A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


3. Questions but no answers.

It had taken some time for the Halfling to awake, Smaug had noticed how the Halfling had been asleep into his bed. Mostly Smaug slept outside between the treasures, but even he needed a bed at times.

His dragon side were simple, he loved the gold special to lie underneath at. It was good and warming, comfortable if you could go that far. It had been rare though, that Smaug had been into his Humanoid form.

People thought that Smaug never left his mountain, only he knew a secret pass that he had create. He used it when he needed food, he used it when he needed fresh air too.

Smaug's eyes went over to the sleeping Halfling, he would memorial all the small details about the Halfling. Why? Because the Halfling was his to keep, his to own and his to use.

The Halfling showed movements to being awake, it was here he should do something.

Bilbo had groaned a bit, he felt his body still were aching from the pain he had before. However, the pain weren't there anymore. How could that be? How could it be that fast to heal?

"If you need to ask, yes you lost your bet, Barrel Rider." Smaug said, he watched the Halfling had sat fast up in the bed, his eyes looked up. Maybe because Smaug were into his full dragon form at their first meeting, then again the Halfling could expect to see the dragon.

Smaug then caught the Halflings eyes, as the little thief had looked over at him instead. He noticed the Halflings eyes wide, shocked? Afraid? The humanoid dragon couldn't really tell, but he was sure about the Halfling was confused.

"I-I'm not a thief, I already told you that before." Bilbo said, he had stumbled a bit back against the bed. His hands could feel the soft fur underneath him, it had been weird waking up like this.

"A Burglar then, that's what I heard them calling you. They don't even call you by your name, isn't that just one thing to show how much Oakenshield sat value of your life?" Smaug asked, he had gotten closer over to the bed, his arms fold against his chest, as he watched the Halfling with curious eyes.

"I am the burglar, that's what they needed me fo-"

"Just a Burglar? Did anyone even know your name? Did they speak it once? Did they say your name with proud voices? Or did they keep saying 'Burglar' all the time with disgust in their voices?" Smaug asked, as he had interrupted Bilbo.

The silent from the Halfling just proved that Smaug were right, or so he thought so at least.

"Let me adjust the questions, "The humanoid dragon said, as he got closer to Bilbo. "Did Thorin Oakenshield ever, say your real name? Thanked you for a thing you did, by using your real name?" He asked him low, as he looked into the Halflings eyes.

The way the Halfling had avoid looking back at him, only made the other answer for him.

"I thought so, why did you accept the quest of his?" Smaug asked, he had sat down in the bed this time, his legs fold underneath himself.

Bilbo only watched the humanoid dragon in front at him, his hands had been resting on the furs. His back against the stone wall behind him, of course he could think about ways he had accepted the quest.

However, was it worth it to tell him?

"Well…Thief?" Smaug asked, his voice drawled a bit, as he had rested his chin into his hand. It almost looked like Bilbo bored him a bit, by letting him wait.

"I said it two times before, I'm not a thief!" Bilbo snapped, his hands went to fists, as he had tight his grab into the furs underneath him.

"Answer my question then, Burglar." He taunt easily, oh he will see how far he could push the Halfling at, maybe even farther?

"Stop calling me that!" Bilbo snapped, he got away from the furs where he tried to look for an escape somewhere.

"It's pointless…" Smaug drawled, he had stood after a moment and looked after Bilbo.

"I closed the last entrance to the mountain, you won't be going anywhere. Besides, our bet tell that too. You lost it, so you are mine now little Barrel Rider." Smaug explained, he had slowly went over to the Halfling.

He watched to that the Halfling backed up against a wall, why do they always need to be that easy to catch? Smaug placed his hands at either side of the Halflings face, he had trapped him, oh what a feeling to trap another one again like this.

He could see the fear into the Halflings eyes, he could almost guess what he was afraid of. To die.

"Tell me then, Thief from the shadows, why did you accept his quest?" Smaug asked, his body had leaned closer to the Halflings. He inhaled the little ones scent, he would need to remember it, in case he should get out on Halfling hunt later.

He could feel the Halfling shaking underneath him, their bodies had touched while Smaug had leaned down to the Barrel Rider.

"Well?" He breathed, only to catch the Halfling from falling on his bum.

When Smaug looked at the Halfling, he could see he had broke down in tears. Why was he crying? Smaug let out a small growl, he wasn't good at someone or something there cried.

"Do you think that will help you, Barrel Rider?" He asked with a small sneering yet annoyed voice. The humanoid Dragon held his hand at the Halflings head, he shut the Halflings brain down so he went into a deep sleep.

He could deal with this later, right now he could get out for a hunt so there at least would be food for a month. He needed to feed for two now, that was the problem with it all.

The humanoid dragon then took the hobbit into his arms, he could see a few tears still escaped the Halflings cheek. He huffed, as he placed the small form into the furs again.

He will speak with him later, when the Halfling was calmer in mind.

With the last look at the Halfling, Smaug went to his own secret passage, disguised as another human being with a black hood over him.

He was going to Laketown, a place where he could try and find some human food for the Halfling.


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