English Love Affair

Maggie has a family Holiday planned, but what happens on that family holiday is unexpected. She meets a group Australian boys that at first she doesn't like, but then she feels herself falling. By the time her holiday is over she is in love.


1. waking up and driving to the airport

I woke up to my mum screaming at me from the bottom of my bed. "Get in the shower Maggie or we'll be late" my mum said while opening the blinds in my room. "Late for what mum?" I asked sounding half asleep. "Late for the minibus to take us to the airport" she said sounding a little annoyed. "So, get up" she said and then she pulled my duvet off me and I screamed as the cold hit me. I jumped up and ran down the landing into the bathroom. I got undressed and climbed into the warm shower. The shower woke me up and made me feel quite lively. I got out of the shower and ran back down the landing into my room. I quickly put my dress on that my mum had ironed for me, I put a little bit of eyeliner on and went down the stairs. As I got down stairs the phone rang, it was my nan to tell my mum that the minibus was on the way to our house. My dad opened the door and the sky was black, I quickly checked my phone for the time and it was 2:30 in the morning. "Why am I up this early?" I asked my mum, she seemed pretty annoyed at me, and just blanked me. 

My dad started to wheel the cases to the end of our garden then the minibus arrived. We got in the minibus and we headed to the airport. My nan and mum kept telling me that I have to make friends while we were in Mexico. But I kept telling them that there was no point because I would never see them after the holiday. 

I was leaning my head on the window and was listening to my iPod. My mum was talking to my Nan and auntie about how she can't wait to get to the beach, and my dad was talking to my grandad, cousin and the driver about football. When I saw some guys looking out of the window of the minibus beside us they waved at me so I waved back. Then all of them pretended to blow a kiss and me and I pretended to catch the kisses. We over took them, which was good, because even thought I acknowledged them I did't want to. 

The minibus came to a stop and while we were getting our cases out of the boot another minibus pulled up behind ours. I heard Australian accents and turned to see that it was the four boys that were in the minibus next to us while driving to the airport. I rolled my eyes and then walked into the the airport and joined the line to give my luggage in.

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