A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


18. In the weakness I will carry you.

It was almost a habit now that he was used to being into the darkness, looking back to the couple of years in his life. When wasn't he in danger or badly hurt?

Since he had accepted the quest from Thorin and the other dwarves, his life had been changed to the upside down.

What could possibly be the best times?

The adventures?

The friends and enemies?

Being outside Shire and explore the world?

Befriend and love a humanoid dragon?

All of them at once, especially the last one, how he missed Smaug.

Even here in the darkness, he wanted only to hear Smaug's voice

He wanted to feel the warmth from Smaug's chest, to feel the arms tightly and protective around him.


They started to appear as an echo around him.

"He is healing better now, but I cannot tell when he do be able to awake."

"I never thought my uncle could do such thing, especially not against Bilbo."

"We never thought our king could do such thing, it was even a surprise for me. It only prove that I was right, he turned into his father and grandfather too."

"I wonder when he will wake up, it's been over a week now. "

"Even the dragon don't look like he want to be away, I saw him last night in here. He didn't looked pleased over the sight of Bilbo, I don't think the dragon would hurt him like Uncle did"

They stopped.

Suddenly the voices stopped, no one were around.

He could start to feel a gently and soft touch at his cheek, it was so familiar yet he couldn't remember who's touch it was.

"I wish I could had stopped it, I wish I didn't walk away that day. I should had stayed by your side, not being captured in the treasure hall." The soft and sad voice spoke beside Bilbo, the hand kept caressing Bilbo's cheek.

Bilbo leaned against it, he let out a soft breath as he allowed the kind person to do this. The touch were gently, soft and filled with passion and love.

He could recognize the voice by now, he know it was Smaug, but he had never heard that voice being more worried and filled with sorrow like it was right now.

Bilbo slowly opened his eyes, he could see a bit of dim light around him, maybe it was from the fireplace nearby. His vision were still blurry, so he could only make out the big shape form being over him after a second.

"Bilbo." His voice being spoken with worried and relief voice from the humanoid dragon.

Bilbo blinked a couple of times, he tried to get a clear vision. Slowly he did, what he saw was a very worried Smaug.

Smaug had cupped Bilbo's cheeks softly, he had rested his forehead against Bilbo's as he nuzzled his little mate on a soft way.

"I'm alright." Bilbo whispered, his voice still being a bit raspy though.

"You are now, yes." Smaug mumbled, he pressed soft and tends kisses around Bilbo's face, neck and jaw.

"I am so sorry, I couldn't protect you proper. They captured me, put me down in the deepest cell of Erebor. I wanted to be there for you, I could only hear your screams at times." He whispered, before he nuzzled his head under Bilbo's chin.

"Forgive me." The humanoid dragon whispered, his hands kept making the soft and gently stroking at Bilbo's cheeks. Trying to make his Halfling better, even if he still were in pain.

Bilbo gently closed his eyes again, he managed to lift his hand were he softly placed it at Smaug's head. "Of course I forgive you, Smaug. It wasn't your fault, nor mine." Bilbo whispered, he rested his head closer into Smaug's, he exhaled softly and felt safe again.

"Stay with me, please?" Bilbo whispered, he tried to tug Smaug down in the bed beside him, at least make him under the sheet so he could feel Smaug's lovely warming body.

Smaug did what he got requested at, he crawled under the sheets, he was careful not to hurt his precious treasure. Smaug lifted Bilbo just a bit, so he could be underneath the Halfling and keep him on his chest.

Bilbo hold back a few pain noises, but he soon relaxed on top at Smaug and cuddled him closer against Smaug's chest and neck.

"Sleep, my dearest treasure. I will watch over you, I will comfort you." Smaug whispered, as he had stroked his hand through Bilbo's hair ever so gently.

The Halfling made a small node against Smaug's chest, his hand gently fold beside his head as the sleep took over his body and mind.

He was safe in his dragon's embrace, because his dragon would never harm him.

~A few weeks later. ~

Smaug carried Bilbo on his back, his wings covert over them both for the heavy rain there had fallen upon the landscapes ahead for them. They had travelled back to Shire, Bilbo's wish of course.

Smaug were only glad that Bilbo wanted to get back, the dwarves lost both his and Bilbo's respect.

Well, at least Thorin Oakenshield had lost their respect, even though Bilbo can't handle to think it was the gold sickness' fault.

They were only miles away from Shire, but Smaug still didn't mind to carry his Halfling on his back. As long his dearest treasure were healthy and alright, he would do anything in his mercy to make sure Bilbo never got hurt again.

"Smaug?" Bilbo's small and tired voice spoke gently out, his Halfling had been awake by now? He shouldn't be before they arrived to Shire.

"Uhm?" Smaug hummed his answer, while he continued to walk with Bilbo on his back.

"I do like to walk a bit on my own, if you don't mind putting me down? I feel like I need to try, just to regain a bit of my strength." Bilbo mumbled, he tried to get a bit off Smaug, but the feeling of Smaug setting him close against his back told him otherwise.

"We are nearly there, my dearest treasure. You shall rest, first until you are fully healed, I will allow you to walk around on your own again." The humanoid dragon said, as he growled a bit when he opened his wing above him, the rain had continue to fall. If he didn't find a place they could be dry at soon, they both would end sick.

"It's just because I feel numb, I'm too tired but I want to walk a bit, Smaug. Please? Just for a few minutes?" The Halfling begged with a small voice.

"You will get wet, it only turns out to that you will be sick later, then you take more weeks to recover. Do you really want that, Bilbo?" Smaug half snapped at him, as he kept Bilbo closer to his back.

"You are unfair, so…much…unfair." Bilbo mumbled, his voice slowly fainted again as he fell asleep on top at Smaug.

Smaug shook his head a bit, he had known that Bilbo wouldn't be able to even stand on his own, because he heard how Bilbo had been tired.

So now, Smaug walked the rest of the way to Hobbiton in Shire. His thoughts were on Bilbo, but also on the memory when a few of the dwarves had let him go from the deepest cell in Erebor.

He had been nothing, but a thin humanoid dragon on that point. They never came with food, so he lived by the very few creatures there had been hiding in the walls or ground.

Even the nights or days had been cold down there, he didn't want to think about how it could had ended if he do had been a normal human or another weak creature after all. He surely would had died, which he couldn't handle to think about.

It had been weeks, Smaug could remember he had been close to death. At least…his mind had wished death to embrace him and make the suffering stop, but the thought of leaving Bilbo behind to that…filthy, greedy, useless, truth breaking Dwarf had kept him going.

What was the young dwarf's name? Kili?

That had been the dwarf along with the oldest to find him into the cell, they were horrified to find what they did. Somehow, he liked the little dwarf. The way he had been mad at Oakenshield, it just described his anger toward the king under the mountain.

No one should hurt his hobbit, no one should touch or lay a single finger on him. Thorin did, now he were paying for it.

He could tell it the easy way, because it was Smaug himself there made it happen with the other dwarves permission. He wasn't certain to why they agreed on it, but he was glad they did.

What Oakenshield did against the hobbit, were horrible in every way possible.

So now…

He was dead.

He know the dwarves around Oakenshield had been sad over it, but they didn't disagree over that Thorin Oakenshield had deserve death. A bit harsh maybe?


Smaug was glad that he soon had found Bilbo's old hobbit hole, they had arrived at Hobbiton Shire in no time by now.

As soon he got inside, he had held Bilbo in his bed, even ,made sure that Bilbo were tugged in.

The place needed a bit of cleaning, because there were a bit of dust everywhere. Not that Smaug minded, but he know that Bilbo did. However, he would need to get dry first, he don't like being wet inside Bilbo's house.

At least they were home now, their home.

Smaug used a couple of hours in front at the fireplace, the warming from the flames were enough for him to get dry at. He had let his wings relax, his body and mind slowly shut down so he fell into a deep sleep.

The next few days would be different, but they would be safe and sound.

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