The Stories of Leah Clearwater

Leah Clearwater of the Quileute reservation. The daughter of Harry, and Sue Clearwater. Older sister of Seth Clearwater. She has the average life of any other teenage girl. So what happens when her boyfriend Sam Uley, abruptly dumps her, and hides the truth from her. What happens when a new family's arrival town, sparks something inside of her; nobody ever knew possible? Well this is The Twilight Saga, from Leah Clearwaters point of view. This is The Stories of Leah Clearwater.


13. Chapter 13 - Huge changes and big mistakes.

A couple of days passed and the phone rang.

Mom answered it, “Hello.”

Charlie’s voice was on the other end, “Hi Sue. I have great news. Bella’s back home.”

My mom smiled, “Charlie I’m so happy to hear that. So what exactly happened?” my mom was curious.

“Well Bella went was trying to stop Edward Cullen. She was cliff diving the day of Harry’s funeral. I guess someone thought she was trying to kill herself. Word got to him and,” he was at a loss for words. “Sue I asked her if she was trying to kill herself. She said no. Was it wrong of me to ask?” Charlie waited for a response.

“No Charlie, your her father. You needed answers. She’s ok though right?” my mom asked being the caring friend.

“Yeah. How’s Leah doing?” he asked.

My mom sighed, “She’s ok. She’s been quiet and doing a lot of reading. She’s going through a major change in her life.”

Charlie spoke, “Well Sue I’m always here if you need me. I will call you later. I will try and stop by in a few days.”

My mom smiled, “Ok. Bye Charlie.” she hung up and leaned against the kitchen counter drained of what energy she had.

Seth walked out into the kitchen, “Hi mom. What’s for breakfast?”

My mom smirked, “Food is always on your mind now. What would you like?” she asked hugging Seth.

“Hmmm, I want eggs, doesn’t matter what kind, bacon and some toast, oh and pancakes.”

My mom rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Will that fill you up until dinner?” she smirked.

Seth confidently shook his head, “Nope I may just make it until lunch.” he laughed.

She nodded, “Ok Seth.” and turned and started making breakfast for him.

Meanwhile I sat hunched over a book at my desk that my dad had. I casually flipped through the pages when it stood out QUILEUTE. I decided to read it and see what I could find out.


Quileute legend has it that the first tribal members were transformed from wolves by a supernatural being. Perhaps among the most ancient of the region’s tribes, the Quileute lived on the lower Quillayute River in present-day north-western Washington State. They were one of the only three groups who spoke Chimakuan, or Chimakum, language. The other two tribes, the Chimakum proper inland to the Quileute’s east and the Hoh to the south along the Hoh River, may have been subdivisions of the Quileute. The meaning of thename Quileute, also spelled Quillayute and pronounced quill-uh-OOT, is not known; it was also a village name. Neighbors included the MAKAH to the north, the QUINAULT to the south, and the Clallam (or Klallam) to the west.

I finished reading the history and thought, “Wait a second, Embry’s mom was from the Makah reservation.” I didn’t put much thought into it. Just thought it was interesting. I poked through the rest of the book then decided to get dressed.

I grabbed the book and put if on the bookcase. I made my way into the kitchen.

“Hi sweetie. How are you?” my mom asked smiling.

I smiled back, “Good was doing some reading.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, “What were you reading?”

I sat down at the table, “It really wasn’t anything. I was just reading about the tribes history.” I looked up at her.

She looked back at me, “So you're reading about what exactly?” She was trying to get me to spill the beans.

“It just told how legend had it we transformed from wolves. I just read about the surrounding tribes. Why?” I was curious to see what she was getting at it.

She sat down and looked at me. “Leah your father and I knew the stories weren’t legends. We knew your brother was going to phase at some point. I’m so sorry, we never knew you would phase.”

I just looked at her then decided to ask, “Did dad ever phase?”

She shook her head, “No. See the Cullen’s didn’t live here while your father and I were growing up. The first time they came here was when Jacob’s great-grandfather was chief. They made the treaty which we follow still. They left for a while and returned in 2003.” she stopped for a moment and then looked back up at me. “Sam was the first to phase when they returned.”

I looked at her, “So Sam’s phasing was caused by the Cullen family returning?”

My mom slowly nodded, “I didn’t know right away. Your father, Billy and Old Quil helped him. Old Quil went to visit Sam’s mom and he shook Sam’s hand and felt the extreme warmth and knew the fever was setting in, and he was going to change.” she smiled at me a little.

I just sat there for a moment taking it all in. “I just don’t understand, why me? I wanted a family with kids. It was supposed to all go so differently.” I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

“Oh Leah. You can still have a family hun. The pack is like family. You’ll be able to get married. You could adopt and if you stop phasing you’ll start aging again.” she came over and squeezed me.

“It’s not the same.” I said and wiped the tear off my cheek.

I stood up and turned around and hugged her so tightly. “I love you mom.”

She smiled and hugged me back, “I love you too Leah.”

I slowly let go. “Listen I need to go to town for a little bit if you care to join me.” she smiled hoping I would say yes.

I felt like staying home but I said, “Sure, I’ll tag along I need to get a few things while we’re in town.”

She smiled. “Great I will get my list together. Go get ready.”

I smiled and took off into my room and grabbing my towels and took a quick shower and got dressed. I realized I could so easily wear shorts and a tank top but I needed to blend in amongst the humans. I was human but I was also a shapeshifter, and we needed to keep our secret. I threw on a white t-shirt, my favorite jeans that looked like they had survived a an attack, my pink sweatshirt and my sneakers. I walked back out to find my mom waiting by the front door, keys in hand.

“Let’s go.” she smiled and I faked one back.

We were outside and in her car before I knew. She turned on the radio and The Beatles came on and, “Hey Jude” played. My mom sang along I sat and listened looking out the window. I just zoned out watching as things became a blur.

“Leah. Leah we’re here.” my mom smiled and grabbed her purse, and pulled the keys from the ignition and was out of the car.

I climbed out and shut the door behind me. I looked around. Forks didn’t have a lot but enough to survive. “So do you want to just poke around on your own? That’s fine with me if you do.” she smiled.

“I want to venture off to a store. I will meet up with you.” I looked at her.

“Ok sweetie.” she hugged me and disappeared. I took off for the small book store in town.

I found the book store and walked in, “Hello there.” a round faced woman, with brown wavy hair that came to about her shoulders smiled at me, “If you need help finding anything please let me know.”

I smiled and poked around within the shelves. Finally I found a small section labelled Native American. I ran my finger along the bindings of the books until it stuck out Quileute Folk Lore and Legends. I pulled it out and sat down on the floor, leaning against he bookcase. I read for a little bit then came across a short folklore, “It happened long ago that Q'waeti' journeyed all over the land setting the people aright and instructing the people that would come in the future how they should act. Q'waeti' instructed the people how to build houses.

One day Q'waeti' came upon Beaver. Beaver was sharpening his stone knife, and Beaver was very stingy. Q'waeti' asked what was Beaver doing. Whereupon Beaver said: "I am sharpening my knife in order to kill Q'waeti'," said Beaver. Then Q'waeti' took what Beaver was sharpening and stuck it on Beaver's tail. Then he said: "You shall always have this stuck to your tail, and live in the water. You will just slap the water with your tail and dive when the people come."

Then one day he came upon Deer. Deer was sharpening his shell knife. Thereupon Q'waeti' asked Deer what was he sharpening it for. Whereupon Deer said: "I am going to kill Q'waeti'," said Deer. Then Q'waeti' seized the shell that Deer was sharpening. Then he stuck it on Deer's ears. He said "When you see people you shall run frightened and stop, and look back." Then Q'waeti' went on his way.

Not long afterward he reached Q'wayi't'soxk'a River. But he did not find any people. Then Q'waeti' spit on his hands and rubbed them. Doing this he rubbed off the human dead skin into the water. Thereupon many people appeared. Then Q'waeti' said to the people whom he had made: "You shall dwell here," said Q'waeti'. "Your name shall be Q'wayi't'sox (Queets.)"

Then Q'waeti' reached the Hoh people. He saw that these people walked on their hands carrying their smelt nets between their legs. At that time all the Hoh people walked on their hands. They were called the Up-side-down people. Since that time the Up-side-down people were known as the first people who had existed. Then Q'waeti' turned right side up the ones who walked on their hands. "You shall use your feet to walk," said Q'waeti' to the former Up-side-down people. "Go and fish smelt. You shall catch much fish when you fish smelt." Ever since then there is much smelt at Hoh.

Then Q'waeti' went on and reached the Quileute land. He saw two wolves. There were no people here. Then Q'waeti' transformed the wolved into people. Then he instructed the people saying: "The common man will have only one wife. Only a chief may have four or eight wives. For this reason you Quileute shall be brave, because you come from wolves," said Q'waeti'. "In every manner you shall be strong."

Then Q'waeti' reached the Ozette people (Makah.) There he saw two dogs. Then he transformed the dogs into people. Then Q'waeti' gave instructions to the people how to search around the rocks for devil-fish, and to get all kinds of sea food. Then Q'waeti' went on.

Then he came to the Neah people. He saw many people. The people did not know how to fish. So, the Neah people were hungry, about to perish. Then Q'waeti' instructed one person how they should fish. Q'waeti' instructed them how to troll when trying to fish. Ever since then there is much fish in Neah Bay. When Q'waeti' finished he said that there would be much fish at Neah Bay.

Then Q'waeti' went on setting aright and creating people, going around the land, and instructing them in what they should do in order to subsist.”

I finished the story and closed the book. The woman was right there squatting in front of me, “Jesus.” I yelled.

“Oh did I scare you? I’m sorry. You were so quiet I didn’t even know you were here.” she smiled.

I rolled my eyes holding back the urge to smack her, “Yes you did scare me. Now would you like an award?” I spoke in a sarcastic tone.

She laughed.

I looked at her, “Now if you don’t mind. I would like to get off this floor, and pay for my book.” I looked at her, and she stood back up. She quickly moved and was behind the counter at the register. I walked over to the counter setting the book down carefully. I rummaged through my bag trying to find my wallet.

“Oh Quileute Folk Lore and Legends. So you believe in this stuff?” she smiled over in enthusiastically.

I shrugged, “I don’t know. Do you?” I wanted to see her response.

“I don’t know. I often think there is magic out there. You know like the Native American’s speak about.” she smiled innocently, “I wonder if there are magical creatures like humans that can shape shift into birds, bears, and even wolves.” She looked up at me smiling.

I clenched my teeth together and tried to force a smile, “I grew up hearing the scary stories. I was raised in La Push.” I kept my eyes on the book.

“Do you believe in Vampires?” the girl asked.

I made eye contact with her, “I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

She giggled which was annoying, “I was just curious. I don’t thing they are real. How could they hide amongst humans. Plus people would notice if people were disappearing right?”

I felt my body tremble a little because I was becoming aggravated with the naive girl. “Your total is $13.95.” she smiled at me. I handed her the money and grabbed my book. “Have a good day.” she said in an all too bubbly voice.

I mumbled as I quickly left, “Yep you too.”

I got outside and told myself to relax and the trembling stopped. Then a hand gently touched my shoulder and I near jumped out of my skin. I whipped around to see Charlie,

“Hey sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” he smiled.

“Um...hi Charlie. What are you doing here.”

He pointed to his jacket with the gold badge sitting on the left side of his chest. I nodded, “Working. Fun.” he nodded, “So your mom is in town and she wanted to get lunch.”

I smiled, “Can’t wait.” meanwhile in my head I was dreading spending time with the two of them.

“Ah here she is.” he smiled and I turned to see my mom. Her once beautiful silky long black hair was now short, it was short like mine.

My jaw dropped, “Mom your hair.”

She smiled. “Thought I would join the crowd. Do you like it?”

Charlie nodded, “Sue it looks great.”

Her gaze turned to me,

“I like it.” I felt myself become nauseated.

“So lunch it is then.” Charlie wanted to get moving. I walked behind them as they talked.

The sign read Forks Coffee Shop,

“Here we are.” Charlie opened the door and held it and we walked in.

“Hi Chief Swan. How are you doing today?” an older woman called from behind the counter,

“Hi Rose. I would like you to meet my friend Sue Clearwater and her daughter Leah.”

Rose smiled and shook my mom’s hand first then mine. Once she touched my hand she felt the warmth and pulled her hand back and looked at me, “Honey you feeling ok?” she looked at me. I quickly nodded. “Ok just checking. You felt mighty warm.”

We took a seat at a booth. Charlie and my mom sat across from me. We each grabbed a menu. I just skimmed over it not being that hungry.

“So you folks know what you want?” Rose was standing there with a notepad in hand,

“I’ll have my usual Rose.” Charlie smiled and put the menu back.

“I would like a cheeseburger with, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on it.” my mom smiled.

Then Rose looked at me, “What can I get you sweetie,” at that moment I felt like I was 5 again.

“Can I just have a grilled cheese.”

She smiled, “I will be back with some coffee.”

I put my menu back along with my mom’s. Then I leaned back against the wall putting my legs up on the bench.

“Here’s the coffee.” Rose was back with a carafe and set down three mugs and some cream.

“Thank you.” my mom smiled.

Rose was back behind the counter.

“So what made you cut your hair Sue?” Charlie was curious.

“I saw Leah’s and thought it looked really good. I’ve had long hair since high school.” she smiled at me.

“Here’s your food.” Rose set down everyone’s dishes.

“Thank you Rose.” Charlie said then started on his burger.

I took a bite of my sandwich and then laid my head back.

“Hey kiddo you ok there?” Charlie asked me.

“Yeah. I will be right back I’m going to use the restroom.” I slid off the bench and disappeared.

“She’s very quiet. Everything ok?” Charlie asked my mom.

“She was quiet on the ride down.” my mom told him.

“Well I tapped her on the shoulder when I bumped into her outside the book store. She practically jumped out of her skin.” I scared her and I didn’t mean too.” he took a sip of coffee.

“She’s been reading some of her father’s book about the tribe.” my mom told Charlie.

“It’s good she’s learning about her roots.” he smiled.

Rose came over to check on the food. “How’s everyone’s food so far.” she noticed I was gone.

“Delicious, thank you.” my mom said covering her mouth being polite.

“What happened to your daughter?” she looked at the plate.

“She had to use the ladies room.” my mom took a sip of her coffee.

“I don’t think she’s feeling too good. When I shook her hand, she was burning up. Her hand felt like it was on fire.”

Charlie looked at my mom.

“I will check on her when she comes back.” my mom smiled.

“Ok. Can I get you folks anything else?” Rose asked.

“Can I have the check please?” Charlie asked and she handed it too him. He pulled out some money and handed it to her. “Thanks Rose.”

She nodded, “Anytime Chief.”

I splashed some cool water on my face and walked back out.

“Leah are you ok honey.” my mom stood up and felt my forehead and looked at me. She knew why I was so warm. “Charlie she’s got a fever.” he slid off the bench and grabbed his jacket.

“Ok let me walk you to your car.”

I leaned my head against my mom. I didn’t really have a fever but I felt crummy. He walked us back to our car. I climbed in and laid my head back.

“I will give you a call in a little bit to check on her.” Charlie smiled at my mom.

“Ok. Thank you again for lunch.” she walked around and climbed in the drivers side and we were on our way.

“What’s going on? You didn’t touch your lunch.”

I shrugged, “I’m just really tired.”

She drove along, “That woman noticed your warmth. That’s why I told Charlie you had a fever.” Thankfully my mom could cover for me.

“When we get home I’m going to lay down.”

She smiled, “That’s fine. I need to do a few things around the house anyways.”

We pulled into the driveway and were out of the car and inside. It felt so nice to be home. I went to my room and laid down and fell asleep. I dreamed for a bit about the story I read. When I woke up it was already time for dinner.

“Mom she’s awake. The snoring stopped.” Seth yelled.

Great I was snoring guess I was really tired. I made my way to the kitchen yawning.

“How was your nap?” my mom chuckled.

“Good, was I that loud?” I asked sitting down and she nodded.

We had dinner and I returned to my bed and went back to sleep for the night.

I fell asleep rather quickly but my dreams kept my brain awake. The dreams just started and didn’t stop. One of my dreams I was walking along the beach and I was pregnant. I was wearing a loose fitting white summer dress. It just barely touched the sand. My hair was long again and I was smiling. The air was warm and gently blew my hair. The sand was soft underneath my bare feet. I gently rubbed my stomach and spoke quietly. As I spoke it was the Quileute language coming out of my mouth. Then these warm safe arms embraced me from behind and gently placed their warm hands over mine,

“Hello my love.” I smiled,

“Hello. Are you done patrolling for the day?” I was turned around and I was looking at Sam. His warm brown eyes melted my heart and my stomach filled with butterflies.

Sam carefully placed his hand on my stomach, “How is my little angel doing?”

A wide smile came across my face and I gently touched my stomach. I left my finger ever so lightly glide back and forth, “She’s good. She’s been very quiet today.”

He smiled and took my hand and we started walking again. The waves softly hit the shore and the whooshing sound was relaxing. A funny feeling took over my body. I stopped walking and held onto Sam. “Leah what’s wrong.”

I cringed, “I don’t know Sam.” Then Emily was there. “Sam honey come here.”

Emily was standing on the beach pregnant. He let go of me and walked over to her. “Sam what about us, our child.”

They both looked at me. “What child are you talking about Leah. We had nothing together.”

I looked down and I was standing there in my jeans and a white t-shirt. My stomach was flat, my hair short. They walked off holding hands together. I startled awake panting and sweat covered my face. I sat up in bed and looked out the window the sun was just starting to rise.

I decided I need to clear my head. I got and took a shower and headed to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I slowly ate just looking out the window. There was a knock on the front door. I left my cereal and walked over and opened the door. “Hi Embry.”

He smiled. “Hey what’s up?”

I looked at him, “Not much on my end. Your here for some reason and let me guess a certain wolf sent you?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, sorry. Sam’s holding a meeting. We all have to be there alpha’s orders.”

I turned and headed back towards my breakfast, “You can come in.”

Embry smiled and walked in shutting the door behind him. I sat back down and looked at my cereal and pushed it away. It had become soggy and didn’t hold my interest any longer. “So what’s been going on with the pack?” I forced the enthusiasm and Embry laughed.

“Not much Sam just having us constantly patrol for the red head.”

I just rolled my eyes, “Pompous.”

Embry smirked. “You and Sam don’t get along huh?”

I nodded, “He just aggravates me. So should we go meet the pack. What about Seth?”

Embry shook his head, “Sam said to just have you come. He said Seth’s to young to start.”

I huffed and headed for the door.

We got outside and were walking along. “So how much do you know about the tribes history?” I asked Embry.

“Not a ton. I only know that my mom moved down from the Makah reservation when she was pregnant with me.”

I nodded a little, “I bought a book yesterday and it gave this folk tale of how some guy went along and changed animals into people or something like that. I’m just trying to find out more.”

Embry nodded slightly, “Sounds cool.”

We walked to the woods and met up with the others. Sam was there in the middle. On his left was Paul and Jared, on his right Jacob stood there.

“Thank you for getting her Embry. Leah.” Sam nodded.

I didn’t say anything. “So the Cullen’s have returned.” We stood there listening. “I don’t know what’s exactly going on with the red headed leech. Bella is continuing to hang around with the Cullen’s when she can.”

You could see Jacob’s teeth clench and his fist matched the move. “We’re going to need to set up patrols. You’ll be broken up into pairs, Jacob and Leah, Paul and Embry and Jared and I will how it is until further notice.”

I was so thankful I wasn’t paired with Sam. I think if I was I might throw myself off the cliffs. We were dismissed and I headed towards the beach.

“Hey Leah wait up.” Jacob called after me.

That shocked me because Jacob was younger that me. “Hey Jake.”

He smiled, “So how do you do it?” he asked.

“How do I do what?” I looked at him and then back towards the water as we walked.

“How do you do it? Knowing the person you love, is with someone you don’t think is right for them.”

I stopped and looked at him. “I don’t do it. I make it well known that I don’t like Sam nor do I care for Emily. I don’t hold anything back. Sam takes the brunt of it.”

Jacob looked at me. “Oh I see.”

I could tell something was bothering him, “Spill it what’s wrong?” I already knew what it was.

“It pisses me off seeing her with that blood sucker. He up and leaves her. She goes back to him like nothing ever happened. She only considers us friends. After everything I went through with her.”

I put a hand on Jacobs shoulder. “If it’s meant to be you’ll know.” I looked at him then this grin came across his face,

“I need to get going I have to do something. Bye Leah.” he took off sprinting.

I walked back to my home.

I got back home and the house was quiet. I sat down in the living room and turned on the tv. I started watching a movie and got rather bored with it. I flipped through the channels til I came across Girl Interrupted. It was one of my favorite movies. I sat contently watching it. Then evening came and I made something light for dinner for myself. My mom and Seth weren’t home. I enjoyed the alone time. Once I finished dinner and returned to my spot on the couch it was 8:45pm. I popped in Bell Book and Candle. It was an old movie but I loved it. I grew up watching it with my mom.

The phone rang, “Hello.” a very disappointed Jacob was on the other end,

“Hey Leah, can I come over.”

That took me back, “Um yeah sure.” His voice tainted with anguish, “Ok see you soon.” I hung up and went back to watching my movie and then there was a knock on the door, “Come in.”

Jacob opened the door and came in and sat down on the couch with me. “Leah I screwed up big time.”

I shut off the tv, “How? Jacob I don’t think you have that ability.”

He nodded, “I do. I thought the bloodsucker was keeping Bella from coming down here to La Push to see me. Her dad grounded her. I rebuilt these two motorcycles she had found. Charlie didn’t want her riding and well I brought her bike over there tonight to get her in trouble. I was hoping the bike would get her grounded from seeing the leech.” I listened, “Well she was already grounded and now I just made it even worse so I can’t see her.”

I felt bad for him. “Jake I’m sorry.”

He shrugged and stood up, “I’m gonna get going, thanks for listening, I'll see you later.” he opened the door and left. I went back to watching my movie and fell asleep on the couch.

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