A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


6. Returning home.

Would it always be that dark when you are dead? Flying around into the Darkness, no one to see and nothing around you. He didn't liked this, it was too dark around him.

"I know you will be alright, come back to me Barrel Rider."

It had been a soft whispering voice, Bilbo already knew it very well. Why would Smaug, the one who injured him want him back again? He wasn't a burden anymore to him, nor the other Dwarves if so.

"Please, this is the only time I ever begged. Come back to me Barrel Rider, don't give up."

The pleading voice continued, Bilbo closed his eyes again. He could return to Smaug, he knew that he could. Because if he couldn't he wasn't sure he could hear Smaug's voice like that.

When Bilbo opened his eyes, he were looking into a firm chest. He could feel a stroking at his shoulder, a head on top at his own. Did Smaug hold him like this?

"Smaug…." The hobbit raspy voice spoke out, his hand slowly got on Smaug's arm, as he had grabbed it gently.

Bilbo felt the hold got tightly, he felt Smaug's head rested deeper down to his neck. Why did the Dragon act like this?

"I'm so glad you woke up, Barrel Rider. Don't do that stupid thing again, don't get between two Alphas there fight. It never ends good, don't do it again!" Smaug had spoken so softly, but his voice soon turned to a demanding and snapping voice. Not that it was a surprise for Bilbo, it always changed no matter what.

"I wanted you to stop, I wanted him to stop. None of you listen, at least not before I get between you two." Bilbo mumbled, he closed his eyes again. He was still tired.

"You do not go between two men who fight, that's suicide mission for you." Smaug mumbled, he held Bilbo closer to him, he denied to let go at his hobbit again.

"Where are we?" The Halfling asked, his eyes had scanned the ceiling. He had noticed they weren't in Erebor anymore, how come that be?

"I needed to get you safe, I did not want them to touch you in that state you were in." Smaug explained, he held a bit back and looked down at Bilbo. For the first time, Bilbo actually saw Smaug's face.

Something inside him told him this weren't good, because Smaug didn't look like his humanoid form.

He did have his wing and his tail, but the scales around his arms and face, those small scales that had told he was a humanoid dragon. They were gone, why was they gone?

"Y-Your scales…." Bilbo mumbled, his hand reached up to Smaug's face. He couldn't feel them either, where was they?

Smaug leaned into Bilbo's hand, his eyes closed while he placed a hand on top at Bilbo's.

"Gone, to save you from dying. I made The Dragon Bite, it means I gave up my power to turn into my dragon form again. To save you from dying, so you wouldn't leave me." Smaug said, his eyes opened and looked into Bilbo's.

"You are The One for me, I realized that when I found you gone. Not just because of our bet and your promise, but because I found you a good company around me. You are the first to speak to me, even speak back to me while knowing I could turn into my dragon form and roast you." The humanoid dragon spoke, he closed his eyes while he felt Bilbo's fingertips traced along his cheek and down to his neck.

"You gave up your giant dragon form, to save me from dying?" Bilbo repeated, it was to himself so he could see what Smaug really had done.

"Y-You can't take it back, can you?" Bilbo asked him, he felt tears in his eyes. He shouldn't have let Smaug do that, Smaug wouldn't have the power to fight another time if needed.

The humanoid dragon shook his head, he couldn't take back what has been done. Smaug rested his forehead against Bilbo's, his tail slowly wrapped around them both.

"I still have my wings in my humanoid form, even my tail. That's how the dragon nature can be too, even though it might not be the same thing." Smaug mumbled, he felt Bilbo's hand ran up along his neck.

"I'm sorry, I-I didn't meant to be t-that much of a b-burden fo-"

"Stop saying that!" Smaug snapped, his eyes narrowed as he looked at his Barrel Rider. "You are not a burden, if you were one I would have eaten you long time ago!" Smaug grumbled, he could see how Bilbo tried to make him small again.

He know that it was because of shame, maybe even embarrassing?

"Don't think more about it, you aren't a burden, if you ever were to be one. I would tell that, but you aren't so stop thinking about it." Smaug mumbled, he closed his eyes as he rested his head against Bilbo's.

"I gave up the mountain for you, even The Arkenstone. I got nowhere else to be now, no home at all." Smaug mumbled, his voice a bit sad about it, but he didn't sound like he regretted it at all.

Bilbo looked at Smaug for a while, they both had been silent as they only were near each other.

"I have a home…" Bilbo broke the silence between them, his eyes looked into Smaug's as the humanoid dragon held his head up and looked at Bilbo.

"Indeed, I remember you told me that. Even thought, you never explained to me where it was." Smaug mumbled, he slowly let the Halfling sit by himself.

"It's my homeland Shire in the town of Hobbiton, I have my home there. I was sad to leave it, but to accept Thorin's quest have maybe….been the best thing I ever did." He told him, Bilbo's smile grew as he looked at Smaug,

"Because I wouldn't have met any of you, I wouldn't have been brave enough to do what I did. I wouldn't have been losing the bet, so that is a way I wouldn't have known you either." Bilbo told him, he chuckled a bit as Smaug looked at him with a weird face.

"So you are saying, that if you haven't accepted his quest. You wouldn't have the option to meet me?" Smaug asked him, he saw Bilbo nodded.

"I didn't thought about meeting a dragon, but I'm glad that I did. I have never seeing such beautiful creature in my life, trust me, I have seeing the worst out there. Orc's, trolls, giant spiders you name them." Bilbo chuckled a bit, he looked a bit up, seeing the exit from the underground cave.

He could hear it was raining outside, so it was best to stay close, right?

"If you wish, we can travel to Shire. I won't mind sharing my home with you Smaug, special not when you don't have a home yourself. You were kind enough to let me be in Erebor, now I think I should return the favor." The Halfling said with a node, as he had placed his hand at Smaug's arm.

"It's the smallest thing I can do, so accept that please?" he said with a small smile.

Smaug had looked like he thought about it, he couldn't have the gold, and he couldn't have Erebor. That didn't matter anymore, he could have his Barrel Rider.

"I will accept that, but tonight we will sleep. In the morning we can start to travel, "The humanoid dragon said, he got a hold on Bilbo where he curled around him and lied down, he hold Bilbo close to his chest. His tail wrapped around them both, so they could stay warm in the night.

"I will accept that too, I don't remember the way home, but I'm certain that we can find it." Bilbo mumbled, he could feel his eyes getting heavy again. He had been tired, very tired indeed after he woke up. Maybe he had just fought to stay wake without noticing it?

"Sleep well, Bilbo Baggins." Smaug mumbled, he had rested his head on top at Bilbo's, his wings covert them both so they could stay warm.

They both fell asleep next to each other, Bilbo have never felt this warm under his journey. He hoped that the next couple of nights would be just as warm, because he made peace with a dragon.




"Take it down the last time, we are through by now." Thorin called out, a few of the people from Lake Town along with the rest of the Dwarves had finally gotten the entrance to Erebor opened up.

Oh well, Smaug mostly had done the work, they had just removed the rest of the stones and metal gates around the place.

"Thorin, we need to set after Bilbo soon. He can be miles away, but we still got a chance if Smaug choose to take back Erebor again." Balin told him, he had looked at their family getting the last pieces away from the entrance of Erebor.

"He is dead Balin, no one can survive a claw through their chest that big." Thorin told him, he had looked at The Arkenstone in his hand.

"So that's it? You are giving up? There is a small chance that he can be alive, remember what a Dragons power can do spe-"

"As if Smaug ever would give up that thing, he was greedy himself, he would never give up anything for a Burglar." Thorin said, his eyes looked at Balin for a while.

The elder Dwarf could see that Thorin were in pain, Bilbo had meant something for them all since he saved Thorin from Azog. Even before that, Balin had liked Bilbo for his bravery under the whole quest.

"No one can survive it Balin, that Dragon won't even have a heart to spare the Burglars life. Forget about him, we got Erebor back and our folk shall return again." Thorin said, he walked away from Balin to join Kili and Fili with the others. They were to get inside Erebor, claim the throne back again.

Balin looked toward the forests again, he ran a hand down at his long white beard.

"Something tells me, our lad is still alive. But as the new king wish, he shall be forgotten by talk, but never in minds." Balin mumbled, he let out a soft breathe before he too joined the rest of his kinds.

Erebor were back again in their hands, this time they would take care of the mountain.

Thorin were King under the mountain now.

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