English Love Affair

Maggie has a family Holiday planned, but what happens on that family holiday is unexpected. She meets a group Australian boys that at first she doesn't like, but then she feels herself falling. By the time her holiday is over she is in love.


3. on the plane

Me and my family boarded the plane and went to find our seats. I was at the back of the plane while the rest of my family were in the middle. I got to my seat and there was nobody there, my seat was the middle one. I got all of the things I thought I might need for the flight out of my bag, such as, my iPod and earphones, my book, my blanket and my phone. I was real tiered so I decided to put my earphones in and have a nap.

"Maggie Maggie wake up Maggie" somebody was saying as they were shaking me. I opened my eyes to be greeted by two smiley faces. "Oh whats the matter Calum and Luke." I said sounding half asleep. "You need to wake up for take off." Luke said while Calum was listening to my iPod. "You have some really good songs on here. I thought you would have been all pop crazed, but your not." He looked at me and smiled. "Never judge a book by its cover Calum." 

We took off and Luke was really scared so I helped him calm down. After that Luke fell asleep and Calum was listening to my iPod, so, I snapchated my friend Hannah. Se asked me were I was and so I took a picture out of the window, getting a little bit of Calum in. She then asked me who that was in the picture so I told her the whole story about how I got to know the boys. She answered me but I couldn't answer her back because my internet connection went off. 

"You really like my iPod don't you Calum?" "Yes its so good" he said to me. "Shall we have a bit of a sing song?" I asked him and he handed me one of the earphones. He picked a song for us to sing , but half way through us singing the song the flight attendant asked us to stop singing. We looked out of the window for a little while and then watched a film. We decided to watch The Great Gatsby and of corse I cried. But he comforted me and hugged me until I stopped crying. We took selfies and just went a bit crazy. 

We calmed down after a while. "Why did you get on the plane at Manchester airport can may I ask." I was really curious to know. "Oh we went to visit our friends who we have just came off tour with." I looked at him and instantly knew who he was and where I'd seen him before. "I know  you guys, you were on tour with One Direction this year." He looked at me surprised I knew who he was. "So you went to see One Direction then?" "Yes in Liverpool, I can't believe it." we both started to laugh and just then the seat belt sign came on and in no time we were on the ground, and going to get our cases.

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