Hey my name is Star i'm 15 years old and I have 2 brothers their names are Nash and Hayes we are the Grier's. Right now I'm on tour with the Magon Boys they are like my 2nd family and i think i'm in love with one of them but to be honest i cant tell who. A lot of the boys like Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carter, and Taylor Caniff are my best friends. I just hope this tour wont take to long because the more i'm around them it bring out the crazy in me like fangirl crazy. I hope you enjoy this book and DON'T COPY THIS STORY


1. Day 1


   Nash's POV

Today was the start of the Magcon Tour i was so excited i ran into Hayes room and dumped a bucket of water on to him and yelled:

" Wake up today the first day of the tour WAKE UP" i was yelling 

" I'm up i'm up" Hayes yelled and then wake into the bathroom i was sure he was getting ready because i heard the shower water running. Then i went into Star's room and did the same thing to her. 

"Nash this water is cold" she said while shivering 

"Yea it's called ice water for a reason" i said in a silly voice, then she got out of bed and started to chase me. When we got to the living room jump tackled me.

"Gotcha" she said i laughed at her and then she got off of me then we went into our rooms to get dressed and packed for the tour. When i came out my room i was wear a tee and some sweats with my phone and blue luggage bag. i went down to the living room to wait for Hayes and Star, when they came down stairs i started to laugh they were wearing the same thing and that was a blue Magcon hoodie and some grey sweats.

"What" they said at the same time 

"look at what you're wearing" i said back then we all burst out laughing and walked to the door with our bags. Hayes called for a taxi while i sent dad a text saying were heading to the air port for the first stop witch was LA.


 When we got there we saw Matthew, Cameron, Aaron, Jack and Jack, Taylor, and etc. I walked up to them and we all said hey's and hello's. I was talking to Matthew and Jack till i saw Star blushing and laughing while she was talking to Cameron. 

"Hey guys look at Star i think i just found out who she likes" i said to them 

" I have i great idea" Hayes said 

"What is it bro" Aaron asked

"i say we take that black rope over there and tie them then dump a whole bucket of ice water on them. 

"That's a great idea" we all said at the same time

 Cameron's POV

Star was so pretty i have huge crush on her i just nobody ones, just then Hayes and Carter came over to us and tied us up with a black rope i was so confused and so was Star. We tried to untangle ours but then we heard Taylor yell:

"Love birds" he yelled and then him and jack dumped a whole bucket of ice water into us. Star and i were laughing and then got free of the black rope and went into the change into the bathroom into spare clothes. 

"Flight 29 LA now boarding" We all got onto the plane and took off to LA


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