A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


4. The Escaping Treasure.

It had been a month now that Bilbo were trapped in Erebor, a whole month that he had thought about the day he made the deal with a huge Dragon.

He do admit, the dragon haven't been all that bad. He thought he do be eaten, he thought the dragon would harm him. That's just the thoughts he had, but they weren't true at all.

As the Halfling had started to learn the dragon a bit better, he figured out a few things about him. Smaug weren't that terrible, he do have his moments that he can snap at him, being angry and yell at him. However, never once did Smaug lay a hand – or claw over him.

He do wish, that he could get outside again. Being trapped inside a mountain, it wasn't nice for him, he missed his hobbit hole. Just home itself, that he could wake up and make breakfast in his kitchen, get a smoke once and a while as he sat in his garden to enjoy the weather.

That was old days now, a thing he needed to forget about.

"You are lost in thoughts again, Barrel Rider?" The strong voice spoke out, Bilbo looked up from his seat. He looked at Smaug changed form, where he got inside the little place he could see as a 'home' for now.

"No, no, I just remembered things." Bilbo mumbled, he looked a bit away from the humanoid dragon.

"Your home place, perhaps?" Smaug asked, he had stepped closer over to the Hobbit, even taken a seat in front at him.

"By accepting the quest from Oakenshield, I do believe you realize that you might not return back again to your home. Dwarves are not to trust, they are greedy small creates there only care about themselves." Smaug grumbled with a deep disgustful voice, as his fist had tight a bit.

Smaug felt a hand on top at his hands, he looked at the Halfling and saw his soft eyes. How could this Burglar have that much effect on him?

"I heard you the first 100 times, you don't need to repeat yourself over and over…Smaug…" Bilbo said, this time he had been a bit brave enough to speak Smaug's name again. He just didn't know what to call him, so he had never mention his name that often since he tried to get The Arkenstone.

The humanoid dragon leaned closer to Bilbo, he looked all over him, trying to figure out how the Halfling can be so sweet, even though he is into a dragon's lair and under his orders.

Bilbo cleared his throat, he held his hand back again as he looked away from Smaug. He started to feel awkward again, the way Smaug looked at him was almost as if he was ready to eat him.

No, Smaug wouldn't do that, right? Not after they had been talking with each other for a month, if not more. URGH! It was getting so annoyed for Bilbo, he don't know how long he had been here.

"It's late, maybe you should go rest while I will get some more food home." Smaug suggest, he stood again from the furs and walked away from the Halfling.

"Good thing, don't minding me when you get back." Bilbo said, he had lied down on the furs and fold him up to a ball like always.

"You need the rest, I have a plan for tomorrow." Smaug said, before he got his robes over him again, he covert the hood over his head.

He waited until he could see the hobbits change of breath, he wouldn't risk that he found the secret passage there leaded the way out from the lair.

The humanoid dragon smiled a bit, the change of breath from the hobbit was there. This was his chance to go then, he made his way out from the little home he had sat together and made his way to the secret passage.

Laketown was another visit he should do, but also a few other places.


~ A camp in a forest ~


Balin had been looking over at the mountain from the forest they had sat a camp up at, they had all agreed on that they should find a way inside the mountain. Now that the last secret passing were closed because of Smaug, they needed to find a way inside on another way.

"Do you think he is still alive, Bilbo that is?" Kili asked, he had sat down beside the old Dwarf as he too had his eyes on the lonely mountain.

"Something tells me, that our hobbit still is alive. Somehow, he know how to deal with a situation to keep himself alive." Balin said, he had been fiddled a bit with a pipe so he could get a bit of a smoke for tonight.

"I always like Bilbo, you know because he had made this quest more interesting to be on. Not just because he was our Burglar, but because he was so curious about the world around him." Kili said, he looked a bit at his sword and the stone he had to sharp it with.

"A courage of a hobbit always surprised me, Kili my lad. To see how he was the first time we met, then look at him now or for a few months back." Balin said, he chuckled a bit, as his eyes went to Kili.

"A few months back, Bilbo rescued Thorin from Azog. I can't believe Thorin acted like he did back there, after what you told me when we found you and the others again" Kili mumbled, he looked from his sword that he tried to sharp a bit more.

"I already said it lad, Thorin got the gold sickness when he saw all the treasures in Erebor. I think he got rift of it again, I have seeing him starring at the mountain doing the nights. He look like he longer for our hobbit, I do dare say he miss him." Balin said, he sighed right after, he then put his pipe in his inner pocket again. Not really in the mode to have that smoke, since he already felt like he relaxed a bit by now.

"We will see, we just need to find a way to the mountain. It's the risk worth to see if Bilbo is alive, I hope he is." Kili mumbled, he wished Balin a good night's sleep, as Kili himself stayed at his place.

It was his turn to watch over the camp, just for a few hours before he do switch with someone else.

"Please hold on Bilbo, we will do our best to get you home safe again." Kili whispered out in the night air.


~ A few hours later at the Lonely Mountain ~


He had been waited, Bilbo were out from the little home that Smaug so nicely had made. The ring firmly in his hand, as his eyes scanned the place. Soon Smaug do be home, he could put on the ring and find the secret passage.

He know it was a terrible thing to do, but he wanted to get out, he wanted to feel the fresh air on him again.

Moreover that, he had also found The Arkenstone. It was safe in his pocket by now, he had seeing Smaug hid it away from him, but Smaug never knew that he had seeing where it was hidden.

The ring had been a use, very good use to when Bilbo wanted to know something Smaug hid from him. He just wanted to get out, maybe even get the Arkenstone to the Dwarves, then he do return again.

There! He saw Smaug getting out from a crack in the wall, it was very thing crack, but he know that he could get out too if Smaug could.

He put on the ring, making himself invisible as far that he know the ring could do. He saw Smaug getting near him, he just hold his breath as he hid himself into the corner.

When the humanoid dragon passed him, Bilbo then sneaked away and went down to the crack in the wall. It had almost been impossible to see, but now he knew where it was.

Bilbo reached to the crack at the wall, he slowly made himself fit into the crack so he could get out. He could almost feel it, the air blew gently its way inside the crack.

The more he walked, the closer did he get, he could feel it by the light changing and by the way it was getting cooler.


He stood there now, outside and away from the treasure lair of Smaug's home. He was outside, the fresh air hit him so softly and let his hair move gently along with it.

What a lovely feeling to feel it again, he inhaled a deep breath, taking as much of the fresh air into his lungs that he could do.

He heard a roar from the mountain, maybe Smaug saw he was gone by now.

S-Should he go back inside? Or-

"If we try to hit the entrance stone, then maybe we can work our way through between weeks." A familiar voice spoke nearby, Bilbo walked away from the crack in the mountain wall. He got out from a huge stone wall and down to a bit of a road, he saw them!

A few of the Dwarves, they was over at the entrance as a tent were just nearby him.

"Thorin, I'm worried about if Smaug manage to get out. What if he get a hold on us too?" Balin said, they had been looking at the entrance to Erebor.

"We need to get our hobbit back, wasn't that right?" Thorin asked.

"Yes indeed, the wizard is trying to figure out other ways." Balin told him.

Bilbo couldn't believe it, they was actually here.

He hid a bit behind another stone, he carefully took the ring off himself, where he then glance over to the tent. He slipped the ring into his pocket like always, it was now or never.

"If we can get an Iron pickaxe along with the other tools, we can might-"

"Hardly break into the mountain since the stone were melted along with hot metal." Bilbo interrupted Thorin's talk, as he stood a few meters behind them by now. Oh yes, he had been watching Smaug melt some metal around the stones to the only exits in the Lair. It would be impossible for them to break through, it had almost been a bit of a lost hope that he do be rescued.

The sight of the two Dwarves was priceless, oh well so did Bilbo thought at least.

He saw that Thorin stepped away from Balin, almost anger written over his face.

"You! What were you doing?!" Thorin asked, his voice a bit angry and a slightly hint of disappointment was into it as well.

This wasn't really the way he thought they would welcome him back, at least not with that sort of voice.

"You nearly got yourself killed!" Thorin breathed out, as he slowly went toward Bilbo. The Halfling could see Balin almost giving up on trying to speak to Thorin, the dwarf already know it was impossible.

"Did I not say that you would be a burden?" Thorin said, he took a small shakily breath as he nearly was in front at Bilbo. "That you would not survive in the wild? That you had no place amongst us?" He asked, he had only been a few inches away from Bilbo.

Sorrow, anger, sadness all the feelings Bilbo had by now, mixed up. Did he feel shame too? Thorin were scolding him, and for what? For being weak, for being a burden an-

"I have never been so wrong in all my life." Thorin said softer, his arms held around Bilbo and embraced him tightly to his chest.

Bilbo gasped, he had never expected this. Thorin hugging him, saying he had been wrong. Was it, relief he felt? His mind and body relaxed a bit, as he very slowly had hugged Thorin back.

"But I'm sorry that I ever doubted you, Bilbo." Thorin whispered, he had slowly pulled back, even though his hands were on Bilbo's shoulders.

"N-No I….I would have doubted me too. I-I'm not a hero, not a warrior, not even a proper Burglar." He said, as he tried to fit in a small joke between them.

He saw Thorin smiled a bit, he had held his hands off Bilbo's shoulders again.

"Some didn't thought you do survive in there, others thought the dragon ate you long time ago. That didn't stop us for the hope to find you-"

"The hope was enough, and…" Bilbo had interrupted, he held his hand into his pocket, where the Arkenstone had been safe at.

"How did you find your way out, Bilbo?" Balin asked, as he had gotten beside Thorin. The smile Balin had, it was the kindest and most lovely thing Bilbo had seen since he had been trapped in Erebor.

"It doesn't really matter, what matters is…" The hobbit said, he pulled out The Arkenstone as he looked at the two Dwarves with a small smile.

"The Arkenstone…" Thorin whispered, he slowly held a hand out for it, but Balin was already ahead of him and took it.

"I believe I shall keep that, until you get a control over that sickness!" Balin said, as he turned away with the Arkenstone.

Bilbo couldn't handle to laugh a bit, he covert his hand over his mouth and looked a bit away from Thorin. The face Thorin had, it was to priceless even for Bilbo. He looked like a small hobbit child, who have been denied a sweet piece of homemade pie.

"Come Bilbo, you need rest." Thorin said to break the silence between them, he had grabbed Bilbo's hand and pulled him along.

"Thorin wait…" Bilbo said, he stopped the dwarf as he looked a bit down at the ground.

"Take the stone and get away from here, I still…" Bilbo mumbled, he could feel the awkwardness started to build up again. How could he explain this?

"What are you talking about?" Thorin demanded, his voice were high, showing he wanted answers.

"I cannot go with you." Bilbo said, as he made Thorin let go at his arm. "It's a promise I shall fulfill, I do not run away from my promises." He told him.

"This time, you will run away from that promise." Thorin said, he grabbed Bilbo's arm again and pulled him toward the tent.

"Thorin let go at me!" Bilbo said, a bit panic into his voice.

No, no, no! If not he goes back to Smaug, hell would break loose!

"You are not to go anywhere but home, we promised the wizard we will get you home safe!" Thorin snapped at him, he had taken Bilbo inside the tent and went over to one of the beds.

"Rest, we will travel tomorrow morning." He told him, as he walked away from Bilbo.

"I can't…" Bilbo protested, he had stood from the bed, but Thorin were already out from the tent.

Bilbo slipped his hand into his pocket, he took the golden ring out and looked at it.

If he could escape Smaug, he surely could escape Thorin to-

A roar where heard just outside, he could hear Thorin, Balin and the other Dwarves shout out to take weapons. A Dragon were outside, shouting out where his Hobbit was.

Hell broke loose, all because he made the single mistake of running away.

The Treasure had escaped.

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