English Love Affair

Maggie has a family Holiday planned, but what happens on that family holiday is unexpected. She meets a group Australian boys that at first she doesn't like, but then she feels herself falling. By the time her holiday is over she is in love.


2. around the airport

I got in the line behind my dad . "Excuse me" I heard an Australian accent behind me, and I knew that in was one of those boys. "Yes" I said turning around to see a boy just a tiny bit taller than me with curly hair and a bandanna around his head. "Sorry to bother you but is this the line you check your luggage in for Mexico?" "Yes, Ashton and cute photo by the way" I said with a smile. He turned bright red while the rest of the boys were in fits of laughter. I turned back around smiling to myself. "Aww Ashton's gone red" I heard one of them say. "Shut up now its not funny" he answered back to them sounding a little bit angry. We handed our luggage in and headed towards customs. We got through customs and then split up.

My mum, auntie and nan went to look in the small boots. My dad, grandad and cousin went to the bar to watch the sports. And I was left on my own looking in the duty free at the perfume and make-up. I bought some new liquid eyeliner and just as I was about to walk out of the duty free, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around on my heals to be looking at four boys with smiles on their faces. "Do you need something?" I asked, "we just wanted to know your name." Said a boy with a lip ring in. "My name is Maggie, whats your names." "You know my name" Said Ashton with a grin on his face. "My name in Michael" said the boy with spikey purple hair. "My name is Luke" said the boy with the lip ring. "Hi, I'm Calum" said another boy with black hair holes in his t.shirt, and was quite nice looking. "Cool, I'll have to be going now, I've got to get back to my family they'll be worried." I said and then just walked off.

I found my family sitting in Burger King talking about their seat numbers. "Maggie what seat are you in?" My cousin asked me. "36E, what seats are you all in?" I asked. "Me your nan and your grandad are in seats 19 a to b and your auntie, mum and cousin and in seats 19 d to f." "Really that's strange, but it's okay I'll sit there." We all had something to eat from Burger King, I had chicken nuggets because I don't really like burgers. As we were just coming out of Burger King our flight number was called. We all rushed to the gate so we could get on the plane first. The line went down really quickly and we were on the plan in no time.

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