A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


13. Sweet moments.

The darkness had been a good place to be, so silent and comfortable. Even though, he do be scared too for the darkness. You never know what could be hiding in there, suddenly it could be your worst nightmare there showed up.

It felt like eternity that Bilbo was into the darkness, he couldn't feel anything at all. No pain, no emotions, just nothing at all.

It was like he were floating around, without any destination to reach.

At times he heard voices, they were fainting almost like a long echo running around the dark place.

They had gotten louder and closer by now, it was like he wanted to get over to the voices. Like they would lead him out from the darkness.

The time slowly passed for him, he could see a small light ahead. It only started to be bigger where it illuminated the whole place and-

The hobbit slowly opened his eyes, he could see he was back into his bedroom in Hobbiton. How did he end here? What else happened?

He tried to sit up, only to feel the strong pain ran through his chest and down to his stomach. He hissed low, his hand got on his stomach while he managed to get in a sitting post.

He saw his chest and stomach were wrapped up with a bandage, he could see the old blood there almost had run through the white bandages. Now the smell truly started to be there, it was awful and it smelled like death too.

Irk! He would need a bath as soon he got out from here, maybe he should get a few healing herbs from his garden.

Bilbo scanned the room, he could feel how warm it was, since the fireplace were on and he heard the cracking wood from it.

As he looked over at the fireplace, he saw a form curled up in front at it. Was it Smaug?

Indeed it was, he looked like a small dog there curled up to the fireplace, except the wings covert over Smaug and his tail wrapped around himself too.

Bilbo slowly managed to get down from the bed, he kept his hand at his stomach since the pain had moved only to his stomach.

He stood gently, a few steps toward the humanoid dragon. He just took it very easy, he wouldn't overwork himself after he have a bad injure.

The Halfling knelt down behind Smaug, he studied the sleeping dragon for a while. Why was he on the floor, even near the fireplace?

Wait, he was a dragon of course. Even though, would the fire not burn him? Apparently not, as Bilbo could see.

He almost smiled by the sight of Smaug, special when Smaug nuzzled his head into his arm. It looked so…adorable?

Could he really think that? Even about Smaug?

Oh well, he have heard stories of even the evilest person, could look so nice and peaceful in their sleep.

Bilbo gently held his hand at Smaug's wing, he had noticed something were wrong. Last time he had studied Smaug's wings, he had noticed how the bones had been. Even on the time when Smaug broke one of his wings, but this time it was like a bone were missing.

The wing hardly looked like it could be unfold, when Bilbo let his fingers run up by the bones, he could feel an area which was softer and squeeze feeling.

The bone were gone…

When he tried to squeeze it a bit, he yelped as he suddenly was down on the floor with Smaug above him, he looked angry for a moment.

But as soon he saw who it was, his face turned to the softest thing ever.

"Bilbo…." Smaug whispered, he held back and helped Bilbo up from the floor.

He hugged his hobbit close, not so it would damage him of course.

"You scared me, don't do such thing to a dragon when they are asleep. We take it as an attack, so don't do that again." Smaug mumbled, he rested his head against Bilbo's.

"You woke up, you really woke up." He whispered.

Bilbo didn't know if he do be shocked, or just plain confused over Smaug's reaction. He do know that Smaug liked him, if not already have chosen him to be his mate for the rest of his life.

Then again, Smaug never really showed that much of that he cared for him.

Or maybe he could just be blind?

Bilbo slowly rested his head against Smaug's shoulder, he let out a soft breath, mixed with a half whine.

"You still in pain." Smaug mumbled, he slowly lifted Bilbo along with he stood from the floor.

"What are you thinking about, getting out from bed like that while you still are injured?!" The humanoid dragon snapped a bit mad, while he slowly held Bilbo into the bed again.

Bilbo denied to let go at Smaug though, he pulled the humanoid dragon down to him.

"I think the feeling of being alone in bed, is not comfortable as I remembered. Stay?" Bilbo asked, he didn't really want to look up at Smaug while he asked, since he could feel how embarrassing it actually sounded like.

Smaug lifted Bilbo, he placed himself underneath the Halfling so he had Bilbo on his chest. Smaug were careful when he placed his arms around Bilbo, he made sure that his Halflings chest and stomach got no pressure on it.

"I will watch over you, my little treasure." Smaug mumbled, his hand had started to rub Bilbo's back. Almost as if it were naturally for him, Bilbo do admit it felt nice.

The Halfling slowly closed his eyes again, his head rested against Smaug's neck while he could feel the warmth from Smaug's stomach.

Smaug still had that effect about him, his stomach and chest would be warm, since he had a fire in his stomach. Or at least he though so himself, he knew it was because his skin were used to the warm, so he was capable to keep the warmth to him.

"Can I ask a question, Smaug?" Bilbo mumbled, he had nuzzled his head a bit closer to Smaug's neck.

"You just did." Smaug said low, his eyes went down to Bilbo so he could see how he was doing.

"Then I ask another one. What happened to your wing? The bone is missing, why is it that?" Bilbo asked low and careful, he never know how he could make a trigger thing for Smaug.

"A dragon's body have a lot of healing affects, a scale can make sure you don't get sick. A whole bone can also help one from not dying, even when it looks bad. I told Oakenshield to rip it out, at least so we could safe you." Smaug mumbled, he rested his head on top at Bilbo's.

"So you worked together, just because I was in danger?" Bilbo mumbled a bit irritated, but he didn't move away from Smaug just for that fact.

"We made peace, just until you do be safe again. Even though, it's three days ago." Smaug whispered, he closed his eyes while he nuzzled his head on top at Bilbo's.

"I think we made more than peace, just a few hours ago we were speaking in your front garden. We told stories about you, small moments that we could not forget." He explained.

"What did you tell him?" Bilbo asked, he turned his head a bit so he could look up at Smaug.

"About our bet, he even looked like he regret what he did on that time. We both admitted you were a change of our lives, nothing could change that thing." Smaug explained, his voice more calm and softly. Bilbo had never heard it like that, his hands slowly clung a bit at Smaug's shirt.

"Something wrong? You in pain?" Smaug asked fast, while he had felt Bilbo's hands tight on his shirt.

The humanoid Dragon looked worried at Bilbo, he held his hands at Bilbo's cheeks where he felt a tear ran down.

"Treasure…" Smaug whispered.

Bilbo's shoulders shook a bit, he let out a small chuckle at the same time crying a bit.

"How can a simple hobbit change a persons life? Just by being myself? Or being a burglar? A treasure of some sort, I really don't know why I'm crying." Bilbo said, he tried to pull himself together, but he only felt how Smaug sat him proper in his lap and that Smaug cupped his cheeks.

"Sorry I'm a wea-"

Bilbo's words didn't get out, while he felt strong soft and sweet lips against his own. Another tear ran down at his cheek, but it was not because he was sad or uncomfortable. Maybe because someone do love him?

Smaug stroked his thumb at Bilbo's cheek, he made the tear away, but never once did he broke the kiss with Bilbo.

Bilbo only leaned against Smaug, the feeling of safety and love was here. Bilbo whined, he broke the kiss and held his hand at his chest.

"You aren't healthy enough for moving just yet, rest Bilbo." Smaug spoke softly, as he let Bilbo lie against him again.

"Thank you…" The Halfling mumbled, he could feel that his tiredness took over him.

At least he was safe, that's what he thought was the best thing right now.

Safe and Sound.

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