Hey my name is Star i'm 15 years old and I have 2 brothers their names are Nash and Hayes we are the Grier's. Right now I'm on tour with the Magon Boys they are like my 2nd family and i think i'm in love with one of them but to be honest i cant tell who. A lot of the boys like Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carter, and Taylor Caniff are my best friends. I just hope this tour wont take to long because the more i'm around them it bring out the crazy in me like fangirl crazy. I hope you enjoy this book and DON'T COPY THIS STORY


2. Air Plane / Hotel


      Star's POV 

  i was sill cold after that prank the guys pulled on me and Cameron, to be honest i was happy to that close to him after all i do have a huge crush on him. When we boarded he plane i was looking for my seat and when i found it was next to Cameron, i had a huge smile on my face. Before i sat down i put a bag on the self on top of us and closed the lid and sat down next to him and pulled out my phone.

"Hey Star" Cameron said 

"Hey Cameron" i said, we talk for a few then i ended up falling asleep.


  I felt a tap on my shoulder and i look to see who it was and it happened to be Hayes.

 "We are leaving to go to the hotel come on the other are waiting for us" Hayes said, I got up and got my bags and walked off the plane to see the other waiting for me.

 "Hey look its sleeping beauty" Aaron said, we all laughed at his comment and then called for a cab/taxi and went to the hotel.

  Hayes' POV

 When we got to the hotel Nash told us who we were sharing a room with.

"Ok so this is how it's going to go... Cameron,Star and Taylor are in 210 Shawn, Jack and Jack are in 211, Aaron, Matthew, Hayes, and I are in 212 handing out room keys. We went up to the rooms and put are stuff away and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

 Nash's POV

 I wasn't sure about putting Star in the same room as Cameron, like his my buddy in all it's just that something didn't feel right so before Taylor went into his room I pulled him back to talk to him.

"Hey can you keep an eye on Cameron and Star to make sure nothing goes on between them" I said

"Yea man i'll keep an eye on them for you, why is someone protecting their sister" Taylor chucked, i laughed at his comment and nodded then went into my room to relax.


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