A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


2. The winning bet.

Balin and the other dwarves had heard and felt the rumbling, Balin had told Thorin they should get down to Bilbo, they still wanted him to be alive. They also had their promise to Gandalf, their hobbit should return home, safe and sound.

That's why Thorin ran in there, that's why he had a sword in his hand while he ran as fast as he could through the hallway. He soon got out to the spot where he could see all the golden treasures, it made him stop, his sword held down at his side while his eyes scanned all the gold. Took in the sight of all the treasures there lied in piles of coins.

This was his home, Erebor where he had grown up. He lifted his sword the moment he heard someone running up at the stairs, he let out a relief sigh as he saw it were Bilbo.

"Burglar, you are alive! Did you find the Arkenstone?" Thorin asked, his eyes were locked with the Halfling for a short moment, as he held his sword down again.

Bilbo cleared his throat, he looked at Thorin, before his eyes looked over the treasure in the mountain.

"The dragon is coming…" He said, as he looked back at Thorin. "Let's get out from here, Thorin. Smaug is awake, he isn't very happy." Bilbo said, as he walked toward the exit.

Bilbo then gasp, as Thorin held his sword across the doorway so Bilbo couldn't leave. It slowly moved, so it were almost touching Bilbo's chest.

No…Thorin he…he couldn't.

"Thorin…." He said, as he stepped back, his eyes were on the sword. He could only feel the sharp end being held to his chest, his eyes then looked up on Thorin. He could see it, Thorin weren't himself, and he wasn't the Thorin he had known through this journey.

"You go back, find the Arkenstone and return again here Burglar." Thorin said with a tone, he haven't heard before. Smaug was right, Thorin…only used him…

Bilbo cleared his throat again, he looked at Thorin, almost with a bagging face. He only felt the sharp end of Thorin's sword were pressed a bit harder to his chest. Bilbo were on the edge of the stairs, one more step and he do fell down in the piles of coins.

"T-Thorin please, the dragon is here. H-he wants to kill all of us, he smelled all of you on me. We need to ge-"

"I don't walk away from this place without the Arkenstone, Burglar!" Thorin snapped at the Halfling, Bilbo could easy hear and see Thorin weren't himself. His mind slowly remembered that night in Riverdell, Gandalf and Elrond had talked about Thorin's family.

A gold sickness between them, they won't care for those around them, only the gold in piles.

"Thorin, you aren't yourself. Think about the others, think about yourself!" Bilbo said, his hand tried to get a hold on Thorin's sword. He felt a push, Bilbo yelped as he fell down in the coins a bit hard. He let out a whine, as the wound from earlier jolt at his side.

"Find it! You need to do it, we had an agreement!" Thorin told him, his sword still ready to fight if he needed to.

Bilbo looked shaken, he didn't thought Thorin would turn like this, to an evil greedy dwarf. He looked down, he let out another painful whine, as he felt something were wrong.

The coins moved, the loud rumbling could be heard. Bilbo looked up, he saw Smaug slightly got near with a loud growling.

"I said I did smell them around, Barrel Rider." Smaug growled, his eyes locked on Thorin who had stepped away. His sword still firmly in his grab, as he looked up at the giant dragon.

Bilbo clung his hand at a few coins, he kept his hand at his side. He started to have a bit trouble to breathe, maybe some of his ribs had been pushed against his lung?

The sound of other dwarves shouting, as they had been running in at Thorin's side. The giant dragon only let out a deeper growl, Smaug hold his claws against a wall. He took a deep breath, his stomach glowed a dangerous lava color.

"RUN!" Bilbo heard Balin call out, Bilbo held his hands over his head. The feeling of hot flames wave above him. He weren't hit thought, but the feeling of them so close were almost just as worst.


Smaug had killed them now, right?

"Barrel Rider…" Smaug's voice got closer, he could feel a claw had been on his side. Not that it harmed, but he were pushed on his back.

"Look like you lost your bet, you even took damage by doing it." He spoke, however, Bilbo's sight started to be blurry. He tried to breathe, he tried to get proper air in his lungs. He only saw the world around him blurry, vanish as the darkness took him.

He know that the dwarves where dead, no one could survive such dangerous flames.

Smaug had only changed his form to the humanoid dragon, he had been at Bilbo's side and looked over the Halfling. He was in pain indeed, but it was nothing that Smaug couldn't make better. He was a dragon after all, they had power to heal and power to kill.


~Outside Erebor~


The Dwarves weren't dead, well not now at least. Only a few of them had some burn marks or some of their clothes were burned up, it was a better thing than die into the dragon's flames.

They couldn't get back, the dragon had made sure for that when he blast his flames after them. Even to lock the entrance with a stone they weren't able to move, nor smash down. They didn't have the tools, it would even take weeks if not months to try and get the proper tools for it.

"Great, our lad is in there with the Dragon." Balin said, he had looked at the others, but the one he most looked at were Thorin.

"What happen in there, Thorin? I thought Bilbo were at your side." He told him.

"That Burglar jumped down to find the Arkenstone, I told him to come with me." Thorin said, his eyes were on the secret passage to Erebor.

"I can tell that's not even a true story from you, Thorin." Balin said low, his eyes too went to the secret passage.

"Bilbo's courage is strong, he have proven a lot under this journey. He had always surprised me of the courage of hobbits." Balin told them, as he looked at the rest of the dwarves.

"Poor Bilbo, he will need to hide the rest of his life, if not Smaug get a hold on him first." Ori said, he had been sitting against the mountain wall as he looked up on the night sky.

"We need to get him out from there, he can't be trapped with Smaug in there. The Dragon will tear him apart, if not eat him." Balin told them, he had looked at the dwarves with a bit hope in his eyes.

"Are you afraid?" Thorin asked, his gaze had been up on the sky.

"Yes am afraid, I fear for you, Thorin. A sickness lies upon that treasure, a sickness who drawn your grandfather mad." Balin said, his voice had been a bit in anger.

"I'm not like my grandfather…" Thorin said, his gaze went away from Balin.

"Well you are not yourself, the Thorin I know, wouldn't hesitate about getting in there-"

"I will not risk this quest for the life of one….Burglar." Thorin interrupt Balin, he had looked a bit angry, his hands turned into fist while he looked over the hills and small mountains around them.

"Bilbo…" Balin said, as he looked at Thorin with a bit disappointed look, even the others had looked at Thorin, shocked over to hear him speak like that.

"His name is Bilbo." Balin said, his voice now sounded disappointed at Thorin's way to mention Bilbo.

He could already guess the reason behind, Thorin was the one to see the gold, now the sickness had lied upon him now.

This won't be easy, special not to get Bilbo out alive.

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