A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


20. The missing piece in his heart.


~A year after~


The young hobbit watched his uncle sitting outside the front garden, a pipe in his hand and his other arm were wrapped around his waist. It was one of those days again, that his uncle were thinking back.

Frodo do wished he could have done something, but his uncle had told he were too young to understand what there had happened. Even though, Frodo do understood what happened. He was sad too, but he know it hit his uncle harder than anything.

The young hobbit slowly moved out from his uncles house, he got over beside his uncle on the bench were he nuzzled him closer into Bilbo's side.

He felt comfortable the moment Bilbo held his arm around Frodo's shoulders, holding the young hobbit closer to him.

"You okay, uncle?" Frodo asked, as he rested his head against Bilbo's side. He watched three grey smoke rings flying away from Bilbo, his uncle had always been good at making them.

"Of course I am, Frodo. I just wanted to sit a bit alone, but neither do I mind that you joined me." Bilbo answered, as he patted Frodo's back softly.

"You remembering, don't you uncle?" Frodo asked, his gaze went up to Bilbo. Seeing he had turned the pipe off, since he had been finished with it.

"How can I forget? But it's not like I'm sad anymore, Frodo. He promised he will be fine, you should know that." The elder hobbit said, as he smiled a bit at Frodo.

The young hobbit nodded kindly, he looked over Hobbiton for a while, before he slowly got down from the bench again. "I will see to the others, can I?" Frodo asked, the young hobbit chuckled lightly, as Bilbo had ruffled his hair lightly.

"Of course, just remember to be back before dinner." Bilbo reminded his nephew.

"Of course, uncle!" Frodo said with a soft smile, as he slowly ran off so he could get down to the other kids.

Bilbo looked after his nephew, seeing he were running down to the other kids by the small lake.

He sighed lightly, his smile faded while he stood from the bench. He packed his pipe away as soon he had been inside his little hobbit home. His eyes were on his desk, with any sort of work on top at it. Drawings, maps, letters, everything that he had been giving for a year ago, yet they haven't moved an inch.

Bilbo slowly walked over to his desk, the unopened letters were in a stack, all the handwritings were familiar, from Gandalf to Balin, Kili and Fili. Bilbo closed his eyes for a moment, he slowly sat down on his chair and took the first letter in his hand.

He couldn't believe he was going to read them, after last year, he had promised himself not to open them at all. Even so, inside he felt he needed to do so, because he owned them that little.

Bilbo had his eyes closed for a moment, he had opened the first letter, which was from Kili. As he opened his eyes again, he looked down at the handwriting were he started to read.



I am terrible sorry over to hear your lost, you don't know how much we wanted to help out. Even so, Erebor is far away from the shire and Balin wouldn't allow me to go since I am the next in line for being king under the mountain.

I hope you will reply back, even if you don't want to hear from us again. After all, it's our fault what have happened to you the last past years. I just hope you know, that even when it hurts right now, we all want to be there for you Bilbo.

Don't let the sadness get to you, you got friends around you too.




Bilbo held the letter away from him, he fold it and sat it to the side. He ran a hand through his hair, already feeling his chest getting tight.

After a moment, he took the next letter in the stack. He opened it and unfold it to read it.



My condolences on your lost, I had never wished for you to end with such a huge lost like that. It were never in my mind that you should go through a lot of things like that, I regret on having you to go on Thorin Oakenshields quest. I should have known better, the only thing I can do, is to look after you and your nephew Frodo.




Like the last letter, Bilbo held it aside on top at Kili's letter. Why did they need to apologize about what happened? It wasn't like they could have done anything, no one could…

The hobbit took a deep breath, he with a shakily hand grabbed another letter, seeing it was from Fili. He didn't really want to read it, he already knew what it was about. Even so, Bilbo opened the letter as he scanned over it.

It was as he had expected, same words like the brother. Only apologizing about what happened a year ago, why did they need to torture him with it? As if he weren't blaming himself already.

Bilbo held had enough, he knew he shouldn't have read them from the start. Angry, broken and sadness ran through his veins. He threw his things down from the desk, as he held his arms on top at it, his head hiding slightly into his arms.

He shook lightly in his body, fresh tears ran down from his eyes.


Why did it need to happen?

Why were he left alone again?

Why should he…be gone?

All the questions ran through his head, but he always ended with the same answer.

Because he love you.



That was more the answer, he loved him. He doesn't do that any longer, how could he?

The hobbit let a sob escape his throat, he sat on his chair all curled together. He couldn't handle it, the thoughts and the memories.

He had slowly cried himself into a soft and uncomfortable sleep, all while his mind remembered back on the day.


~Memory for a year ago~


"I just want to get my wings out flying, don't blame me for not stretching them enough last time." Smaug said, as he stood in the doorway to the hobbit hole.

"I just want you to be careful, you know the warning Balin, Kili and Fili came with last month." Bilbo replied, as he looked down at the floor. "I don't-"

He were interrupt by a soft hand under his chin, his head were lifted as he were looking up into Smaug's eyes. Those beautiful, flaming and soft eyes he could dream himself away into.

"I know, you won't be able to lose me." Smaug whispered, as he leaned down over his little mate and pressed a soft kiss against Bilbo's forehead.

"I'm just afraid I will, promise me…you won't leave me alone." Bilbo whispered, as he looked a bit down, his arms slowly wrapped around Smaug's waist as he hugged him closer to the humanoid dragon.

Smaug had let his arms get around Bilbo, he swayed them gently back and forth, as his hand ran through Bilbo's hair. "I promise, my little treasure. I won't let you be alone, I wish to protect you." He whispered, while he rested his chin on top at Bilbo's head.

"Just take care, I don't want you to get damaged like the other times. You already had a broken wing, I can't keep healing them like before. I am out of healing flowers in the garden, those who were most effective on you." The hobbit explained, as he gently pulled back again from Smaug.

"I know, last time were more than enough. Just have a good time with Frodo, I am certain he would love a time down at the market." Smaug said softly, as he were smiling softly at Bilbo.

"Right, he have begged me to take him down there for a long time now, even so, I don't know if he is ready yet." Bilbo mumbled, while he fold his arms around his waist, he looked thoughtful, after all his nephew were a little shy when he met people.

At least not any longer, since he had been able to be around Smaug.

"Just take him down there, let him play with the other youths, I am certain he will enjoy it. It might even give some good social life for him in the future you see." Smaug whispered, while he ran his hand under Bilbo's chin again, slightly teasing the hobbit's skin a bit.

"Alright, I will take him to the market, but you will owe me something tonight." Bilbo said, as he smirked slightly up at the humanoid dragon. Maybe they could have a good time again with each other, at least when Frodo was asleep.

They had almost been caught last time, while they were trying to have intends moment with each other.

At least Smaug's tail had been able to hide them both, well enough to hide that they were naked and Smaug already had been inside Bilbo on that point.

No youth hobbit should be able to know what adults were doing with each other, at least not until they are in age of it.

"I think I owe you a lot, even so I miss your time in the bed with each other. It's been…" Smaug leaned a bit down against Bilbo, capturing his lips into his own. He hold the hobbit closer to his firm and strong chest, feeling how the Halfling were holding around his neck. He broke the kiss after a moment, smiling down at his beautiful treasure. "a long time since we last have been with each other." He finished his sentence

Smaug gently ran his hand through Bilbo's hair, he let go at his Halfling before he moved over to the doorway again.

"Take care." Bilbo said, as he followed Smaug with his eyes.

"I always do…don't worry." Smaug said, as he smiled at Bilbo. As soon the humanoid dragon were outside, he had spread out his wings and took off to the big hill around half a mile away. A place he could change into his large dragon form, to spread out his huge wings.

Bilbo were left behind, only hearing how Smaug left the hobbit hole. Bilbo sighed right after, as he looked toward Frodo's room.

He could just take Frodo down to the market, if the young hobbit didn't like it, they could always return home again.

It was a couple of hours that Bilbo and Frodo spent down at the market, surprisingly, Bilbo have never though that Frodo would join in the other kids playing. He had thought Frodo wanted to be alone, or be scared of being around the others because he weren't used to it.

He had been wrong, so…Smaug had been right. Frodo might just needed some friends around Hobbiton, well he didn't thought that Frodo would turn into him.

Being a loner from child at, never got to play with any other youths.

No, Bilbo's life had been with his nose into different books, he was a bookworm after all.

The hobbit smiled a bit, while he looked at the kids. He saw that Frodo were playing with Samwise Gardner, nice kid after what Bilbo have heard.

His smile soon vanished, as he heard a female hobbit scream out for her dear life. He got up fast, looking over at the direction it came from.

Bilbo's eyes wide, seeing that a couple of Orc's with huge Wargs had been into Hobbiton.

"Frodo!" Bilbo shouted, as he ran toward his nephew and grabbed him by his shoulder to get him back. "Run up to our home!" Bilbo ordered, as he looked back at his nephew.

"B-But uncle, what about yo-"

"Just do as I say! Run up to our house!" Bilbo demanded with a bit harder voice this time. He saw his nephew made a nod, as he grabbed a few of his new friends to get them safe.

Brave little hobbit, already from age.

Bilbo's attention turned again toward the Orc's, seeing that they slayed a few hobbits. It hurts, seeing that they were slaughtered in front at everyone.

Out of reaction, Bilbo grabbed a large stick, one there simply were used to get the sheep's to walk along.

As soon a Warg with an Orc on top at it came near him, Bilbo swung the stick, knocking the Warg down and the Orc too.

His heart were beating fast, he haven't done this for a couple of months. He could see a few dwarves showing up soon after, they were capturing a few hobbits. Holding them as hostages, while they needed to…to find the dragon.

Bilbo were suddenly knocked away, he landed on the ground at his side, and the stick broke in two. He could feel a small pain at his arm, a long cut were against his left shoulder. The fresh blood slowly ran down into his clothes, soaking it lightly.

As the hobbit looked up, he could see the Orc in front at him holding an Axe high above his head, letting a battle cry out. He swung it fast down toward Bilbo.

Bilbo curled him together, trying to hold his hands up to weak the attack.

An attack there never got on him.

Bilbo opened his eyes, he looked a bit up and saw the familiar dragon tail in front at him. The Axe sat deep down in the tail, while it removed fat again and grab around the Orc, throwing it fast away from Bilbo.

"Get safe! Now!" Smaug roared out to the others, as he were into his giant dragon form. He inhaled a deep breath, as he spat fire against a few Wargs, luckily he didn't hit anything from the town, only a bit of fence toward the smaller lake.

Bilbo got on his feet, he needed to get up and make sure that Frodo were safe in the house.

He knew Smaug would take care of them, but inside he wanted to get in battle and fight by Smaug's side.

The hobbit ran up to his home, getting inside and ready to grab his sword Sting.

As soon he had been able to get it, he heard a cry from his nephew and a voice from Samwise.

"Let him go! You big fool!"

Bilbo's heart almost skipped a beat, hearing Frodo's cries for help and Samwise brave voice to try and safe him.

Bilbo started to run, through the home until he saw what he feared.

Frodo were in the hold, of an Orc's arms, a sword against his throat while the young hobbit were crying out for his uncle.

"Let him go!" Bilbo managed to find his voice, as he hold his Sting toward the Orc. He could only see a smirk from the Orc, who held the sharp sword closer to Frodo's throat.

"I mean it! Let him go! I will…stab you!" Bilbo threated, his voice almost broke when Frodo cried out for him again.

He started to shake, he couldn't let his nephew get hurt, not like he had been hurt before in time.

"Drop…your…sword." The Orc spoke, as he kept a firm grab on Frodo. "Now." He demanded, as he pressed the sharp blade harder against Frodo's neck, leaving a small cut, as blood slowly appeared.

"Fine! See!" Bilbo said, as he let go at the sword, he even hold his hands up to show he have no weapons on him.

"Let him go! Now! " Bilbo demanded him, as he saw Frodo were crying out for him by now.

The hobbit's head turned, as he heard a loud roaring outside. The Orc let go at Frodo, letting the young hobbit fall to the ground.

"Frodo!" Bilbo rushed over to his nephew and held him into his arms, he felt how Frodo clung him into his chest.

"It's alright, you are safe." Bilbo whispered, as he had seeing the Orc vanished outside to the loud roaring.

Bilbo held Frodo with him, telling Samwise to follow along. He sat them both into his and Smaug's bedroom, telling them not to get out before he returned again toward the front door, his sword Sting tight into his hand, as he were getting outside.

He stopped halfway on his tracks, an Orc had been right nearby and swung out for Bilbo.

The hobbit blocked it, using his strength to get the Orc away and stabbed him through his chest, before he kicked the Orc's body away from him.

He wasn't able to see what happened, but he knew one thing. Smaug weren't into his Dragon form anymore, something had been cast upon him to make him loose the focus on being into the form.

Dark Magic?

He had heard a story from Gandalf, that few objects in the world could have a dark magical power within them, which could be a curse of something important for those who wear it.

"SMAUG!" Bilbo shouted, seeing he had been on the ground and under a web.

He tried to get over to Smaug, a few Dwarves and Orc's got in his way as he watched that another Dwarf got near Smaug, a big sword into his hand while he stepped on Smaug's tail.

"No, no, no, no!" Bilbo begged, as he tried to fight off those who was around him. They blocked his view on what was happening, he couldn't see. He needed to!

"SMAUG!" He shouted out again, he blocked another attack from a Dwarf's hammer. Another attack blocked from an Orc's Axe, while he tried to make his way through them.

His blood suddenly turned cold, the sound of a painful roar echoed through the hills around them.

"Move back! We are finished here!" A dwarf called out for the others, Bilbo only felt a hard knock against his stomach. He lost his sword, dropped onto his knees as he clung his stomach.

The Orc's and Dwarves were getting back, they got onto the Wargs that weren't dead in the battle held upon Hobbiton.

Bilbo gasp of his breath, he turned his head up to look after Smaug. Seeing the familiar tail were nearby.

"S-Smaug…" he whispered, as he managed to get on his feet, only to stumble down again and be on his knees.

He can't be, he won't allow it!

The hobbit used a lot of his powers, getting on his feet he went near Smaug.

The horror soon met him, Smaug laid on the grass, a sword sticking out from his chest, right were his heart was.

"No…No…Please." Bilbo whispered, he fell on his knees beside Smaug, as he hold his hands on Smaug's chest.

"S-Smaug..Please wake up. " He whispered, as he felt fresh tears slowly dripping down along his cheeks. Bilbo got behind Smaug's head, held it into his hands and rested Smaug's head into his thighs.

"P-Please, don't leave me…you promised…" Bilbo whispered, as he stroked his thumbs along Smaug's cheeks.

"You promised…" he whispered heartbroken.

He saw no movements from Smaug, no breath, nothing at all.

The hobbit bent his head slightly, he kept Smaug's head close to his thighs as he cried upon the humanoid Dragon.

Smaug left him…

He was gone, he turned away from his promise.



Bilbo's head turned up, seeing his nephew stood a few meters away.

N-No…not Frodo, everyone else than Frodo.

He could see his nephew having tears down at his cheeks, seeing Smaug laid dead upon the green and slightly red grass by now.

Bilbo softly laid Smaug's head down, as he got on his feet. He couldn't handle the tears there fell from his cheeks, but he got over to Frodo and held him to his chest.

"Don't watch, please don't watch Frodo." He whispered, he felt the young hobbit clung his arms around Bilbo. The silence sobs escaped the young hobbit, as he hold onto Bilbo with his dear life.

Bilbo couldn't handle it, he couldn't turn back and look at Smaug's dead body. It would only break him farther, so he slowly picked his nephew up, holding him close into his arms, while he returned up to his hobbit hole.

In the distance right before he had gone inside, he saw the grey hat from the wizard he know so good.


They shared one single look, their eyes met and Gandalf knew by then what had happened.

Bilbo turned away, he got inside with Frodo in his arms and closed the door behind him. He couldn't take this, he had lost the only one who dared love him. The only…one who understood him, who didn't blame him or wanted him to be alone.

Now…he was alone, he was going to watch Frodo grow old all by himself.

He know, that Smaug only wanted the best for them both.


~End of memory. ~


Bilbo opened his eyes slightly, feeling his head were arching lightly. Even now, when he remembered back, it gave him such a huge headache.

He wiped his face a bit, as he slowly stood from his chair. He had walked only a step away from his desk, until he had kicked to something.

His gaze turned down, seeing a bit thick envelope at his feet. He recognized the handwriting, seeing it was Gandalf's.

He noticed a bit of the letters, showing a few small words.

May only be opened at The Shire's Summer Market day.

Bilbo slowly picked it up, he held the envelope closer to him, as he looked at it.

Why was it important that it may only be opened on that special day? Was it…because it was the day Smaug…passed?

Bilbo sighed right after, he slowly walked away from his desk, even the messy floor by now. He could open it tonight, even so, it would be the same time he would visit the spot Gandalf had buried Smaug.

It was a couple of hours later that Frodo had returned home. Safe and sound like always, as Frodo had promised him.

He smiled a bit, as the young hobbit had fallen asleep after a while, he didn't even eat dinner, so it must be a sign to that Frodo had been playing well with the other kids.

When Bilbo had gotten his nephew to his room, he had tugged his nephew into a blanket, as he sat by his side for a while. Only watching his Frodo being asleep for a couple of minutes, Bilbo's hand then ran through Frodo's curly hair.

"Sleep well, lad." He whispered, as he stood from the bed very slightly.

After being certain that Frodo were fully asleep, Bilbo held his red jacket on. The same Jacket he had worn under the quest, under the way home again with Smaug.

It had a few tearing's, a few damage parts, but he always saved it. At least for the days he would visit Smaug's grave, he know it was not normal for a Hobbit to have a grave for someone, but Smaug deserved one. A spot he had loved around here, on top at the hill they always had a lunch or dinner with each other.

Bilbo slowly went out from his home, he had made a slow walk toward the hill. Soon being able to see the stone with Smaug's name on.

He sat in front at it, his feet curled down underneath him, as he were looking at the stone. He could feel a few tears were showing up behind his eyes, he wipe them slightly as he sniffed a bit.

He always spent an hour here, leaning against the stone, mumbling things to it as if Smaug would hear him from the other side.

Bilbo leaned his back against the stone, his gaze were on the small part of Hobbiton that he just could spot over a bit of the hill.

He held his hand into his pocket, taking out the envelope Gandalf had wrote to him.

He know it was The Shire's Summer Market day today, but then again. He couldn't handle but think what Gandalf wanted him, why he haven't seen this before now. He was curious…

Bilbo gently opened the letter, he unfold the letter and slowly started to read.


My dearest Bilbo Baggins.

My last letter weren't that good, I will admit that for myself. The reason to I wrote this letter, short time after I sent you the last one. Is because I have a bit of a surprise for you, but it can only be on Shire's Summer Markets day you can be able to see it.

Right now, I assume you might be sitting on his grave. Am I correct? Of course I know you can't answer, but I know you might will be nodding by this part.

Did you ever notice Smaug's letter's on the stone? How they were carved into it the stone? Let me get you in a little secret, my dear friend.

When you went away with little Frodo in your arms, I went to check on Smaug. Of course, as assumed he was dead. I will not make you farther sad by conforming what you already know.

There is a trick between Wizards and Dragons, we got special powers, especially with the healing and life magic.

By the sunset, to this day. There will go a year, it means that when you read this letter. The year have passed. I will be honest with you, I didn't buried Smaug were the stone is placed.

Do forgive me Bilbo.

Instead, you need to look deep into the forest behind you.

I would be glad if you would be doing that, as the sunset is going farther down behind the hill.



May your days be better, even the good mornings no matter how you speak those words.


Odd, he found the letter very odd!

"Thanks for nothing, stupid wizard." He said, as he curled the letter and threw it away from him.

None of it made sense, even so, the wizard admitted he haven't buried Smaug. For what reason? Did he puff? End up in smoke?

Bilbo fold his knees against his chest, he closed his eyes while he rested his head on top at his knees.

The sunset had barely been left on the sky, as the night slowly appeared above him. Bilbo clung his knees to his chest, silent sobs escaped him.

It was all his fault…

Everything were his fault, even those Hobbit's who died too.

As he sat there against the stone, he didn't heard or paid attention to the forest behind him.

The moon were slowly appearing at the sky, the clouds were gone so it were a moonlight night.

Bilbo slowly lifted his head a bit, he wiped his eyes before he hugged his knees close to him again. As his eyes were on the grass, he saw a tall shadow were over him.

Bilbo's eyes wide, he know the shadow, he always saw it when he were in a cave while Smaug were…watching out for him.

He slowly stood from the ground, looking at the shadow carefully before he turned around.

A small tear ran down at his cheek, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips before he walked closer to the tall figure behind him. He wrapped his arms around the other's waist, hugging him close, as he let a happily sob escape his throat.

He felt strong arms around him, Bilbo were pulled into a firm and muscular chest. He knew it so well, the scent were the same like always and the tail, slowly wrapped around his ankle.

"Y-You came back…" He whispered, as he clung him into the Humanoid Dragon's form.

The wings from the humanoid Dragon slowly wrapped around them both, all while Smaug sat down on the ground with Bilbo close to his chest.

"Like I promised…." Smaug whispered, while he kept his precious treasure close to his chest.

Bilbo closed his eyes, his arms got around Smaug's neck instead as he hold him close to the humanoid dragon.

The letter made sense now, for those words that Gandalf wrote down.

He couldn't be more grateful, his lover were back again.

It only took minutes for Bilbo to be calm enough, he had slowly fallen asleep against Smaug's chest.

The humanoid dragon smiled softly, he held Bilbo carefully into his right arm, holding a wing around him to show protecting and love.

He glance up at the moon, the hot summer evening were loving between his scales and wings.

"I would never leave my precious treasure, not until we both grow old and die together." He whispered out into the summer air.

Smaug kept Bilbo close, he let him sleep for now, because tomorrow would bring a new day for them both.

Well, for all three of them.

He couldn't wait to see Frodo again, to play with the little hobbit and to see Bilbo's smile each day.

Nothing could be better, there were peace now.

Because everyone away from Hobbiton thought Smaug would be dead, that he had been dead for a year now.

Only the shire would know the truth.

Because the one thing a Dragon and a Hobbit have in common with each other….

They only had one soul mate for their life, either can live without the other.

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