The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


22. Chapter 22 - You didn't see that coming. Neither did I.

I woke up a couple of mornings later. My mom was sitting in the chair in front of my desk. She was looking right at me.

“How are you doing?” she asked scooting closer to me

I sat up, grabbing the elastic off my nightstand. I tried to pull back my hair and make what I could have of a ponytail. I rubbed my eyes. “I’m fine. Why?”

My mom just sighed, “Leah, Emily called last night. After you went to sleep. I rolled my eyes, “Just stop and listen. She’s sorry for what she said. She didn’t mean it. She wanted to come by later and apologize to you in person.” I was on my feet in seconds. “Leah come back please.”

I heard my mother falling behind me. I kept my pace up. I walked through the living room and and had the front door open before I was stopped.

“Where are you off to?” Seth stood there blocking the door way.

“Move please. I need to go out for a bit.”

Seth shook his head, “Leah you’re not leaving. Just sit down and relax. You're going to burst a blood vessel, one of these days.”

I growled at him, “Move before I move you Seth.”

He just looked at me, “SIT DOWN LEAH.”

There was no way to get out of the house. My mom was behind me and pulled me back. She had never done that before. 


She guided me to the couch, “Relax Leah. I want to talk to you. Calmly. So help me God, if you phase in my house, you’ll be in deep trouble with me.” she spoke sternly on the last part.

I sat there begrudgingly. I hated being told what to do. I could escape commands from home anymore either. “Now listen. Emily called and told me what happened a few days ago. She explained you two, had an altercation. She feels really bad. I understand you have a lot of resentment towards her, and Sam. Emily is your cousin. She’s family. You have to get over the whole Sam and Emily thing. It’s time to move on. You can’t continue this bitterness. You’ve forgotten how to love Leah.”

Seth just stood there and nodded a little, agreeing with my mom.

“I’ve not forgotten how to love. I’ve chosen not to. That way I can’t be hurt again. It’s easier that way.”

Seth sighed, “Leah this isn’t you. You’re not my sister anymore. It’s your body but like, I don’t know. Like some alien has taken over.”

I looked at him and growled, “You wouldn’t know anything about love pup. You think what that leech lover, and the leech have is love. Well guess what? It’s not. She’s going to be a meal to him. So go have fun at their wedding. I’m not going.”

I got up off the couch and started for the door again and swung it open. Charlie was there just about to knock, “Hey Leah.”

I glared at him, “Stupid girl.” and stormed past him. 

Charlie stepped inside and shut the door behind him, “Did I miss something? I just caught, “Stupid girl”.

My mom shook her head, “Just my daughter, having another outburst. She needs to get them under better control. One of these days she’ll be sorry.”

Seth nodded just enough for her to notice.

“I’m sorry to hear that Sue. Hopefully she’ll calm down.”

Seth snorted, “Yeah right. Leah calming down, is like hell freezing over.” My mom looked at Seth. “Mom face it. I’m telling the truth. The girl has a hair trigger. She’s out of control.”

Charlie looked at her, “Out of control?”

My mom shook her head, “She and her cousin were in a rather heated argument a few nights ago. Her cousin called last night. Asked if she could stop by today. Leah as always wants nothing to do with her.”

Charlie nodded, “Is that the girl that’s with Sam?” My mom nodded. “Leah hold’s a lot in. I can tell that. She’s one tough cookie.” my mom nodded and sat down on the couch. Charlie sat down beside her. 

Seth quietly slipped off to his room and called over to Emily’s house, 


“Hello.” Emily’s soft voice answered the phone.

“Hey Em it’s Seth.” he spoke softly.

“Hi, what’s up? I don’t usually get phone calls unless Leah’s not in the house.” she chuckled.

Seth smirked, “Yeah very true. Anyway she got really angry. She took off out the door. She muttered, “Stupid girl.” Charlie heard her as she left.”

Emily listened, “Ok so what does that mean? Is she coming here you think?”

Seth looked out his bedroom window, “I’m not sure but I wanted to give you a heads up. She’s my sister but, she can’t go around fighting with everyone.”

Emily looked at Sam, as he sat at the small table in her kitchen, “I understand. I will tell Sam. Thanks Seth. I will talk to you later.” she hung up. Seth quietly hung up and put the phone back on the receiver. 

I had left my clothes in a pile and phased. I was starting to control it a little better. I took off running full force. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. Nothing was going to stop me. I was going to rip Cullen to shreds. Jacob wasn’t going to take care of this problem, I would. Nobody would let me run away like that. Granted Charlie sat there putting flyers up everywhere saying, “Have you seen this boy?” Charlie had no idea that his so called, “Loving daughter” was a monster. Pure cold blooded leech lover. I had hoped so badly that they wouldn’t change her. That he’d leave her again. Then when she came back crying to Jacob, he would have imprinted on someone else. Poetic justice if you ask me. I was running the thudding against the ground were my enormous paws. I heard Paul, Jared and Embry in my head.

“She’s running that‘s for sure. It’s like being in Jake’s head. Just green passing by in a blur.” I growled at Jared’s thoughts.

They knew I was there. I pictured the surprised look that would be on the Cullen’s face when I showed up. I hoped to lure Edward out with my thoughts. Make him think there was danger. Make him think something happened with Jacob, or even Charlie.

“Crap. She’s lost it. She’s heading south, and fast.” Jared thought.

“Leah stop now. What are you doing? Are you trying to get us all killed? You can’t break the treaty.” Paul thought.

“How about you go back to Rachel and play house.”

Embry tried, “Leah please. Don’t do this.”

I heard the howls behind me and I kept going. I was coming close to the treaty line. I was tired of listening to Sam. He wasn’t going to take care of the pest problem, I would.

Sam’s thoughts were there with Quil’s, “Where is she?”

Sam was running catching up with the others.

“She’s about a quarter of a mile from the treaty line Sam.” Paul thought.

I was inches from crossing it when I was knocked to the ground. 

I hit the ground hard and whined. I was back up on my feet snarling, my teeth showing.

“Back down now Leah.” Sam was in front of me.

“Jerk. You hit me. How dare you?” my thoughts were filled with anger, and hate.

“How dare I, Leah? You without any orders from the alpha, were ready to break the treaty. To provoke vampires. They could kill you.“

I mentally shrugged, “It would have been worth the fight. If I got killed at least, I wouldn't be connected to you anymore. My pain would end.”

Sam stood in front of me. His hackles stood straight up. “If you step one foot over that line, you will be in serious trouble.”

I mocked Sam, “Oh, are you going to tell my mommy? Going to go run to Billy? What are you going to say? Come on Sam. Be the big bad alpha. Be the big bad wolf. The bully. You're nothing without your, alpha status.” My thoughts hit him hard.

The others were there standing on the sides. They watched like spectators do at a sporting event.

“At least I’m the alpha and not a runt like you. Your small, weak and nothing to this pack. You bring us all down. You’re miserable to be around. I’m tired of you wanting everyone to feel bad for you. I can’t help what happened between us. It’s time to grow up, and stop hiding behind it.”

That hurt. Paul looked down his thoughts quiet.

“Sam that was rather harsh.” Jared thought,

“Shut up.” Sam thought in a snide tone.

“I’m not hiding behind anything you ego driven dog. You hide a lot too. You hid the fact that you hurt Emily. Blamed it on a bear attack. For some reason my mom and Billy went along with it. You hid the fact from Emily for how long that, we had a pregnancy scare. That when I told you I wasn’t pregnant you disappeared for three weeks. You then came back and imprinted on my cousin. My cousin.” I thought my voice started to tremble a little.

“Whoa.” Paul thought.

Jared looked between Sam and I.

“So before you all assume that I’m being miserable, maybe you shouldn’t judge me. You’ve never walked in my damn shoes. This is your crappy, “Brother hood.” No where does it mention sister. It’s ok. I know where I’m not wanted. This reservation is not meant for me. I’m fine with that. I will take off like Jacob did.” My thoughts were shut off from them. 

I turned and started running back through the woods. I couldn’t believe I just told the whole pack my deepest secret. Something that killed me to hide. I was so upset. I couldn’t calm down enough to phase back. I picked up the clothes in my mouth and took off into the woods away from the beach, the houses, away from life. I finally got to a spot that had tons of moss all over the ground and dropped my clothes. I let out a long sigh that sounded like a whine. I laid down on the ground and put my head on my paws. The pain was there. The empty hall way of darkness, was there waiting for me to walk down it. I had nobody to talk to. Nobody to have my back. I had nothing. The day passed and I laid there thinking. I thought back to the good times I had with my dad. When he’d pick me up, and hug me. Then he’d spin me around. The way he laughed when I did something goofy. Nobody understood me. I wasn’t quite sure I understood myself anymore. Maybe Seth was right. 

Mean while back by the treaty line the wolves stood there. Sam slowly picked up his head. He shook his head, as almost to clear his thoughts.

“Did Leah phase back?” Embry asked.

Sam shook his head no, “She’s just blocked off her link with us for now. She’s very...” Sam wasn’t sure what to say.

“I would say, hurt.” Quil spoke up. Paul and Jared didn’t say anything.

“Keep your eyes, and ears open. She’s out there and alone. Right now she’s vulnerable. Help her if she needs it.”

They all nodded and Sam took off toward my house. He phased back just within the tree line then walked out just wearing a pair of denim shorts.

My mom saw him from the window approaching the house, and got up answering the door. “Sam what’s going on?” she asked moving allowing him to come in.

He looked at her, “I made Leah, really angry. I stopped her from doing something stupid, impulsive. In the process I ran in front of her and knocked her backwards. She fell on he ground and, she isn’t hurt.”

Charlie cut him off, “Whoa, whoa, what happened?” Charlie stood up beside my mother and was a little closer to her than usual.

Sam rubbed his face, “Leah was going to go do something stupid. In the process I found out and stopped her but, I knocked her over. She said I hit her. I swear to god Sue I would never hurt her.”

My mom looked at him. Seth was sitting there and muttered under his breath, “Yeah right.”

My mom looked at Seth, “Stay out of this.”

Seth piped up, “No, I’m going to take Leah’s side on this. She’s always been nothing but nice. She’s put up with so much crap,” his eyes lock onto Sam, “I wouldn’t put it past you Sam.”

Sam sighed, “It’s not like that. You don’t understand. Seth if you knew what she was going to do.”

Seth growled, “I don’t want to hear it.” he was off the couch and slamming the door to his room.

“Well, if you see her Sue, tell her I’m really sorry.” Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

“I will Sam.” She nodded and watched him leave the house.

Charlie stood there more confused than anyone, “So both of your kids now dislike Sam?”

My mom shook her head, “Leah hates him. Let me add with passion.

Charlie nodded, “Sounds like Edward and Jacob with Bella. They’d kill each other to be with her. I don’t understand these kids. They take love too seriously.”

My mom nodded and smiled. Charlie smiled back.

“So how about I get us some coffee?” she asked.

Charlie nodded, “Sounds good.”

She walked into the kitchen and started to make some coffee. She pulled down the coffee mugs and turned around bumping into Charlie, “Oh sorry.” She smiled blushing slightly.

Charlie took the mugs, “It’s ok don’t worry about it.” He walked over setting them down on the table. He sat down and looked at the paper. “So Bella is getting married in a few weeks. Alice, Edwards sister has been planning everything. Bells has been rather quiet recently. She and Edward are always together. I see her when she comes home. He’s not a bad kid. As long as he makes her happy that’s what matters. I just feel so bad. She’s so worried about Jacob. I feel bad.”

My mom grabbed the coffee once it was done brewing and poured it into both cups and then grabbed the cream and sugar. “Well, Billy isn’t that nervous about Jacob being gone. If it were my children I’d be nervous.”

Charlie nodded, “Sue, when Bella disappeared for those few days it scared the hell out of me.”

She sat down pouring herself some coffee and then grabbing the cream. “Yeah, Billy is extremely laid back.” Just as she reached for the sugar so did Charlie. Their hands touched ever so lightly.

“Uh sorry here you take it.” Charlie pushed it over to her.

She kept looking down smiling as she scooped some out stirring her coffee. They talked for several hours, various subjects, some at length, some were short and at various times one made the other blush. 

Night fall finally had come. I had phased back a while before. I sat there quietly thinking. My idea to attack the Cullen’s was out of personal vengeance. I blamed them for my father’s death. I blamed Bella as well. I blamed a lot of people. The only person I could truly blame was my dad. He never ate properly. He knew he had a heart condition but, that never stopped him. It was an underlying condition that I didn’t want to acknowledge. 
I found ti easier to blame the Cullen’s because they were the natural enemy. I found it easy to blame Bella because she was the enemy. She sided with the blood suckers. I sat there and felt the tears slide down my cheeks. The noise confused me. I hadn’t heard anything like it. The gasps for air were coming from me. I couldn’t control my breathing. My hands naturally slid up to my hair and I held it. The strands laid in between my fingers. The guilt I’d been carrying since his death slowly opened up. It was like a book that had a light shining on it. I shouldn’t blame myself. I shouldn’t blame anyone. Death is a natural occurrence. It takes us by such shock. Even if we have a loved one who’s dying and know it. We just don’t know when to expect it. It leaves a void in your life. It’s like a piece of the puzzle that will always be missing.

Charlie was still at the house with my mom. Seth had gone out for a bit. He’d been cooped up all day. They sat quietly on the couch. There was quiet chatter while they watched the television. My mom moved closer and laid her head against Charlie’s shoulder. He smiled. His arm slid off the back of the couch and wrapped around her. She smiled wide and blushed softly, as did Charlie. Her heart started to race. It was like falling in love, all over again. The butterflies you felt when he looked at you. When he touched your hand. When he smiled at you. She carefully pushed her hair behind her ear. The soft light hit her diamond earring perfectly. There was a light shimmer. It was like something out of a movie. He leaned his head against the top of hers. Slowly he started to play with her soft black silky hair. The smile that spread across their faces was mesmerizing. Charlie chuckled softly. With his free hand he moved it over to my moms. Quietly he laced his fingers with hers. The fire that was burning between these two hearts was not going to die. My mom slowly pulled away and looked at him smiling. Charlie very quietly leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. The passion behind the kiss was true magic. Once the kiss ended they went back to cuddling on the couch. The hours ticked on when they fell asleep on the couch together. 

Seth had come home late so he snuck in through his window. He was able to avoid the front of the house. The woods had many paths that lead right into our back yard. He didn’t want to face the wrath of my mother. Especially when she was angry. I had sat there for quite a while that night. It was some time after midnight because the moon had shifted behind the clouds. I decided it was time for me to head home. Sam had probably headed home to Emily. I guessed Quil and Embry were staked out by the treaty line. There was no point in trying that move again. I walked through the woods and heard movement around me and sighed, “Jared and Paul if that’s you, go away. I’m going home. I don’t need a babysitter.”

Jared smirked, “Damn Paul you were right. She’s good.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Sam wanted us to make sure you were ok.” Paul said jumping over a down tree, emerging from the darkness.

I shrugged, “I’m fine. Tell Embry and Quil they can head home as well.” I kept walking along.

“How the hell does she figure this out?” Jared was still puzzled.

“It’s not rocket science genius. Let me take back the last part. You’re far from a genius.”

Paul laughed. I continued walking home and they turned to go find Embry and Quil.

I quietly walked out of the woods. There in the driveway sat not two vehicles but three. I raised an eyebrow. There was my mom’s car. My dads truck which I now drove. Then there was a blue shimmer of light that struck me. I noticed it had writing, Forks Police. I didn’t understand what was happening. Then it hit me. I was late. My mom probably told Charlie who was ready to hang up flyers for me as well. I walked up to the house seeing some soft light coming from the front window. Great they’re in the living room. I quietly opened the door to find, my mom and Charlie curled up on the couch asleep. I was shocked. I quietly shut the door and walked over and covered them up. I shut off the television and headed to my room. I kicked off my sneakers and just laid down in my clothes. I put my hands behind my head and stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe what I had seen. My mom and Charlie. It baffled me. Finally the sleepiness kicked in and I fell asleep. 

I woke up the next more to a wet pillow case. My mouth was hanging open, “Oh gross.” I had drooled in my sleep. I was exhausted.

Seth sat there and laughed, “What a nice way to wake up?”

I rolled over and pulled the dry side of my pillow over my head, “Go away Seth.”

He grinned and yanked the pillow away, tossing it on the floor. “Listen to me. Sam’s probably pissed at me. I don’t care. He came by last night to, “APOLOGIZE.” Seth used air quotes which made me laugh.

“Did he tell you what happened?”

Seth nodded, “A little. That you were going to do something stupid. That didn’t shock me. He knocked you back or something. Anyway mom told me to stay out of it. I said I wouldn’t. You take too much crap from them.”

I smiled, “Did you know Charlie fell asleep here last night. He and mom were on the couch?”

Seth’s eyes went wide, “What!? No way!”

I nodded, “Yeah they were all snuggled up. I covered them up to be nice. I mean, Charlie and mom. That threw me.”

Seth nodded, “I snuck in through my window so I wouldn’t get in trouble for coming home late.” I nodded. 

We walked out to the living room and nobody was there. My mom and Charlie were in the kitchen chatting and having some coffee.

“Hello kids.” Charlie smiled.

My mom smiled at us, “There’s eggs, bacon and some toast waiting of two plates. Each of you go grab one.” She looked back at Charlie for a moment then picked up her coffee drinking it.

“Well I should get going. I need to get some things done around the house. I will talk to you later.”

My mom smiled, “Ok sounds good.” Charlie waved and left.

“So how was your night last night?” I asked.

“It was nice. How was yours?”

I shrugged, “Rather interesting. Came home to a real surprise.”

My mom nodded, “So let me guess. You covered us up?”

I smiled, “Guilty. So when’s he moving in?”

She shook her head, “Leah relax ok. We’re just friends.”

I laughed, “Mom, I’m eighteen. Let’s skip over the act.”

She sighed, “Leah, it’s nice to have someone around that I can share my company with.”

I smiled, “By, all means. Share away. I’m good with not adding any siblings to our family. Especially from Charlie’s side. If you guys were to have a kid, who’s to say it wouldn’t turn on us for the next Cullen that may come around. Oh look a leech, let me get married.”

My mom hit the table with her fist, “ENOUGH LEAH.”

I looked at her. “I’m done.” I pushed away the half eaten food and went to my room slamming the door and locking it.

“Well I’m happy for you and Charlie. I don’t care. I like Bella. She’s cool.” my mom smiled and patted Seth’s hand. 





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