Hey my name is Star i'm 15 years old and I have 2 brothers their names are Nash and Hayes we are the Grier's. Right now I'm on tour with the Magon Boys they are like my 2nd family and i think i'm in love with one of them but to be honest i cant tell who. A lot of the boys like Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carter, and Taylor Caniff are my best friends. I just hope this tour wont take to long because the more i'm around them it bring out the crazy in me like fangirl crazy. I hope you enjoy this book and DON'T COPY THIS STORY


3. Date ?


      Cameron's POV

 Today we were going to The Morbell Center (Made up place) for are first show the guys and i were so happy that we did some weird dances, then we saw the door open and in walked in Star we all froze in place until Jack burst out laughing witch caused us to laugh with him. We all stopped dancing and talked for a while waiting for the van to pick us up. I was talking to god she was so pretty i wanted to asked her out that's what i did.

"Hey Clare do you want to go out on a date with me after the show" i asked her kinda nervously

"Yea i would love too" she replied with a big grin on her face. We stood there looking into each others eyes until Taylor called for us to get into the van, there wasn't many seats so Star  had to sit on my lap.

 Nash's POV

Before we went into the van i heard Cameron ask Star out on a date, i was happy for the both of them it's just that i her heart broken again. When we came to the Morbell Center we all came spilling out the van, but when Star came out the van i pulled her over i could talk to her.

"Hey bro what's up" she all happy 

"So you and Cameron are going on a date today" i asked her 

"So you heard" she replied back

"Look i'm happy for the both of you guys i just don't want to see my sister in tears again" 

"Hey what i had with Justin was in the past but if you want to call off the date i can do that"

"No don't call the date off i want you to be happy and i want my best friend to be happy it has been a while since i have seen Cameron smile ever him and Rose broke-up so as long as my sister is happy i'm happy" i said with a smile and then i gave Star a hug and walked into the building.


  Star's POV

 The boys put on an amazing show today i was so happy for them, we all got back into the van and went back to the hotel. Taylor Cameron and i went back into are room only because Cameron and i had a date today so i picked out my clothes witch was this

  I hung it up on the bathroom door and hopped into the shower, when i was done i got dressed into the dress in came out to use the mirror for my make-up.

"Got a hot date Star" Taylor said 

"Yes i do" i chucked at him

"And who could that be" he asked 

"That would be Taylor" Cameron said wearing some blue jeans and a black muscle shirt with so vans. I ran to the charger to get my phone and like that me and Cameron were out of the hotel, we walked around for a few and then came upon a restaurant and had dinner there.

"Wait so he dumped water on you this morning" he said while laughing 

"Yes and then he ran but i tackled just in time" i said laughing also right now we were just sharing funny moments with one another, before we went back to the hotel we stopped at the beach and sat in the sand to talk.

"Tonight was amazing Cameron" i said to him 

"i thought so too" he said as he started to lean are faces were inches away we were about to till we got interrupted head lights from a car. I thought it was Nash but it wasn't him it was my ex Justin

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