You should probably take a nap, Leah.' Jacob thought. 
'You’ve had as much sleep as I have'. I thought back. 
Thought you were going to do what you were told. He looked at me.

'Right. That’s going to get old, I grumbled and yawned. Well, whatever. I don’t care.' 

I was ready to crash. I was exhausted. Then Seth offered to run the border. Jacob agreed because he was going to the Cullens. I looked after Seth. 

Maybe a round or two before I crash . . . Hey Seth, wanna see how many times I can lap you? 
acob was trying to be stern. I barked out a low chuckle and was into the woods after Seth.

I so desperately wanted to prove myself. Not only to Jacob but to Sam. Show him that I didn’t need him. I could take orders from Jacob. I could respect Jacob. I was the fastest out of both the packs.

Jacob was letting his thoughts sprawl out. He thought of the, “Two’s a company” saying. Then he tried to think of who he might trade me for.

'Paul?' I suggested. 
'Maybe.' He thought back. I laughed. I was so jittery and hyper to be offended. I was on a  high, and it felt so good. 
'That will be my goal, then-to be less annoying than Paul.' I thought.

'Yeah, work on that.' Jacob said before phasing to human. 

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