English Love Affair

Maggie has a family Holiday planned, but what happens on that family holiday is unexpected. She meets a group Australian boys that at first she doesn't like, but then she feels herself falling. By the time her holiday is over she is in love.


4. arriving at our hotel

We were on the coach going to our hotel for about 2 hours and we were that last ones to be dropped off. We collected out belongings from the coach and then wheeled our suitcases into the reception of the hotel. We were assigned out rooms, me, my mum and my dad were in a room together on the 1st floor. My nan, grandad, auntie and cousin were in a room on the 2nd floor together. Me and my cousin, Ben, decided to go down to the pool and have a little swim.

We went down and got a sun bed. I sun bathed while my cousin was in the pool with somebody he had just made friends with. I was reading my book when all of a sudden It got dark, somebody was blocking the sun. "Ben move out of the way of the sun." He didn't move so I put my book down to see Calum smiling down at me. I sat up to make space for him to sit down. "Would you like to go for a swim?" He asked sounding a little bit shy. "Of course I will" when I said that he had a huge smile on his face. "Ben, I'm going to the other swimming pool" I shouted to him "okay Maggie" he shouted back.

We splashed around for a while, and I  help him with his swimming. I splashed water at him and then he splashed water back at me. Then we started to play fight in the pool. I pushed him and his leg hit mine under the water, and the next minute I was on top of him. We both stood up and walked to the side of the pool, the water was up to my neck,but was only up to Calum's chest. So, he pulled me closer to him and the picked me up so my eyes were on line with his eyes. Our eyes met and we stayed there for a moment.

Then I heard "Maggie we have to go up now." It was Ben shouting me, "I have to go Calum." He lifted me up to get me out of the pool, he put me down on the side and then pulled himself out of the pool. We both hugged each other and then I went, as I was going through the door Luke, Ashton and Michael were coming out. They all said hello and I said hello back. I walked up the stairs, while Ben was talking to me, but I didn't listen to him. I was just thinking about Calum's strong arms pulling me closer to him, and how he hugged me. I could feel myself slowly falling, and I had only known him for about 24 hours.

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