English Love Affair

Maggie has a family Holiday planned, but what happens on that family holiday is unexpected. She meets a group Australian boys that at first she doesn't like, but then she feels herself falling. By the time her holiday is over she is in love.


5. night out with the family

I got into the room and the first thing my mum said was "I see you have made a friend" I looked at her with a blank expression. "Well yes I have, four actually" my mum looked at me and smiled. "I knew you would, now go get in the shower, we're going out in a hour." I went into the bathroom, took of my make up and then hopped into the shower. I was in there for around 20 minuets because the water was coming out at the pace of a snail.

I got out of the shower and went into my room, which was only small and decorated terribly. I hadn't unpacked yet so I went through my suitcase and decided to wear the cutest little jumpsuit. It was baby blue and white striped, and when I wore it I looked like a baby. I decided to put my hair up in to two buns on the top of my head, and tie a baby blue bandanna around my head and put my make up on.

I went down to the lobby to use the wi-fi so I could tell my friends about my eventful and strange day, and shortly after my family met me in the lobby and then we went out to explore the shops and restaurants. Me and my cousin went to explore by ourselves while the rest of out family sat at a bar and socialised with other holiday makers.

After a while of exploring the huge array of shops me and ben decided to go back to the bar were we left our family. when we arrived at the bar I noticed there was an additional four people sitting at our table. As I got closer to the nine people sitting at at our table, I realised that the four strangers were not strangers, but they were Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton. 

They hadn't noticed me yet so I left Ben to go sit with everybody while I went to go to the toilet so I could touch up my make up. I re-applied some powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. After I had fixed my make up and hair I decided to go sit with the rest of the family. The toilets were shared by men and women, and while I was re-doing my beauty routine I heard somebody stepping from foot to foot just outside the toilet door. As I was opening the door my phone started to buzz with urgency and Ben's name was flashing on my phone. The phone call stopped me from noticing the tall dark figure standing in the way of the door, and it was none other than Calum. 

"Maggie is everything okay?" he asked worried. I was unable to respond as he stood in front of me with his muscles bursting out of his Green Day vest that had been ripped. It took me a moment to answer him, but when I did, it was just a simple "yes". I carried on just starring at him as we sat down with everybody.

I couldn't help but think to myself that this was going to be an eventful and memorable holiday. 




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