The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


18. Chapter 18 - The Denial

Sam was running through the woods. Things looked like a blur of greens and browns. The air was moist. “I don’t understand how she went back to those filthy Cullen’s. After he just left her in the woods. If he only saw how she looked when I found her.” he growled while running.

The leaves on the tree’s had beads of rain sitting on them. The ground thudded as Sam ran across. His four large black paws not afraid of crushing what were beneath them. The growls kept rolling through the air. In his head he yelled, “Filthy bloodsucking parasites.”

I stood there after hanging the phone up. Sam had run off. This smugness came over me.

“Leah you ok there?” Jacob raised an eyebrow.

I shook my head grinning, “He left. He ran away like a sad, little, pathetic puppy. Some alpha.” I barked out a laugh.

Jake was left sitting there looking at me like I’d gone crazy, “Care to fill me in?!”

I laughed again, “Sam and Emily had a huge fight. She hasn’t seen him for several days. I don’t care not my problem.”

Jacob looked at me, “Now I know that’s a lie. You do care.” My jaw clenched and Jacob saw it, “Leah I understand you say that, trying to fool yourself. I hate to break it to you, it’s not fooling anyone else.” Jacob smiled.

“Oh you hush Jacob Black.” I pouted knowing he was right.

I sat back down beside him on the couch and leaned my head against Jacob’s shoulder.

He smiled, “Leah I’m always here to listen.” he draped his arm over my shoulder.

I felt safe with Jacob. He and I just seemed to click and understand one another. I closed my eyes enjoying the quietness. He moved ever so gently and leaned down kissing the top of my head, “It’ll be ok. We’ll make it together. We’re strong people.”

I wondered who he was trying to kid just then. He laced his fingers with mine and I smiled,

“I love you Leah.” Sam’s voice spoke.

I looked up and Sam was sitting there instead of Jacob.

“Sam!” I was startled awake.

Jake was rubbing my arm, “It’s ok calm down. You fell asleep. I knew you still cared about him.” Jake smiled.

He was my friend but I was so comfortable around him. We knew how each other felt. We both loved someone we couldn’t be with. We sat quiet for a while.

“Well I need to get going home. I’ll call you later.” he smiled and gave me a hug and left quietly.

I yanked my journal out from underneath the couch cushion and opened it.

Well I guess Jacob told her how he truly felt. She’s going to join the leech renegade. I hate the girl. I think I hate her because of all the problems she’s caused. She’s causing Jacob so much heartache. She should have to see every thought going through his head. See the pain that sits in his chest. She breaks his heart. She comes back, tapes it together then drops it again. She’s selfish just like Sam.

I shut my journal. I didn’t know who was more angry for Jacob, him or myself. I wanted to protect him. He was younger than me. I couldn’t let him feel the way I did. I was a bitter, angry, heart broken, person. My mom came home with Seth. The lights flicked on, and I jumped.

“Leah.”my mom startled and stepped backwards a little. “Leah why were you sitting in the dark?” she walked in hanging up her coat and setting her purse down.

“I...I...I.” I was stuttering like an idiot.

“Wolf got your tongue?” Seth snickered carrying in two brown grocery bags.

“It’s been a long day. Jacob came by earlier. He was really upset.” I looked at her and Seth.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” she had that look of I won’t worry on her face.

I’ve become an expert in reading her facial expressions. She tries so hard to hide things and it doesn’t work. The night passed quietly and I finally decided to crash.

Saturday morning rolled around and I did my regular morning routine. Everything was quiet around the house. My mom left a note,


Seth went out for the day and I’m over Billy’s house. We’re going over the plans for tomorrow nights bonfire. I will see you later. I love you. Be careful.


I wondered if anyone had heard from Sam? I was feeling bad now. I was blaming myself for him taking off. He had the letter I wrote him when we broke up. I was still very hurt but I was trying to move on. I never wanted him to read it. I screwed up, big time. He’d now had plenty of time to read it over and over. Those crushing words I said. Could he hear my voice saying them to him? I wrote it out of anger. I was going to go look for him. I threw of a pair of flip flops and walked down to the beach. It was early afternoon when I decided to see if there was any sign of him around La Push. I took off my sandals and walked along the sand the only thing I could hear were the waves hitting the shore line. As I walked along something touched my foot. It was a piece of paper with writing on it. I picked up the piece of paper and read it.

I wish I’d have died in your arms

the last time we were together.

So I wouldn’t have to wake without

you today

It was my handwriting. The paper had been read several times. There were creases in the paper. It had been folded and unfolded quite a bit. I thought, “Crap. I bet Emily read the letter or he told her. They had a fight because of me.” The guilt started to sit on my chest and the emptiness was creeping in slowly. I looked around and walking towards me there he was,

“Sam!” I called out and ran over to him. He looked up just as I wrapped my arms around him hugging tightly. “Where have you been? Emily called looking for you?”

He stood quietly looking at me, and I could tell he was exhausted, “Leah I needed to get away from all of this.” he looked around at everything surrounding us, the beach, the woods, La Push, or was it me?

I stepped back letting go of him, “Get away? Sam you left the pack in a lurch. You left Emily alone.” I was really trying to make him understand what he’d done to us. Then I realized it wasn’t the pack he left, it was Emily. I saw Emily as myself, left wondering what happened. It was like the past all over again.

He took a deep breath, “Leah I found the letter. I didn’t know what to say. I know I hurt you. There’s never going to be a way for me to take that pain away. I still love you and care about you.”

I smiled but he stopped me short by placing both of his hands on my shoulders, “It’s a different love for you now.”

I stood there and swallowed back the tears ready to stream down my cheeks, “That’s fine Sam. I understand. I want you to be happy and have a great life with Emily.” my voice cracked on the last part.

Sam took my face in his warm hands. He leaned down and kissed me on the top of my forehead, “Leah I will never stop caring about you.” He pulled away slowly, “I need to get home and check on Emily. I will see you later.” he smiled and jogged off down the sand towards home.

I sat down in the sand holding the piece of paper. I was truly alone now. The words on the paper were blurry now, for two reasons, the tears that stung my eyes and the tears that hit the paper.

The sun had just about set and I hadn’t moved. I noticed someone was close,

“Care for company?” Jacob’s voice broke the silence around me.

My trembly voice spoke, “Public beach.” I said trying to hold back the sniffles.

“Hey you’ve been crying. That’s not good. What’s going on?” Jacob squatted in-front of me making eye contact with me.

“Nothing. Sam’s home and safe.”

Jacob sighed and sat down beside me and pulled me close to him holding on to me, “That’s no reason to cry.”

I didn’t have the energy to tell him the whole story. “It’s nothing really. I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

Jacob nodded resting his chin on top of my head, “Join the club.I called and left a message with Charlie. I told him to just tell her, I was sorry and I didn’t mean it.”

I let out a sigh as Jacob kept me wrapped in his arms, “I hate seeing you go through this Jake. It’s like watching Sam and I. The difference is Bella is Sam and your me.”

Jacob was quiet for a moment, “Wow I was not expecting that.”

I shook my head, “I’m sorry it’s just been bothering me.”

Jake chuckled, “No I mean you referring to Bella by her actual name. I was expecting, Leech lover, parasite lover, or one of the other names you may have come up with.”

I smiled and Jacob did also. We sat until it was dark and the moon was trying to break through the night sky, “Well I should get you home. You need to get some sleep.”

Jacob let go of me, and put out a hand and helped me to my feet. We walked home quietly. It was nice to be held by someone again. He was a great friend. He walked me home and gave me a hug and took off down the road. I slowly stepped inside and it was dark. I went to my room and laid down on the bed. I realized love was going to be the ultimate death of Jacob and I. It was going to slowly kill us. We couldn’t be with the one’s we truly loved.

I woke up the next morning. It was quiet for a Sunday. My mom usually was up and about. I noticed there was a journal on my desk. I leaned over picking it up and opening it. Inside there was a note written to me.

I’m not usually a big one to do this, but here you go. I found this and thought you could use a new journal. Yours is probably getting pretty full.

Happy writing


I flipped to the next page and read it. I smiled genuinely, something I hadn't done for a long time.

A friend is someone who,

Always listens without judging.

Always cares about you.

Always makes you smile even if their having a bad day.

Always supports you.

And is always there when you a hug.

Leah your a great friend and don’t ever forget that.

I kept smiling. Jacob was a true friend. I picked up the phone and called Jacob’s house. The phone rang once and then there was an answer

“Hello.” Billy’s voice came on.

“Hi Billy. I was wondering is Jake home?” I looked the journal over.

“No he’s not I'm sorry. He went over to Bella’s for a little bit. I can let him know you called.” Billy said.

“Ok that would be great. Thanks Billy. Talk to you later.” I hung up the phone.

Seth was in my doorway, “Morning sunshine.” I laughed, “Hey you.”

Seth walked in and sat down, “Actually the name is Seth not hey you. It’s ok people misunderstand my name quite a bit. Anyways how are you doing? We haven’t talked much. Plus mom was curious.” he smiled.

I looked at him amazed at how fast he was growing up. “I’m ok. Just going on with my life as best as I can.” I looked at the picture of my dad out of the corner of my eye.

“Leah you’ve not talked about him at all since he...died. Are you really ok. It’s only been a few months. You’ve not even cried. Well I worry about you.” Seth looked really concerned.

“I’m fine. It’s not bothered me that much.” I smiled.

He forced a smile trying to hide his concern, “So what are you up to today? I’m bored out of my mind. Mom’s running some errands before the party tonight. So I was hoping maybe we could play a game of chess. It’s been a while.” he gave that grin I couldn’t resist.

“Ok go get the game and set it up. I need to take a shower and get dressed. Give me 10 minutes.”

Seth rolled his eyes, “Hurry up slow poke. 10 minutes and I’m counting.” he got up laughing grabbing the chess game and setting it up in the living room while I got ready.

I walked out to the living room and sat down across from Seth. I was playing as the black pieces. We played for a while. The front door opened and in came my mom,

“Hello you two. Playing chess I see. Who’s winning?”

Seth grinned, “Me of course. Leah stinks.” he laughed.

I shoved him a little, “Jerk. I’m not that bad.”

He smirked, “See dad and I always played together.” he looked at me.

I smiled, “That’s right. But I could whip your butt in checkers.”

Seth smiled, “True but that’s not as hard as chess.”

My mom laughed, “You're both good at certain games.” she sat down on the couch and turned on the tv softly and started watching her favorite movie, Bell Book and Candle.

We were all around the camp fire. Old Quil, Billy and my mom were heading up the council meeting. Paul was eager to eat the last hotdog Jacob was holding hostage. Bella was sitting quietly in front of Jake. He decided to pick on Paul a little bit and Paul was losing patience quick. His temper always took over too fast. Embry was quick to welcome the leech lover along with Quil and Emily. I couldn’t understand why they were all ok with her being here. She was an outsider, a traitor. I stared at the fire not taking my eyes off of it. I could tell she was looking at me. I wondered what she was thinking. Jake had told Bella about everything that happened between Sam, Emily and I. Seth and I sat quietly near my mom. I closed my eyes relaxing. I wasn’t tired just trying to let my mind focus on the stories.

Jacob had showed up with Bella. I thought these meeting’s were for members of the pack only. I sat quietly and stared at the fire. I wanted nothing to do with her. Everyone was eating and talking amongst themselves. Sitting across from me was Sam and Emily. I kept a straight face not displaying any emotion. I wished that was me sitting with Sam. I so badly wanted my dad to be sitting where my mom was. My mom looked at me and smiled. I just didn’t meet her gaze. I stayed focused on the fire. Billy started speaking. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I wasn’t tired I was listening quietly. I listened to the stories. They were intense. The wind blew as we sat on top of the cliffs. As I learned about our tribes history I had a better understanding. I was also feeling a bit bitter. It was supposed to be the sons no where in the stories did it say, daughters. Once he finished with the last story a lump developed in my throat. The third wives sacrifice got my mind thinking. She was a simple human being who was in on the secret of the tribe. She was a hero, a mother, a strong woman. She reminded me of my mom. My mom would give her life for our safety. Then a small tear streamed down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away before anyone would notice.

After the meeting had ended I watched as Jacob picked up a sleeping Bella. He took off towards his car with her in his arms. Sam and Emily were smiling at one another. He carefully pushed the hair away from her face and kissed the scarred cheek.

Meanwhile Jared carefully nudged Kim awake, “Hey sleeping beauty.” she stretched and he helped her up off the ground. “I’ll see you guys later.” Jared waved and then put his arm around Kim’s waist and they left.

Quil, Paul, Embry and Seth sat there wagering on who could eat the most hot dogs. “Hands down Paul.” Quil piped up.

“Nah Jacob could eat us all under the table.” Seth spoke.

“I agree with Seth.” Embry said. “No way Jacob couldn’t finish that last hot dog tonight.” Paul reminded everyone.

“Maybe Quil’s right.” Embry suggested. I sat there listen to them.

Then Seth whispered, “How many do you think Leah could eat?” They each took a quick nonchalant glance in my direction and shrugged.

Sam and Emily sat there while Billy, Old Quil, and my mom talked.

“So how are the kids adjusting to everything?” Old Quil asked. “Seth’s been really good. I know he misses Harry. When we’ve gone out together he says, “Oh dad would have loved this.” He get’s a little teary eyed. Leah on the other hand.” My mom looked into the fire, “I don’t know. I”m not sure if she’s in denial or what. I think she blames herself. She doesn’t talk about him. She acts as though nothing ever happened. It almost seems like she pretends he’s in another room or he’s out of fishing or something. I’ve noticed that she’s moved his keys so there not just sitting there. She’s put his jacket out of sight. It worries me.” My mom looked up from the fire at me.

I heard everything she said. I stood up quietly and started running off into the woods.

“Leah. Wait.” my mom called. My mom looked down and the tears streamed down. “This is what I mean. What am I doing wrong?”

Billy patted her shoulder, “It’s not you Sue. Rebecca and Rachel didn’t deal well with Sarah’s death.”

Seth looked hurt.

“Do you think she phased?” Emily whispered to Sam.

He shrugged, “It’s hard to tell with her. She can phase and if I phase I could hear her. If she hears my thoughts she may try blocking her thoughts and then well I don’t know where to find her. I could follow her scent.”

My mom looked up, “Let her have some time to herself. That may be the problem. Everyone is so concerned and she may feel like we’re crowding her.” They nodded, “If she doesn’t come home tonight then we’ll look for her.”

Sam looked at my mom. “If you sense a real concern then yes. If not let her come home when she’s ready.”

Paul got to his feet along with Embry and grabbed some buckets with water and poured them on the fire. Sam helped Billy back to the road to get him home. Old Quil walked with Quil Ateara. Emily walked with my mom and Seth to our house. Once I was in the woods I stopped running and slipped out of my clothes and tied them to my hind leg and the phase happened.

Seth was the first one in the door and he went straight to my room and looked for me, “She’s not home yet mom.”

My mom came in and slipped out of her jacket and hung it up and sat down on the couch, “Thanks hun.”

Emily came in and shut the door. “You wanna give Charlie a call and give him a head’s up?”

My mom thought about it and Seth came out and joined her on the couch, “That might be a good idea.” my mom said and got up to get the phone and called Charlie. The phone rang a few times,

“Hello.” Charlie answered.

“Hi Charlie it’s Sue.” she stood there looking at the door.

“Hi Sue. Wait what’s wrong? It’s rather late. Is everything ok?” Charlie’s voice showed the concern.

My mom sighed, “Leah’s taken off into the woods.”

Charlie cleared his throat rubbing the back of his neck, “Ok. Well if she doesn’t come home tonight let me know in the morning. I will come by and we’ll see if we can find her. Night Sue.” Charlie hung up.

My mom hung up the phone and returned to the couch. “Well Charlie said, if she doesn’t come home tonight call him in the morning.” my mom sat there and looked out the window.

Sam walked in the front door, “Any word on her yet?” he was curious.

“Nope. Sue’s spoken to Charlie. If she doesn’t come home by the morning she’s going to call him back.”

Sam sat down in my dad’s chair, Emily sat on his lap.

“She’s got a lot going on. It’s only been about 3 months since everything happened.” Seth sat quietly and looked at a picture of my dad and him when they went fishing together. “I’m going to go to sleep. I’m tired. Night everyone.” he got up and went into his room and shut the door quietly. He kicked off his shoes, and laid down falling asleep in his clothes.

“What do we do about Leah? I’m just so worried about her. She’s so unstable right now.” my mom looked at Sam and Emily.

“I could go look for her but I don’t know how much good that would do.”

My mom nodded understanding, “Let’s see what happens. If she doesn’t come home tonight then I will call Charlie.”

Emily stood up and Sam followed, “Get some sleep. We’ll call you in the morning to see what we can find out.” they both hugged my mom and left.

Mean while I was deep in the woods now. I slowed my pace down. I was alone with my thoughts. I can’t continue to be strong any more. Then I realized I need to be strong for Jacob. He needs someone for when, she decides to become one of them. It’s only a few weeks away now. My mind slowly wandered as I moved through the woods. Each thud as my paws hit the ground reminded me of that night and it sent my head spinning. Thud, my paw hits the ground. Thud my dad hits the ground. Thud, my paw hits the ground. Thud my dad hits the ground. Thud, my paw hits the ground. Thud my dad hits the ground.

Seth’s voice screeched through my head, “DAD!”

The days events ran through my head as I ran. I was running faster trying to get away from the memories of that day until I couldn’t run from them anymore. I could smell the hospital all over again,

“Mrs.Clearwawter, I’m Dr.Krauss. I was the doctor who took care of your husband. When he came in he wasn’t responsive. There was no pulse or heart beat. We tried for over half an hour to resuscitate him.” The doctor inhaled deeply. “I’m so sorry but he didn’t make it.”

I growled as it replayed, “I’m so sorry but he didn’t make it. I’m so sorry but he didn’t make it.”

I took off running again full speed now. I got to the edge of a river and phased back and I untied my clothes and put them back on.

I squatted by the water and placed my hand in the water. It would be freezing to any average human. It felt nice for me. I stood back up and found a tree that must have fallen some time ago. There was moss that had grown all over it. I sat down and leaned against the tree. The moss felt like a pillow against the back of my head. It was some time in the middle of the night because the moon had shifted. There was a slight glimmer on the water from the moon light. That’s when I realized I was missing out on so much with my dad. I wanted to tell him how I heard the tribes stories. Us chasing after the red head. Just little things like that. I think I’m in denial, disbelief what ever you call it. When I saw my dad in the coffin he wasn’t wearing his hat, his jacket or his wedding ring. It didn’t look like him. I feel like nobody could understand where my mind constantly wanders. My life is like a ship stuck at sea. There have been these horrible storms that just use the ocean as a weapon. It takes these small waves and turns them into violent surges of power. The waves beat the ship and after a while the ship can’t with stand the beating anymore and sadly it gives up. I fell asleep leaning against the down tree. When I woke I’m not quite sure what time of day it was. There was some light and, the sky was overcast.

Back at home my mom was worried and hadn’t heard from me now since the tribal meeting. She woke up early and called Charlie.

“Hello.” Charlie answered.

“Charlie it’s Sue.”

Charlie cleared his throat, “Ok so I guess she didn’t come home. I will be right there.”

He hung up the phone and was at the house in a flash. There was a knock on the front door.

She got up answering it, “Charlie.” she hugged him tightly. “Sorry to start your day like this. Please come in.” she sat down on the couch.

Charlie was in his uniform, “Any sign of her. Did she call or even come home to get some items of hers?” he sat down in my dad’s chair.

“There’s been nothing. She’s never done this before. She was so upset.”

Charlie was really nervous especially with everything going on in Seattle and it being just a few hours away. “I’m going to let all the officers know to keep a look out for her. If we don’t hear from her by tonight we’ll start searching for her. We’ll put together posters. I just need a picture.”

My mom handed him one of me smiling.

“Sue I promise we’ll find her.”

Her eyes were red from crying, “Thank you.” she hugged Charlie.

“Anytime. I need to head down to the station and I will let you know if I hear anything.” Charlie let himself out.

My mom just sat on the couch watching tv. Seth got up and was trying to keep his normal routine. Every so often my mom would get up and check my room to see if I snook back in. My bed sat there made never being touched. Seth sat with my mom.

“Any word on her yet?” his voice was soft and cracked a little. He was fighting back the tears.

“Not yet hun. Charlie is working on posters that they can hang around town.”

I sat not moving and watched as the day passed by. Then night fall came. “Dad please let me know your still around me. I can’t feel you at all.” I was talking to myself like an idiot.

The night grew darker and my stomach startled to growl a little. I ignored the hunger starting to creep up on me. One of my last thoughts before I drifted off to sleep was, maybe one day I’d feel complete. Right now there’s a missing piece to me. I’m missing that one important puzzle piece in order to complete the picture. So I will sit up on that shelf until someone finds that piece and completes me. I was groggy when I came around the next day. I was feeling a bit shaky and really starting to get hungry now. I slowly got to my feet and started to walk a little. My balance was a little off and I thought that was odd. As I walked I wondered, “Do we purposely gang up on ourselves?” I knew I allowed my conscience to do this to me. Then I started pondering, “What’s worse, watching someone you love die, or them dying and you never getting that chance to say goodbye?” The wind was starting to pick up and it was getting stronger by the minute. It seemed like a storm might be moving in. The sky grew dark quickly and it started to rain. I started to stumble over downed trees and slid in the mud. I finally had to stop and rest.

Back at the house there was a knock on the front door. Seth got up answering it.

“Hey I heard about Leah. Any word yet?” Jacob was there with Billy.

“Not yet. Come in.” Seth moved out of the way and took his seat back on the couch.

Billy wheeled himself in with Jacob following behind and shutting the door.

“So when did she take off? When I left with Bella she was still at the circle with all of you.”

My mom looked up, “The council elders were just talking amongst themselves. Old Quil asked how Leah and Seth were doing these past few months since Harry’s death. I told him about Leah putting away her fathers jacket and keys out of sight. She’s trying to distract her self. She’s not come to terms with his death yet. She got up off the ground and left. I thought maybe she came home but there was no sign of her.”

Jacob sighed, “I could sense the tension last night from her. She does not like Bella. Plus Leah was sitting right across the fire from Sam and Emily. That’s tough enough.”

Seth spoke, “I understand the whole Sam and Emily thing but, Bella?”

Jacob nodded, “It’s a long story but, Leah sees Bella almost like a female version of Sam.”

Seth looked a little puzled.

There was another knock on the door and Sam and Charlie walked in.

Charlie sat down beside my mom still in his uniform. The clock was reading 5:08pm.

“So has there been any news on Leah?” my mom asked looking hopeful.

Charlie held his hands together, “After we hung up some posters we received a call. Someone said they saw a female matching Leahs description out on highway 101 near Bogachiel State Park. I headed over but found nobody there. I left the poster with a park ranger over there. There’s been no sign of anybody matching that description they’ve seen. Have you had any calls?”

My mom shook her head, “There’s been nothing. I’ve called everywhere.”

Billy looked out the window and saw the sky get dark fast, “We’ve got a storm coming in. We’ve got to keep looking and we’re losing light fast.” Billy looked at Charlie.

“We’ve got men combing over everything.” Charlie told all of them.

The sky was now dark and it was overcast. I wasn’t sure where I was. I thought I’d been walking in circles for hours now. “Where am I? Someone please help me. I’m so scared and just want to go home.” I sat against the base of a tree. In the distance I could hear the howl of a coyote.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I tried to find the energy to phase and it wasn’t there. That’s when I started to cry. I quickly wiped away the tears. I felt around me in the darkness when I found a rather large rock. I started to doze off then there was a howl again. I cringed hearing another howl that was a slightly higher pitch. I sat there listening to the howls hearing them get a little closer each time. Then finally there was whimpering and the howling moved far enough away I could no longer hear it. I wondered if maybe one of the Cullen’s got hungry and was having a midnight snack. Finally I gave up trying to fight off the sleep as I slowly slid off into a light sleep.

The night quietly passed as Charlie, Billy, Jacob and Sam looked over the maps..

“We’ve searched all over La Push and no sign of her. We’ve combed the woods close by and nothing. We’re going to resume the search in the morning in these parts.” Charlie pointed to the Bogachiel State Park area.

The clock on the wall read 11:45pm. Charlie decided it was time to head home and he would drop Billy off along the way. Sam went home shortly after Billy and Charlie left. Jacob spent the night at our house. He knew my mom needed to get some rest. He crashed on the couch. He was woken up to a light knock on the door. He got up answering it and Charlie was standing there.

“Hey Charlie.” Jacob moved out of the doorway.

“Is Sue awake yet?” he asked.

“No. So does Bella have any idea what’s going on?”

Charlie shook his head, “No. I don’t want her worried about Leah. I know they don’t hang out but still. Leah is your friend after all.”

Jake nodded. A sleepy looking Seth and my mom emerged from their rooms and joined Jacob and Charlie in the living room.

“Hey Charlie.” Seth said rubbing his eyes.

My mom yawned, “Sorry good morning Charlie.”

Charlie nodded, “I’m about to head out and start looking for her myself. Sam is planning on coming with me. Jacob if you’d like to join us your dad said it would be fine.”

Jake nodded, “Alright sounds good.”

My mom watched as Jacob and Charlie left to go look for me.

I woke up and my clothes were soaking wet. I looked around and slowly stood up feeling wobbly on my feet. I started the trek through the woods again. Everything was covered in water. The river flowed fast and furious. It must have rained really hard while I slept. Luckily the tall pine tree’s provided some shelter. I decided to try and phase one more time. I stripped out of my soaking wet clothes and tried to run. I more or less, stumbled a bit and phased for a few seconds and kept thinking, “Help me, please.” I kept trying to run. I was stumbling badly,

“LEAH!” was all I heard then it was gone. I collapsed on the ground and had phased back. I slowly made my way back to my clothes putting them on and started to walk.

I called out, “JACOB.” there was no response.

The sky was overcast, but there was daylight. It must have been early morning. There was a fog moving through out the trees. I started to feel shaky. I hadn't had anything to eat for a while now. The ground started to move underneath me without my feet moving. I reached out for a tree trunk and just barely caught it. Instead my face met the tree, hitting my left cheek and catching my eye. The pain surged through my face as I hit the ground face first. I laid there for a minute trying to regain my composure. My face was red, throbbing and, slightly swollen and filthy. I sat up a little bit looking around and then just laid down again on the wet ground. I didn’t have it in me to try anymore. My eyes slowly shut as I fell asleep.


Charlie and Sam met up together. Jacob had gone off into the woods on his own and phased.

He was running when he heard me, “Help me please. Jacob.” he stopped running and looked around, “LEAH!”

He started running at full speed through the woods. “Leah come on where are you? Please answer me.”

Charlie looked around, “Where’d Jacob go?”

Sam spoke calmly, “He took off into the woods to look for her. He knows the woods like the back of his hand. If he finds anything he’ll let us know.”

Charlie nodded grabbing the map, “Ok let’s head this way.” they started making their way through the woods heading south.

Jacob was running at full speed. Once he saw me, he phased back to human, He untied the clothes he had, from his leg and quickly threw them on. He ran over, “Leah, please answer me.”

He carefully turned me over seeing the black and blue bruise and, the swelling on my cheek. “Dammit.” he looked around for any sign of the others. “I will be right back I promise.” He leaned down and kissed me lightly on the forehead and was running in human form as fast as he could.

“CHARLIE, SAM.” Sam looked up hearing Jacob,

“What is it?” Charlie looked at Sam,

“I thought I heard Jacob calling our names.” Charlie and Sam started running in the direction Sam heard Jake.

“Jacob where are you?” Charlie called out.

Jacob came running up practically knocking both of them over, “I found her. About a mile in this direction. She’s soaking wet. She looks like she's in rough shape. She hit her face. There's a nasty bruise. She has dirt all across her face. She’s laying on the ground. She’s breathing but not responding.”

They looked at each other and Charlie was on his radio, “Dispatch it’s Chief Swan.” Dispatch replied, “Dispatch Chief.” Charlie spoke, “Leah Clearwater has been found. We’re going to her location now. Send an ambulance to the side of highway 101 where command central is. Please call her mother.”

Dispatch replied, “Copy that. Ambulance is en-route.”

Charlie, Sam and Jacob we’re all running now. Jacob was beside me was back beside me, “Her skin’s cool. Her clothes are drenched.”

Charlie was on the ground looking me over, “Leah hun can you hear me. I have medics on the way. We’re trying to get a hold of your mom.” Charlie felt for a pulse and took his jacket off covering me up. "She's got a strong pulse. She's breathing. Her face is pretty banged up." Charlie spoke.

Sam looked at Jacob and Charlie. “Let’s get her back towards the road.” Jacob picked me up in his arms and carried me back.

Once we were back on the side of the road the ambulance was already there. The medics were outside with all their equipment set up and they had the stretcher out. Jacob laid me down on the stretcher.

My mom was there, her voice sounded faint, “Leah sweetie can you hear me.” She quickly grabbed blankets and started covering me up. She started taking my vitals, “Her vitals are ok. And it doesn’t appear she has any injuries except for the bruise on her face.”

Charlie squatted beside the stretcher. “Leah can you hear me?” he held my hand. “Leah please wake up.”

Jacob stood there watching. I squinted moaning.

“LEAH!” my mom and Charlie hugged me tightly. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?” I sat up slowly,

“Whoa, take it easy.” Charlie pushed me back gently, so I would lay down. Jacob and Sam were standing there.

“Oh my face hurts. Where am I ?” my voice was soft and weak.

My mom looked at me smiling, “Your on the side of highway 101. They found you in the woods about a mile from the road.”

I slowly blinked and saw Jacob and smiled, “Hey.”

He smiled back, “You scared me pretty good. Don’t do that again ok.”

I smiled, “So when can we go home? I’m exhausted and filthy.”

Charlie looked at me, “Are you sure your ok?”

I nodded slowly. “Yes. I just want to take a hot shower and go lay down in my bed.”

My mom stood up, “Leah I really want you to get checked out. You were out there for a couple of days.”

I sighed, “Mom I got dizzy and fell. I’ve not had anything to eat.”

My mom looked at me, “Well your probably dehydrated.”

She and Charlie exchanged glances.

Charlie spoke, “Let’s let her go home get cleaned up and rest for a while. If she’s not feeling any better then take her to the hospital.”

My mom sighed, “Ok.”

Charlie helped me sit up slowly. I swayed a little sitting there. My mom and Charlie helped me up on my feet.

“My car’s just over here.” she nodded towards her car just behind Charlies cruiser. She held onto me with Charlie on the other side.

Jacob waited for a second and turned to Sam, “Good job alpha, stay away from Leah. Your just like the leech that Bella’s in love with. You make her fall in love, then you run away, and she’s left sitting there wondering what she did wrong. Here’s the one difference between you and Cullen, Cullen came back and took care of his girl. You dumped yours just to get with her cousin. Oh wait I’m sorry you “imprinted” on her. I find that to be a load of crap.”

Sam was pissed at Jacob, “Whatever Jacob. You can’t have both girls you know.” Sam nodded at me.

“Oh I don’t want Leah. I love her as a friend. I’m just picking up the pieces of her heart you shattered.”

Sam stood there his nostrils flaring, “I’m your Alpha Jacob Black and don’t forget that. I deserve respect. I’m the Alpha of this pack.”

Jacob grinned, “Sam don’t forget who gave you that title, stupid dog.”

Sam snapped, “Then your a dog as well Black.”

Jacob was right in Sam’s face. There was maybe 2 inches separating their face’s. “A REAL Alpha doesn’t treat his pack members like you do. Running away and not telling anyone where you’ve gone. Now I would never do that to MY PACK. So care to explain who the “REAL ALPHA” is again.” Sam’s face turned red under his skin. “Oh what’s wrong Sam? Did I hurt the feelings you lack. I need to go be with Leah. Show her that a real Alpha cares what happens. Maybe there’s a tree you should go mark.”

Jacob turned to walk away and Sam grabbed Jacob’s arm, “The elders are going to hear about this.”

Jacob snarled, “Get your filthy paws off of me.” he yanked away.

Charlie happened to notice the commotion, “Sam, Jacob knock it off.” Charlie was in the middle of them, “What’s going on with the two of you. Your acting like a pack of crazed wolves.”

Sam turned and walked off. Charlie lowered his hand from Jacob, “Are you ok?”

Jake nodded, “I’m fine Charlie.”

Jacob walked over to my mom’s car and climbed in the backseat with me, “Hey buddy. Come here.” he pulled me over to him and wrapped his arms around me.

“Everyone ready to get going.” my mom asked and Jacob nodded.

“Sue I will meet you back at the house.” Charlie said and then climbed in his cruiser.

She started the car and we were off. Charlie followed behind us in his cruiser.

“Jake what did you say to Sam?”

Jacob grinned, “Nothing don’t worry about it. Just a simple misunderstanding.”

I smiled and dozed off against him. When I woke up Jacob was pulling me out of the car, “Hey you ok to walk or you want me to carry you. I don’t mind looking like a hero.” he grinned.

I laughed, “I’ll walk.”

He set me down and I slowly walked inside holding onto him.

Seth sprang to his feet, “Oh my god Leah.” he hugged me a little too tight,

“Can’t breath.”

He let go backing up, “Sorry.”

Jacob hugged me lightly, “I’m going to go home and catch some sleep. I’m glad you're safe. I will call you later.” he kissed me on the cheek and he left.

Billy sat quietly and looked at my mom, “She’s going to get through this. It’s just going to take time.” his smile helped ease her worry. “How are you feeling?” Billy asked.

“I’m ok. A little shaky and exhausted.” I smiled faintly.

“Well we’re all glad your home safely.” Billy smiled.

My mom helped me to my room, “Do you want privacy or do you need some help?”

I was still wobbly. “Can you just help me.” she nodded. I was changed and in the bathroom and enjoyed the hot shower. I got out and felt so much better.

“Ok bed for you now. I will bring you in something to eat and some water. After you eat please rest.”

I nodded and made my way to my room and put on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and crawled under the blankets. My mom went out and made me a sandwich and came back with that and some water, “Here sweetie. Eat what you can.” she sat the plate down on my lap and the water on my night stand.

I slowly ate and she watched me quietly, “Promise me you’ll talk to me when your feeling better.”

I nodded handing the plate to her after eating half the sand which. “Ok get some rest. I love you Leah.”

I started to cry a little as she leaned down hugging me, “I love you too mom.”

She kissed my cheek, “Sweet dreams.” and left the room. I turned off the light and fell asleep rather fast.

My mom came into to check on me once more. She took my vitals and placed a cool wash cloth on my cheek. The beauty of her being a nurse was, I was able to avoid the hospital. She walked out to the living room where Charlie was sitting with Seth, “She’s ok. She checks out fine. She’s physically exhausted.”

Charlie nodded, “I’m glad she’s going to be ok. I need to head down to the station and do some paperwork. I will call you later.” he left quietly.

Seth slipped into my room and watched me sleep for a while until it was dinner time. I slept through dinner. Finally around 9 o’clock my mom came into my room and sat down in my room and watched me for a while. When it was time for her to turn in she tucked me in. She leaned down kissing my cheek, "Goodnight Leah. I love you." She quietly stood up and went to bed herself. 




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