The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


20. Chapter 20 - The Test

I finally woke up around one o’clock in the afternoon. We didn’t get home until sometime after 3:30am.

My mom poked her head in my room, “Oh you’re awake. Jacob and Sam are here to see you.”

I begrudgingly rolled off my bed and walked to the front door. I smiled seeing Jake. I just looked at Sam.

“Can we go for a walk?” Sam asked.

I looked at Jacob and he nodded.

“Let’s walk then.” I said stepping out and shutting the door behind me. My mom just watched as we left. The three of us walked quietly. Jacob was on my right and Sam was on my left. I felt like I was a prisoner being lead to my judgement day. I know it sounds dramatic but the awkwardness and tension between the two was a lot to handle. The anxiety was sitting there in the shadows waiting. Jake lightly brushed my hand. I looked at him and he smiled at me and mouthed, “It will be ok.”

Once we got to the beach it was quiet.

Sam cleared his throat, “Leah I’ve told Jacob what happened. He is second in command and, has every right to know. Last night was totally uncalled for. You shouldn’t have attacked a fellow pack member.”

Right there I cut off Sam, “Pardon my language, but that’s bullshit. A “fellow” member wouldn’t have done what Paul did.”

Sam moved closer looking at me, “You could have hurt him.”

I growled, “Are you listening to yourself. Oh wait you must be. You love the sound of your all mighty powerful tone, you use against me. You get a a thrill from it. Knowing that you were everything to me. Now you can control me in your crappy pack. You love pushing me into the dirt. You stand there towering over me, while I’m down and out.”

Jacob stood there and moved closer gently placing a hand on my shoulder. It took me off guard because he’d never done anything like that before.

“Leah stop this insanity. I don’t enjoy making you hurt. I hate myself for what happened. You make it seem like I’m a cruel masochistic person, which I’m not. I care about what happens to you.”

I looked at him and so did Jacob, “I think Leah feels like she’s being singled out because, she’s the only female in the pack.”

I shook my head, “It’s not that I feel like I’m being singled out, I am. Everyone in that stupid pack doubts me. Jacob is the only one who has my back. So Sam, you all want to be so tough and mighty? Two can play at that game.” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Leah what do you want from me?”

I was inches from Sam’s face, “I want you to act like you care. I want you to act like an alpha who gives a damn. You’re not Napoleon. So please climb off of the high horse you’re on. I can’t take much more of this. I’m not a guard dog for the reservation. I’m a human being. I have feelings.” I felt the tears build up in my eyes.

“Leah it’s our duty to protect our people.” Sam spoke. Our grandfathers, fathers and brothers for generations have done this. Now it’s our time.”

Jacob felt my whole body tense up. “Sam the one thing they all had in common was what? They were all males. I’m the only female in all the generations of our people being shape shifters. I’m out of place. I have nobody to ask about it. The one person who was close enough for me, is now gone. It’s my fault he’s dead. You don’t have to carry that guilt with you every day. He would have told me everything. I can’t ask any of you.”

Sam stood there looking at me. Jacob slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Anything I ever cared about is gone. Anything I touch leaves me. I’m alone, more than you think. You're not in my head, even when we phase. You don’t get those thoughts. Nobody does except my journal.” I gently bit my bottom lip to stop it from quivering. I turned and left walking back towards my house.

“Leah wait for me please.”

Jacob called out and caught up with me. He took my hands in his and laced his fingers with mine. My heart started to race. I stopped and looked at him,

“What Jake? I just want to go home and lay down. I’m exhausted.”

He just looked at me and smiled. He pulled me close and leaned in and kissed me. His warm soft lips touched mine. My eyes closed and I stood there. It was just this rush of emotions going through my body. His hands slowly moved to my lower back and pulled me closer to him. I stood there motionless. I had no idea what to do. He slowly pulled away and smiled at me. I bit down on my lip unable to make eye contact with him.

“I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me.” he smiled rubbing the back of his neck.

He dropped me back off at my house and I walked inside. The house was buzzing softly with chatter between Billy and my mom. Seth was sprawled across the couch on his back. I walked quietly to my room and laid down on my bed relaxing. I couldn’t believe it Jacob kissed me. I was so tired that I rolled over onto my stomach and cuddled up with my pillow.

My mom looked up, “Did Leah come home or am I seeing things?” she asked Billy.

“She came in quietly. She wasn’t upset, which shocked me. No offense.” Billy smiled and, my mom just smiled.

“Maybe she punched Sam or Paul in the face. But hey if she did they both had it coming.” Seth said not even thinking.

Billy and my mom looked in Seth’s direction, “What do you mean, had it coming?”

Seth lolled on the couch, “Paul ran his mouth, well he let his thoughts run about Leah. He said some pretty hurtful things. Sam didn’t really defend her.”

Billy and my mom looked at each other, “I had no idea. She never said anything.” my mom spoke.

“Let it be. Unless Paul, Sam or Leah complains to one of us, let’s not worry.” Billy smiled.

The afternoon passed and night fell. I laid there in the dark wondering what the battle was going to be like. Sam didn’t have the whole pack go back the following night. Instead just Jacob, Quil and Embry went. He wanted the rest of us to rest and be ready to fight. To help our enemies. To protect our land. I was worried about Jacob getting hurt. I worried about the others, even Sam and Paul. Meanwhile Sam was at home with Emily enjoying a nice quiet night together.

“So is the pack ready to fight off these, newborns?” Emily asked inquisitively.

Sam nodded, “I think so for the most part. I have Jacob, Quil and Embry going back again tonight to watch the Cullen’s once again. I was thinking tomorrow night when we do one final patrol we can see Jacob’s thoughts, then Quil’s and Embry’s.”

Emily smiled picking up the dinner plate that sat in front of Sam and placed it in the sink. Her usually brave face showed the worry. Her eyes didn’t have their sparkle,

“Emily I promise we’ll be safe nothing will happen.” Sam pulled Emily close and held her.

Meanwhile the others were beyond excited about this. 

Jacob, Quil and Embry finished up and were heading back home when Jacob thought about the kiss.

“Jake tell me you are kidding. You didn’t kiss Leah did you?” Embry thought.

Jacob’s thoughts were quiet for the moment.

“Dude you did? Oh my god. Wait, I thought you were in love with Bella?” Quil’s thought’s quickly chimed in.

Jacob sighed, “It just happened. It was the perfect moment. I needed to make sure Bella was the one. I know I didn’t imprint on her but still, I love her. I can’t stand the thought of her being with Cullen.“

Both of the wolves nodded understanding what he was saying. “Leah though? I guess it’s ok. She’s a few years older but you guys are good friends.” Embry thought.

Jacob nodded. They made there way back to La Push and quietly phased back to human form. Once dressed they all took off home.

The night was quiet at our house. When Embry arrived home, his mom was waiting in the living room.

The light flicked on, “Where have you been?”

Embry knew he couldn’t tell her the truth. She’d never believe him. “I was hanging out with Jake and Quil. I’m sorry I lost track of time.”

She stood up with her hands on her small hips, “Do you realize what time it is?”

Embry just nodded glancing at the clock.

It was after 3am again. “What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep sneaking around? Are you doing drugs, drinking? Tell me Embry Call!” she was getting upset.

“Mom please ground me so I can go to bed. I’m exhausted.” The room was quiet. She had taken away everything possible.

He shrugged, “I’m going to bed. Goodnight, I love you.” he kissed her cheek and walked quietly into his room and crashed.

Quil returned home and it was quiet. Old Quil had waited up, “Did everything go well? Quil nodded, “Yeah. With the Cullen’s help, we’ll defeat these newborns. Our land, our people, will be protected.” Old Quil smiled, “I’m proud of you.” he smiled. The two of them headed off to bed.

Jacob came home to a quiet house. No mother to ground him. No grandfather to ask how things went. Billy was already asleep. He didn’t have an imprint to go home to. He had darkness to greet him. He headed straight for his room. He laid on his bed. His feet hanging over the edge, quietly thinking of Bella. He was trying to figure out how life would go on, once his best friend was turned into a stone structure. She’d no longer be warm. No more blushing. No heartbeat. A few tears slipped down his cheek. Jacob stayed strong around us all. He quietly took a shower and dressed quickly and was out the door.

I woke up a little and laid there. I read the calendar THURSDAY stood out. The sky was gray with the sun slowly rising. I could hear the waves in the distance hitting the shore. My window had a light tapping on it.

Jacob’s face appeared, “Hey can I come in?”

I sat up and nodded, “Yeah, just be quiet.” I pulled my knees up to my chest.

He climbed in quietly, and sat on my bed. I didn’t know why Jacob was here or what to say.

He just smiled, “Leah I care about you, as a friend. The kiss was a test.” I looked at him. “No not a test. Ugh. I know that Bella’s the one for me. I will figure out a way to show her.” I

smiled at him. “I know the kiss was awkward for you. Don’t get me wrong it was nice, but it’s not us.”

I shrugged, “Don’t worry about it.”

He smiled and hugged me, “Thank you for understanding.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes until he asked, “Do you still love Sam? Are you in love with him?”

It took me a moment, “I do love him still. Only because I will never know what, we could have had. I’m not in love anymore.”

Jacob nodded. “I will always love Bella. Even if she doesn’t choose me. I will love her even when she dies.” he looked out the window.

The room felt like it had a 1,000 pound weight on it. I knew he was never going to give up on her. I was slowly throwing in the towel. Jacob finally had to get going. He quietly slipped out my window and I shut it and watched him take off into the woods.

Seth was in my doorway, I was busy staring out the window. “Oh, you have Jacob Black sneaking out. Hmmm,” Seth grinned raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head quickly, “No, no, no, Jacob only came over to talk to me. There’s nothing going on between us.”

Seth smirked. “Sure Leah, It’s ok your secret is safe with me.”

I eyed Seth, “One word to anyone and I mean anyone, you’re dead!”

Seth made the motion of locking his lips, and throwing away the key. He stood there looking around my room, “Your room seems so, quiet.”

I nodded and the sarcasm came, “Yeah because it is. It’s still early in the morning, and we weren’t talking.”

Seth shook his head, “Not what I meant Leah, since everything happened you’ve changed. I miss spending time with you. We used to be close, I want my sister back.”

I looked up at him and smiled faintly. “So I’ve got money I’ saved up from chores and what not. I want to take you out for breakfast. Just you and I, give mom a break. So go take a shower and get ready. I’ll be waiting for you in the living rom.” he smiled and hugged me, then left my room. I quickly showered and got dressed and looked in the mirror and then left my room.

I walked out to the living room.

Seth stood there holding onto my dad’s keys, “Left mom a note, so let’s get going, I’m hungry.”

We took off out the front door and got into my dad’s truck. I started the truck up, closing my eyes for a moment. I thought I caught a quick scent of my dad’s aftershave and I smiled. I backed out of the driveway and we were on our way.

Seth looked over at me, “You’re smiling. Are you ok?” he smirked.

I nodded, “I caught a whiff of dad’s after shave.”

Seth smiled and turned up the radio, “This is already fun. Just spending time with you.”

I smiled and found a parking space and pulled in and cut the engine and hopped out. Seth already put some money in the meter. We headed into the diner and found a booth. The waitress I had before when I was here with Charlie, and mom came over.

“Hi Leah.” she smiled at me. Then looked at Seth, “You must be Seth,” Rosie smiled at him.

“Uh yeah,” Seth nodded unsure of how to respond.

“Don’t worry hun, I’m not a stalker, I met your sister before. Charlie raves about you kids all the time. You’d think you were his own kids.” she smiled.

I chuckled a little.

“So what can I get you kids to drink for starters?” she asked setting down the menus.

“I would love a coffee please.” I asked.

Seth took a moment, “I would like a glass of Orange Juice.”

Rosie nodded, “Sure thing. I’ll be right back.” she turned and went to get our drinks. We looked over the menu and when she returned we were ready to order.

“So what can I get you?” she asked pulling out a pad of paper.

Seth grinned, “I’d like the lumberjack.” Rosie’s eyes went wide.

I just chuckled, “I would like the Ham and Cheese Omelet please.” she smiled and walked off to put the order in. 

Seth looked up as a familiar voice greeted us, “Hey kids. How are you doing?” Charlie smiled and sat down beside Seth.

“Hey Charlie. We’re doing great.”

Charlie smiled, “I’m glad to hear that.” he made eye contact with me.

I think he was trying to see if I was ok.

Rose returned, “Hey chief. Pancakes, Coffee and newspaper?” she asked smiling.

“You know me well Rosie.” he chuckled. She smiled and left to put in his order. “So what are you kids doing in town? Where’s your mom?” he asked.

Seth smiled, “She’s at home still asleep probably. Leah was up early.” he smirked at me.

“I wanted to take her out for breakfast.” Charlie nodded,

“Well that’s nice of you to do.” I nodded kicking Seth under the table. He made a face at me.

“So how are things on the reservation. Seth I know your out of school for the summer. Any plans?”

Seth shrugged, “Maybe camping, swimming, who knows.”

Charlie chuckled, “Oh to be young and carefree again.” I choked on my coffee. “Leah you ok.” Charlie handed me a napkin.

“Yeah went down the wrong way.” I sat there feeling this fight looming above my head. Carefree, was not how I would describe my life, or anyone else’s that was involved with the wolves or leeches. 

Rosie came back over placing, four rather large plates in front of Seth. “Lumberjack for the peanut in the corner.”

Seth was no peanut. At thirteen he stood at almost 6 ft tall. On the plates sat, five pancakes, ten pieces of bacon, four sausage links, six pieces of toast, two blueberry waffles, three eggs sunny side up, two pieces of French toast and one bagel with cream cheese on the side.

She walked back over to the order window and brought my omelet and, Charlie’s pancakes, newspaper and coffee.

“If you folks need anything else, give me a holler.” she smiled and went back behind the counter. 
Charlie looked at the plates in front of Seth, “Are you really going to eat all of that?” he asked. Seth nodded happily inhaling the pancakes.

I took a few bites of my omelet. Charlie had finished a pancake when he asked, “How are you doing Leah? I know everyone asks.”

I took a sip of my coffee and looked at him, “I’m okay. I miss him. He was my dad, my best friend. It’s like everyone expects you to grieve right away. You cry you get on with life and done. It’s not that easy. I can’t bring myself to acknowledge that he’s gone. Everyone is there the first week after someone dies. Your house is filled with people. Some you don’t even know. They bring food, like it’s going to fill the void. They go to the services and express their condolences. Then what happens when it’s been a month. You stare at the calendar in disbelief. Nobody is there anymore. You’re alone with your thoughts. The pain comes sometimes. You may cry. There’s nobody to talk to about it. They see you in passing and ask, but that’s it. I pretend my dad is with you, or Billy. I can’t accept that he’s dead. He’s in the ground in a casket. He’s never coming back.”

Charlie just looked at me and cleared his throat, “Leah I’m so sorry. I’m always here if you need to talk.”

I was caught off guard. This was out of character for Charlie. “Thank you.” I bit my lip holding back the tears. 

We finished up our meal. “Oh my god that was soooo good.” Seth chimed.

Charlie nodded, “I must agree. They always have the best food here.”

Rosie came over, “Anything else guys?” We shook our heads,

“Nope. Can I have the bill?” Charlie asked. Rosie handed it to him. He placed more money on the table, than it should have cost for his meal. “Kids breakfast was on me. Have a good day. I will talk to you later.” he got up and headed out to his cruiser and left.

Rosie smiled, “You two kids have a good day. Come back.” we smiled and left.

Seth and I walked around downtown. He stopped walking and looked in the display window of a jewelry shop, “I want to head inside. I will be right out.”

I nodded and headed back to the truck. I opened the drivers side and climbed in and laid my head back. About 15 minutes later Seth was back at the truck and hopped in, “I saw something that I thought would be perfect for mom.” He handed me a small white box with a small pink bow on it. I opened it carefully. Inside was a small heart charm with the word Mom, with two small flowers on it.

“Seth that’s so pretty. She’s going to love it.” I smiled.

“Yeah the flowers represent us. There’s a chain underneath that pillow thingy.”

I smiled, “She’s going to cry and hug us.”

He grinned, “I know.”

I started the truck and drove back home. When I pulled in the driveway, Sam’s truck was sitting there.

“Oh please just shoot me now.”

Seth smirked, “I will wait. I’ll let you get one good swing in on him.”

I laughed, “Smart ass.” I climbed out and shut the door.

We walked inside, “MOM.” Seth called out.

“What is it Seth?” she came out rather quickly from kitchen.

“Here.” he smiled handing her the small box.

“What’s this?” she raised an eyebrow taking the box.

“Woman just open it please.” I stood there beside him smiling.

She opened the box and smiled, “Oh my gosh. Kids this is beautiful. Thank you so much.” she took it out of the box and put it on. “I love it. Thank you so much.” she hugged us tightly.

“Mom I can’t breath.” Seth gasped.

“Oh sorry.” she loosened her grip.

“The two flowers are to symbolize Leah and I.” she started to get teary eyed.

“So Sam and Billy are here. Sam wanted to talk to you both about Saturday.”

I sighed,

“Leah just hear him out.”

I didn’t want to partake in a fight that would risk my life. Not for the Cullen’s. I knew it wasn’t just for them. Forks and La Push were in danger. My friends and family in a dangerous line. There were crazed newborn vampires ready to kill. I walked into the dining room and sat down at the table.

Billy smiled, “Hello Leah.”

I smiled back. Seth sat down beside Billy. Sam and my mom sat on either ends of the table, taking up the head.

We were quiet. Billy looked between Sam and my mom. “I guess I will take the floor. We’ve been talking about the battle on Saturday with the Cullen’s. Seth we’d like you to stay back and not fight. We know you won’t. So we’d like you to stay with Edward and Bella at the camp site. Leah will be on the battle field and help us kill these things.

I stayed quiet and Seth looked at me quietly.

“So after this battle, am I done being a guard dog? I would like to try and get back to a normal life.” I looked at Billy and my mom.

“Leah I understand that your angry about this. We’re a pack, a family. We stick together. When our help is needed, we’re there.” Sam spoke.

“I’m sorry but I wasn’t asking you. So please keep to yourself.” I replied looking at my mom.

“Leah, hopefully things will quiet down after this. You won’t have to phase as often.” Billy smiled at me.

“Well that’s so reassuring. If you don’t mind I’ve not had much sleep so I would like to rest. I will see you all later.” I looked at Seth, Billy and, my mom. I ignored Sam completely. I retreated to my room and shut the door.

“I don’t think she’ll ever stop hating me.”

My mom sighed, “I think when she finds her true love like you found Emily, she’ll be ok.”

Sam smiled faintly, “I hope so.”

The night continued quietly and Sam finally headed home taking Billy with him.

Seth and my mom watched a movie while I caught up on my sleep.

“So you’ll be with Edward and Bella in wolf form? Your sister will be fighting.” my mom sighed.

Seth smiled, “Mom relax. Nothing is going to happen to us. We’re Quileute wolves. Nothing can stop us.” he smiled.

“Your so strong. Your father would be proud of you kids.” my mom hugged Seth gently.

I was stirring a bit in my sleep, “Leah’s talking in her sleep.” Seth grinned.

My mom nodded, “She’s done that a lot since your father died.”

My dream was so real. We were on the beach in La Push. The Cullen’s were there. I couldn’t understand what was going on. The pack was there in wolf form. I was in human. We stood there and I looked around, “What’s going on?”

I asked looking around. Alice spoke, “The newborns have changed their direction. They’re attacking here instead. Some how they got wind that Bella would be here.”

I looked at the others, “What? No she’s not. She’s supposed to be away at some camp. Jacob left to go meet up with her and Edward.” I looked and Edward was standing there. The wolves were on the beach waiting.

“Bella is with her father at Billy’s. We thought it would be safer for them to be together.”

I was so confused, “So what about Jacob?”

Sam looked at me and I could hear his thoughts, “He’s with Bella. So incase anything should happen, she has one of them with her.”

I knew what he meant. All of the sudden everyone stiffened up.

“They’re coming now.” Edward spoke.

I could smell them in the air. They were close. I tried to phase and I couldn’t. Then all of the sudden they were there. They were all fighting. Then there was a gray older looking wolf there. I felt like I knew it. It made eye contact with me. They were familiar eyes. Then I realized it was my dad. My eyes went wide. I watched as my mom stood there watching. I looked over at her, “Harry don’t do this. Please your heart is too weak for this. Please stop. They can handle it.”

My dad shook his head. Well he found himself struggling with a new born. Everyone else was busy. I started to run over,

“LEAH NO!” my mom called out.

I stopped dead in my tracks. My mom pulled a silver blade out of no where. “For my people.” was all she said and then stabbed her self in the abdomen.

I screamed, “MOM.”

The newborn looked at her grinning. She let the blade fall to the ground. My dad was able to get the upper hand and took out the newborn ripping it to shreds.

I was beside her holding her hand, “Stay with me ok.”

My dad was back in human form looking at her. “I’m so sorry Sue. But now we’ll be together.”

I looked at my dad, “What are you talking about. You’re together now.”

He shook his head, “I need to return.” he turned and walked away disappearing slowly into the horizon.

My mom laid there on in the sand, “It’s going to be ok. It’s my time. I always promised to protect you. I did that. My time has come to an end.” she whispered and closed her eyes.

I was alone now. My mom and dad were both gone.

“Leah I’m so sorry. I know you blame my family and Bella for this.” Edward spoke.

“Get out of my head you freak of leech.”

I startled awake my heart racing and I couldn’t catch my breath. I got to my feet the clock read 11:03pm. I ran out to the living room.

My mom was sitting on the couch watching the news. “Hi sweetie what are you doing awake?” she smiled.

I sat down on the couch beside her and hugged her, “Mom I love you so much.”

She hugged me back, “I love you too Leah. Is everything ok?”

I nodded. I almost expected to find my dad out here. I nodded, “Just startled myself awake.”

She smiled, “Well you can stay here with me if you want. I don’t mind.”

I smiled when I realized the dream. I saw my mom as the third wife. She would do anything to protect us. I dozed off against her. Her scent was lavender with a hint of vanilla to it. Seth walked out and smiled. We both had fallen asleep. He covered us up and went back to his room after shutting off the television.

It was the day of the battle. I’d shut off all my feelings. I needed to stay focused on helping kill these parasites. I was up early with Seth. I stayed quiet like he did which was extremely strange to have no noise in our house.

“Do you kids want something to eat?” mom asked.

I shook my head no and, so did Seth. We sat quietly with her at the table and she took each of our hands in hers. She was so quiet until she spoke quietly,

“Please let my children be safe. Let them go into battle with strong minds. I know they’re brave defenders of our great land. Let them return safely with the others. Harry please watch over them.” her eyes were closed while she spoke.

I had a lump in my throat. Seth smiled and squeezed her hand a little, “We’ll be fine mom. I promise that.”

It was now our time to go. We stood up with her and walked out the front door.

She hugged Seth tightly, “I love you mom. I will see you when we get home.” he smiled.

She let go and hugged me next, “Leah I’m so proud of you. You are a true fighter. You are a strong woman.” she smiled and I felt the tear slip down my cheek.

“Thank you mom. I love you too. I will see you later. Be careful.” I hugged her tightly then let go.

Seth and I started down the drive way. I turned back once to see my mom standing there, her arms wrapped around herself. Her eyes were red, she was already crying. I turned back looking at the road as we walked.

We made it into the woods and split up to phase. We left our clothes in a plastic bag so nothing would happen to them. Once we phased I could hear everyone’s thoughts. “Seth head off to the camp. You’ll find Jacob’s scent. Once your there he’ll come down and join us.” Seth nodded and nudged me a little.

When he took off, there was just a blur of tan. We stood there ready and waiting for Sam’s orders.

“I’ve been told that they will split into two groups. One will be in the clearing. The other in the meadow. We know how to fight these things. Bella and Edward have been at the camp all night. Jacob watched over them. He covered their scent so the red head won’t find them.”

We stood there quietly. Finally Sam nodded and we headed off to ambush the first group of vampires. We were ready when this roar of thunder broke through the trees. These red eyes came at us on the attack. The first newborn was a male not much older than me. His mouth was open and ready to bite anything that came near. I quickly took him down ripping him to pieces. Jared and Embry were working on another one. The ripping sound was a strange, yet comforting noise. It mean we were destroying them. We fought like hell and finished them off. There were limbs along with other body parts in a pile. I just finished off a newborn when I spotted another one, when I caught the scent as well. Edward and Bella had left a faint scent. I took him down before he even had time to notice what was happening. Sam was beside me helping, rip this enemy apart. Once we were finished with that one Sam looked at me then took off. I took off as well to find another filthy leech to kill. I could hear Seth’s thoughts but I had to push them aside. I couldn’t worry. Paul and Jacob were working on taking apart another newborn. The Cullen’s had just finished up with their last one. We were slowly gathering the pack together. The huge pile of dismembered newborns was stacked up. One of the Cullen’s leaned down setting the pile on fire. This thick purple smoke slowly made it’s way towards the sky.

Sam looked around and counted, “We’ve got all of them.” he thought.

Paul, Jared, Embry and Quil had taken off into the woods. The Cullen’s stood there waiting for these visitors. We had to take off. These visitors would not spare us. I was walking along when I found a single newborn hiding out. I took towards him with full force. I lunged at him. His arm’s were around my neck, holding onto me. I was trying so desperately to break free. The growls rolled off my chest like thunder. My thought’s were racing, “Let me go. I will kill you.”

I could hear the others thoughts, “Leah, NO!”

I thought I could take him down by myself. I was able to do it with the others.

“Leah no stop. What are you thinking?” Seth was whining in my head.

I tried to throw him off. I could hear the snarls from the newborn. Something slammed me into the ground. Jacob had knocked the newborn off of me. In the process he knocked me to the ground. He quickly tried to get up. I kept my eyes on Jacob springing to my feet. Then the newborn had his arms around him. The crunch echoed through the air followed by the excruciating howl of pain.

“JACOB!” I shrieked in my thoughts. “SAM HELP. HELP HIM NOW.” I thought panicked.

Jacob dropped to the ground. Sam came running over. The other wolves took after the newborn destroying it within seconds.

Carlisle blurred over quickly and looked him over, “His ribs have been broken but they’re healing already. I will need to reset them. His leg doesn’t look good either. Can you please phase back Jacob? It would make it easier to check you out.”

Sam pleaded with Jacob, “Come on let him make sure your ok.”

Jacob wouldn’t phase back. Carlisle nodded, “Your pack needs to get out of here quickly. It’s not safe. I will come by soon as possible to check on him.”

The boys were in the woods and quickly phased back, putting their clothes back on and came back.

“On the count of three we lift him. We’ll bring him in the woods.” Paul spoke, and carried Jacob back into the woods.

The four boys carried him back to La Push as he howled loudly. I walked along quietly keeping my head down. Jacob’s thoughts were quiet. I kept mine the same way.

Seth’s thought, “Where should I go Leah?”

Jacob thought, “My house.” then it went quiet.

We were back in La Push rather quickly. I took off and found my clothes and phased back and put them on. Jacob howled loudly as they set him down so he could phase back. My stomach lurched. Seth came running over wearing just a pair of shorts like the others. He finally was able to focus enough and phased back to human. He carefully put his shorts back on to La Push. He clenched his teeth when the shorts slipped over his leg. I’ve never heard Jacob curse before. I sure did today. I was so afraid he was going to hate me. I felt like all the eyes were on me.

We were back at Jacob’s house when I ran in opening the door.

“LEAH.” Billy looked at me and I didn’t say anything.

Charlie’s head snapped up.

“Billy we’ve got Jacob. He’s hurt pretty bad.” Sam spoke.

The boys carried him into his room laying him down gently on the bed. He laid there panting. I was sick to my stomach. I caused him the pain.

“Billy let me take you the two of you to the hospital. I think it’s a good idea.”

Billy shook his head, “No. I don’t want to move him.”

Jared spoke up, “Dr.Cullen and his son pulled up on the accident. They told us to bring him here. He went home to get some supplies.”

Charlie nodded. Embry stayed in the room with Jacob until Carlisle came. There was a knock on the door and Paul got it, “What’s up doc?”

Carlisle nodded, “Hello. Where’s Jacob?”

Billy pointed to the hall way. Carlisle and Edward walked down finding his room. Embry came back out and sat down on the floor. “?*%#&@! ribs. Jesus Christ what the hell.” Jacob was yelling.

Jared, Paul, Seth, Quil, Embry, Sam, and myself were crammed in Billy’s tiny living room. Sam looked at me and I didn’t say anything. I knew the pain I felt was on my face. Emily and my mom showed up at the house as well.

“#*&%$ng pain. Make it stop.” the breaking of the bones echoed through the tiny house. I felt myself go pale. My hands turned to ice which was unheard of because of my body temperature. My legs were shaky. He was alive but it didn’t matter. He shouldn’t have gotten hurt.

Charlie looked at me, “Are you ok hun?”

I just shrugged.

Emily ran over and hugged us all once she got to the house, then Billy, “I’m so sorry.”

Billy smiled, “He’s a fighter.”

There was another loud outburst of cursing and I cringed. My mom saw Seth and I hugging us both and smiled, “It’s ok guys. Let’s just see what Dr.Cullen has to say.”

Paul spoke, “He didn’t listen to me. I told him it wasn’t a good idea to go on the bike.”

Charlie nodded, “I hate those things.”

Carlisle had finished up and was in the living room with Edward at his side, “He’s resting now. He’s pretty out of it. I’ve given him quite a bit of morphine. I had to set the bones. He has a broken leg, a few ribs and a cracked bone in his arm. The breaks aren’t that bad except for the ribs. He’ll be back on his feet within a few days.”

Billy smiled, “Thank you for helping my son.”

Carlisle smiled, “I will come back in a few hours to check on him. Call me if you need anything.” he smiled.

Edward looked at me and I didn’t move. They quietly left and Charlie stood up, “That was nice of him to come all the way out here. I need to get home and see if Bella’s back. I will call a little later to check on him. See you all later.” he smiled and quietly left.

We all sat there in the room and they started talking amongst themselves. Seth nudged my leg, “Hey you ok?”

I just looked at him. I nodded feeling horrible and I whispered to him, “I want to go home. I need a shower. I will see you later.” I got up and left and went home.

The others hung around for a little bit then slowly dispersed and went to their houses. Emily, Sam, Seth and my mom said their goodbye’s to Billy and left. Once I was in the house I went to my room and grabbing my towels and a robe and went to the bathroom locking the door. I turned the water on so it was hot. I climbed in the shower and stood there. I didn’t want to leave the house again. I was afraid to see Jacob again. I had a feeling that our friendship was now null and void. I don’t know why I wanted to prove myself. I finished up in the shower and went to my room and got dressed. I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I sat down at my journal and wrote.

I don’t know what to say. I’m a horrible person. Selfish for sure. I’m ignorant. I don’t listen. I acted impulsively. I almost got Jacob killed. I don’t think I can ever face him, or the rest of the pack again. Sam will have my ass. Seth seem’s to be the only one who wasn’t tense around me. I’ve decided not to journal every day. Same expected disappointment, just a different day. I’m trying to push the pain down to my feet. The farther away from my heart it is, the better. It won’t be as easy to feel anymore. The one person who was my friend is laying in a bed. I wonder if Bella is there. She’s probably playing the over sympathetic friend. She’ll be one of them soon enough. Kissing his ass before she’s changed. Trying to protect her new family. Because if she become’s one of them, the treaty is void. I don’t have anything else to say.

I shut the journal and sat there. I hated myself. I didn’t feel like I belonged in the pack anymore. I decided to call Billy and see how we was doing. The phone rang and rang,

“Hello.” Billy’s voice took over the dead air.

“Hi Billy. I was curious as to how Jacob’s doing?”

Billy spoke softly, “He’s doing ok. He’s awake. Bella is over and they’re spending time together.”

I nodded, “Ok. I’m sorry he got hurt. It’s all my fault. I wasn’t thinking.”

Billy sighed, “Leah I don’t blame you. I understand you thought you could handle it. I will let him know you called. Goodnight Leah.”

The phone went dead and I hung up as well. It was still early in the night but I didn’t have it in me. I locked my door and turned in for the night. I didn’t have the fight in me anymore. I was a selfish person. Someone who didn’t deserve happiness. I was thoughtless. 

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