A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


17. Under the pain.

When Bilbo had returned to his room, he didn't found Smaug as expected. He didn't go to bed either, as he were pacing around in the room. Something weren't right, he knew Smaug he had done that almost two years now.

"Think…" He mumbled to himself, he went over to a window and looked out. Seeing a few dwarves outside, he was high in Erebor. Luckily he had gotten a window in his room, maybe a lot of the rooms had no windows?

Smaug couldn't just leave, he knew that Smaug would never leave him alone.

Something must had happen, something Smaug couldn't handle himself.

It irritated him, he didn't know what he should think! Bilbo sat on the bed nearby, he tried to think of what it was Smaug could have done. He know that Smaug left, he know that since he wasn't in the dinner room with them.

Bilbo just couldn't think about for what reason, why did Smaug leave them? Leave him in fact? Was he…searching for something?

Bilbo almost felt worse now, what if Smaug really had used him? Just so he could get back to Erebor and…and what? Take it back? Take the Arkenstone?


He had the Arkenstone, surely Smaug didn't knew but… was it still because he wanted Erebor back?

The hobbit were utterly confused even for his own thoughts, there was so many reasons Smaug just could had gone. Yet, he made out a test.

Smaug couldn't write, even not when he had tried to teach him. If there would show up a note 'from' Smaug, he would know something had happened to Smaug.

Even the thought about, that Thorin maybe had done something to him. It was horrible, if he had, he wasn't sure what he should say.

The Halfling looked up, as he heard a knocking on the door.

"Come in." he called, as he stood from the bed himself.

Thorin entered the room, he gave a small smile at Bilbo before he closed the door behind him.

"You look frustrated, is there something the matter, Bilbo?" Thorin asked, his hands had been folded together behind his back as he watched the Halfling, almost studied him for a while.

"I am, thinking." Bilbo mumbled, he turned a bit away from Thorin and had walked to the window, his arms fold against his chest. "Something just don't make sense for me, but it doesn't matter to ask into it." Bilbo explained.

"I believe not, I came here to hand this. Even though, I am surprised over it." Thorin said, as he stood behind the Halfling and held out an envelope.

Bilbo looked at the envelope, he hold his breath for a moment as he took it from Thorin.

He could see Thorin were waiting for him to read it, almost like an excited little child.

He cleared his throat, opened the envelope and took out a letter.

Dear Bilbo.

Forgive me for leaving you, but I cannot stay around Erebor. My deep respect for Oakenshield has changed, a dragon shouldn't be in Erebor now that the king is back.
Do take care, Bilbo, since I won't be returning. You are safer in their care.


Bilbo clung his hand a bit at the letter, right, something had happened then.

"Where….did you find this, Thorin?" Bilbo asked, as he fold the letter and wrapped his arm around his waist while he looked at the king under the mountain.

"A guard handed it to me, he found it outside when they searched for Smaug." Thorin answered him. "Something the matter?" He asked, as he studied the Halfling for a while.

"Yes, something is the matter." Bilbo said, as he held the letter over to Thorin. "Smaug cannot write, he don't know our language in the skill of a hand writer." He said, as he narrowed his eyes slightly at Thorin.

"Where. Is. He?" He asked, rather dangerous.

"So the Burglar were sneaky enough to lay out a plan, I should have known." Thorin said, as he grabbed the letter from Bilbo. "I thought at least you would stay around for a long time, there was a reason I gave you The Arkenstone, Bilbo." Thorin said, as his eyes were on the Halfling.

He ripped the letter apart, throwing it over to the fireplace nearby so the letter would burn up.

"I can tell by now, it was not out of friendly mind or a small thing for helping you get Erebor back." Bilbo said, he had taken a few steps backward while he fiddled a bit with the Arkenstone around his neck. He managed to get it off him, but Thorin grabbed his wrist a bit painful.

"Thorin!" Bilbo said with a pain voice, as he tried to make him let go.

"You belong to me, Burglar. I gave you the heart of Erebor, it means you accepted the request of becoming mine as soon you would be here. There is no way back, unless you want your little pet dragon to be killed." Thorin said, his voice weren't pleasant to hear at all.

It was like someone stabbed Bilbo's heart, the way Thorin spoke and showed a whole new side of him.

He was afraid…

"T-Thorin…L-Let go of me…" Bilbo whispered weakly, as he didn't dare to fight against the dwarf.

"I will not, because you are mine now, Bilbo." Thorin said with a small growl, he had pushed Bilbo over on the bed. The Arkenstone in the necklace fell on the ground with a loud noise, it still had been heavy even to think about it was cut down to fit in a necklace.

"Thorin!" Bilbo squeaked, he had tried to crawl away from Thorin on the bed. Thorin had grabbed Bilbo, he had pinned the Halfling in the bed with his wrists above his head.

It sat a shock in Bilbo, how Thorin could act like this towards him.

"Thorin! Let me go!" Bilbo cried out, he had tried to kick Thorin away. He just wasn't strong enough as the dwarf were.

He was always the weakling….

The hobbit shut everything out of his mind, as soon he had heard and felt his clothes being ripped apart.

He didn't want to think….

He didn't want to feel….

He just wanted Smaug to be here….

Where was he?

The humanoid dragon, who promised to protect him.

Where was he?

He couldn't believe Smaug just would walk away, beside the note that Thorin tried to give him, pretending it should be from Smaug. It told another thing too, Smaug must be in danger himself.

Bilbo blinked a few times, his body felt heat but also in pain too. He felt his wrists had been tied together and hanged above his head, they were tied to the headboard.

The Halfling let out a cry, while his hair were grabbed tightly and forced up.

"If you ever wish your precious dragon to be alive, you better do as I am telling you, Burglar. One wrong thing, the dragon will be dead, understood?" Thorin's voice came in a low commanding voice, it was hard as stone to hear Thorin like that.

The Halfling made a weak node, but a word never escaped his lips.

The bed went lighter, as Thorin had gotten off. He heard the footsteps went away from the bed, the door opened and closed again even a smaller clicking noise told it would be locked. The footsteps faded, Thorin was gone for now.


~Weeks later~


It was almost a habit now, Bilbo couldn't handle but obey whatever Thorin's wishes might be to him. He was used on different ways, mostly to please Thorin, but also to listening about how he could slaughter Smaug so easily.

He couldn't do anything but obey, he didn't want Smaug dead. He didn't want to make the humanoid dragon in pain, not as Bilbo were in pain right now. He couldn't make his dragon in pain like that, it wouldn't be the same thing.

The Halfling had been laying in the same bed for days, he could hardly move that much more since his muscles ached too much for him to get out from the bed.

It had only been Thorin who entered and exited the room, he never heard from the other dwarves, did they even know?

Bilbo opened his eyes halfway, he looked over at the door as he heard someone tried to get through.

"Lad? Are you in there?" Balin's voice called out.


The Halfling's heart skipped a beat, Balin stood outside the door. If he just could make a loud enough noise, a yelp of begging to get him out from the room, then he could-

"Balin? Haven't I told you shouldn't be up here?" Thorin's voice were the next one to be heard.

No! No! No!

"B-Balin…." The Halfling tried to call out, his hand reached toward the door, but he know he couldn't reach it since he was on the bed.

"It's been weeks, Thorin, since I have seeing Bilbo. He might be sick, but don't you think it's time for him to get a walk outside? No one can be kept into a room for that long, let him get some air." Balin's voice spoke.

"Balin…Balin…" Bilbo's small calls weren't loud enough for the elder dwarf to hear.

"The hobbit cannot get out from bed, he isn't that strong enough to leave it just yet, Balin. He needs the sleep that he can have, he need the energy. "Thorin explained.

"If you are certain, Thorin. I will make one of our chiefs to make a proper soup for him, he still needs the energy from the food." Balin said, the sound of him walking away made Bilbo's fear grow.

"Balin…" he tried again, he tried to get out from the bed, using all the powers he had in his body.

"Balin…Balin….BALIN!" his call got louder, in the end he had shouted Balin's name. The mix of fear and sadness were in his call, he had wished the dwarf had heard him.

The Halfling fell on the ground, the sheets from the bed tangled around him. He could feel the pain shooting through his body like a lightning strike, it was horrible. He could only think about passing out, but he wanted to be safe.

He wanted to be safe…

He wanted to get away…

He wanted…



The call of his name were in echo, he could barely hear the banging on the door. He couldn't stay awake that much longer, his eye sight went blurry.

He could only see Balin burst through the door along with two other dwarves, the shock and horror in their face spoke to how his state had been in.

Darkness surrounded him and swallowed him in nothingness.

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