A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


14. Having the treasure.

It had been a few days by now Bilbo needed to heal proper, he couldn't complain over Smaug being fussy over him. Somehow, he was a stubborn hobbit. He really wanted to do the things at his home, but in his condition it wasn't possible when he kept getting chest pains each time he bent forward a little bit.

So Smaug gave him bed groundings, if that even were a thing to say.

Bilbo somehow didn't mind in the end, though he at times thought that Smaug were about to set the whole hobbit hole on fire.

But now, almost a week had been going. Bilbo felt better, the healing herbs from his garden had helped a lot too.

He sat outside on a lovely morning, sneaking away from Smaug actually. He just sat on his bench, looking at the sun raising above the hills.

He were smoking on a wooden pipe, which reached down to his belly. There was nothing more calmly than a smoke in the morning, special not when it had almost been two years ago he last time had such thing.

He remember it, almost as if it was yesterday it happened.

The fateful day, he had allowed a Wizard and 13 dwarves into his hobbit home.

Now, he had a humanoid dragon living with him. Not that the other hobbits told something against it, they were rather fascinating at him than they were afraid.

Bilbo slowly blew out a beautiful grey ring of smoke, it slowly floated away and from Bilbo's sight, it went over the hills.

He smiled a bit, how he missed being out there. Adventuring with the dwarves, yet still knowing the purpose of it. It was funny how it ended, at least that's what Bilbo thought.

Bilbo felt a pair of arms wrapping around his waist, he could tell it was Smaug, by the way his neck were nuzzled by a nose.

"Good morning." Smaug mumbled in his ear, Bilbo slowly leaned back against Smaug. His smile grew, why did this morning remind him of his first talk with Gandalf?

"Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning weather I want it or not, or that you feel good this morning or maybe that it is a morning to be good on?" Bilbo asked, he chuckled a bit as he remembered how Gandalf had told it to him.

"All of them at once, special when you are fine." Smaug answered, he rested his head on top at Bilbo's and grabbed the pipe gently from Bilbo's hand.

"Isn't it too early to be smoking?" The humanoid dragon asked, he sat the end of the pipe to his lips, inhaling the tobacco from it.

"It's a fine morning for a smoke, special after two years since my last." Bilbo said, he looked at Smaug blowing out the smoke.

He almost thought Smaug were like Gandalf, because the grey smoke turned into a small dragon and fly around, until it poof in the air.

"Very pretty." Bilbo mumbled, he rested his head against Smaug's shoulder and took the pipe back again from him.

"Beautiful indeed." Smaug said, he rested his chin against Bilbo's shoulder and kept his Halfling close.

"Thorin is sending his wishes of good health, he returned to Erebor two days ago. That wizard called some eagles, so it was faster for them to get home. They needed him, as far that I know." Smaug explained, his hand had gently rub Bilbo's chest.

"I thank him, but I thank you too for taking care of me." Bilbo said, he titled his head so he looked up at Smaug.

"About, the day I woke up. I ju-"

"Don't think about it, what I did was something I meant. I know what you wanted to say, but I wouldn't let you. What other way could I possible stop you?" Smaug asked, he locked his eyes with Bilbo's while his hand gently stroked Bilbo's cheek.

Bilbo closed his eyes lightly, he leaned into Smaug's hand. The feeling was there again, safety, he really liked that feeling.

Smaug had let his head lean down to Bilbo's, their lips only a small inch away from each other.

"May I, my treasure?" he whispered softly, his breath ghost over Bilbo's lips.

"You may…." Bilbo whispered, he felt how Smaug leaned just the single inch forward and their lips met.

Bilbo kept his eyes closed, he just loved how Smaug could be so soft and gently with him. The hand at his cheek slowly caressed it, he leaned into the touch and just tried to keep him closer to Smaug.

The kiss broke, Bilbo opened his eyes gently to look into Smaug's yellow ones. He then rested his head under Smaug's chin, his hand being on Smaug's arm around his waist.

"I am your one, aren't I?" He asked Smaug, he felt how Smaug rub his chest again. It almost confirmed it right there.

"You are, I don't think I can protect anyone other than you. Not the same way at least, because you are my special one." Smaug whispered, he pressed a softly kiss at Bilbo's neck, hearing that it pleased the small Halfling as a moaned had escaped Bilbo's lips.

Bilbo blushed a bit, that sounded so embarrassing even for him.

"Come with me inside?" Smaug asked, he rested his forehead against Bilbo's shoulder. His arms wrapped tightly around Bilbo's waist.

"Of course." Bilbo whispered, he slowly turned off the rest of the pipe. He let Smaug help him on his feet, an arm still around his waist as he were leaded inside.

Bilbo felt how Smaug slowly leaded him to the bedroom again, now that he noticed it. Smaug were more….. Lovely than normal. What could that be a reason for?

"Are you alright, Smaug?" Bilbo asked, his hand had reached to Smaug's cheek. Only for him to be picked up and settled into Smaug's lap, as soon Smaug was on the bed.

"To be honest, no I'm not alright." Smaug told, he rested his forehead against Bilbo's

"My heat time is near, it means I will be needy with a lot of things. Special my beautiful treasure here." He whispered, his hand gently ran along Bilbo's cheek.

"D-Does that mean that we – I – you. " Bilbo couldn't really find the words, he just blushed deeply when Smaug leaned forward and captured Bilbo's lips.

The kiss where deep and passion, Bilbo could feel how Smaug wanted him to feel nice. He could even feel Smaug's hand on his shirt, almost as if he wanted to rip it off him.

The kiss broke, Bilbo looked up at Smaug again, his cheeks all red and he looked suddenly shy.

"It means, I want you so bad." Smaug whispered, he rested his head against Bilbo's and closed his eyes softly.

"But I don't want to hurt you either, I don't want to scare you away. I don't want to lose you, if I can't control myself." Smaug explained, his arms wrapped around Bilbo's waist again and hugged him close.

"You won't hurt me, I trust you enough with that thought. You know I do, so why not give it a go?" Bilbo asked, his eyes suddenly looked down at Smaug's chest.

"I-If you really want to, I don't mind. At least I can… you know…" Bilbo mumbled, Smaug's hand slowly got on his cheek again, as the humanoid dragon lifted his head gently.

"Know what?" Smaug asked, his head slightly cocked aside almost as if he didn't understood what his Halfling said.

"You know…I….I can be to…to a help." Bilbo mumbled, he looked into Smaug's eyes. He could see the burning desire, the lust that the humanoid dragon had.

It couldn't be bad, or could it? He didn't know much about this, only if it were a woman. However, neither he nor Smaug were a woman. How could it then….

"Do you trust me enough, Bilbo?" Smaug asked, he spoke the Halflings name softly. Also to let Bilbo know that he meant what he said, Bilbo should trust him. He should trust him that he knew what he was doing, even if it was a first time with the Halfling.

Bilbo gently nodded, he closed his eyes and let out a soft breath. The hobbit slowly placed his hand on top at Smaug's, his head rested against Smaug's shoulder.

"I trust you." The Halfling spoke gently.

Smaug nodded, he slowly lied Bilbo down in the bed and were on top at him.

"Relax, whatever you might think doing. You need to relax and let me lead, I don't want to hurt you, my dearest treasure." Smaug explained with a soft voice, he had let his hand stroke Bilbo's cheek gently.

The Halfling nodded a bit, he closed his eyes as he felt Smaug's hand slowly unbutton his shirt. He felt his own heart were beating fast against his chest, Bilbo could tell it was because he was nervous. He have never done this before, not even with a woman.

He let out a half shakily breath, as he opened his eyes and looked up at Smaug.

"Just relax, that's the best thing you can do." Smaug whispered, he had leaned down against Bilbo and kissed him at his lips.

It was always so soft and passion, he didn't know why Smaug would be like this.

He remembered their first meeting, Smaug weren't that pleasant to see him in Erebor. Even though, the deal they made that time was the thing there saved his life, if not also the dwarves.

What would have happened if he didn't make that deal? That's a thought he didn't dare think about, at least not now.

Smaug stroked his hand along Bilbo's chest, he played a bit with one of Bilbo's nipples.

A soft moaned escaped Bilbo's lips, he closed his eyes and rested his head back against the bed.

"I think you are sensitive right there, am I right?" Smaug mumbled against Bilbo's lips.

Bilbo nodded a bit, he couldn't really get a word out, as Smaug kept stroking his skin. He know that the humanoid Dragon explored his body, he maybe wanted to know which places there was most sensitive.

He let Smaug lean down at his neck, Bilbo titled his head aside, just so Smaug had place enough to what he wanted to do.

He felt a kiss at his neck, it continued down to his shoulder, where Smaug slowly held the shirt off him.

He couldn't handle, but let another moan escape his lips. He felt embarrassed over his own noises, but he know that Smaug liked them, since he didn't asked him to be quiet.

Bilbo bit his lip, Smaug's tongue had gently licked over his shoulder, right where the bite mark from Smaug were. It was more sensitive than he though, since it gave a ticklish and almost pleasant feeling by now.

"You are so sweet, my dearest treasure. Those noises of yours, you don't know how much it makes me want you more." Smaug mumbled against Bilbo's shoulder, he gently bite down. Hearing a yelp from Bilbo, it made him chuckle a bit.

Bilbo's cheeks were pure red, he was embarrassed and shy.

"You look so adorable, I almost want to eat you." Smaug said with a chuckle, he leaned his head above Bilbo's and stroked his hand down along the Halflings side.

"D-Do y-you need to b-be that t-teasing?" Bilbo asked with a stuttering voice, while he looked into Smaug's golden eyes.

"I want to explore your body, I want to know what your body like, even dislike." Smaug explained, he pressed a soft kiss at Bilbo's forehead.

"I want to know everything about your body, on that way I know how to please you." He whispered, Bilbo whimpered when Smaug pulled his pants off and had stroked him down at his thigh.

The Halfling didn't even notice how fast Smaug had done it, or then he just didn't paid attention to it.

Bilbo were by now all naked below Smaug, it wasn't like Smaug had too much clothes on either, and he hardly wore any. Only a pair of pants, because Bilbo had requested it.

Really, no humanoid dragon should walk around naked, even not Bilbo wished that for Smaug.

"Nrhg!" Bilbo let out a moaned, Smaug had stroked his hand higher along Bilbo's thigh. He was getting so close.

The embarrassment in Bilbo only got to the worst, because he was getting hard and needy if Smaug continued to stroke his skin like that. Or was it because Smaug wanted him to?

"So beautiful…" Smaug breathed against Bilbo's neck.

Smaug had slowly spread Bilbo's legs, he had let his head lower itself along Bilbo's body. He placed trails of soft kisses, or licked Bilbo's skin ever so softly.

Bilbo moaned, he tried to bite back the noises. However, Smaug allowed him to get them out.

They both soon were naked on the bed, Bilbo had looked down at Smaug. Seeing him lower himself even more, what was he about to do? He let another moan escape his lips, Smaug kissed him at his thigh, his golden eyes locked with Bilbo's while they shared their first moment.

Bilbo had made a node at Smaug, allowing him to continue for what he were doing. He whimpered, Smaug had wrapped his hand around Bilbo's cock, stroking it sweetly and softly.

The Halfling needed to bite his lips, as he rested his head back against the bed. His moan were captured in his throat, but he knew that Smaug already could hear it, since it went loud enough.

Smaug kissed Bilbo at his thigh again, his eyes looked up at Bilbo to see how much he pleased him. It worked, because Bilbo only showed how much he enjoyed this. He could see it on his face, that's the important thing.

Smaug then let his tongue out, he licked the tip of Bilbo's cock as he heard Bilbo moaned again.

The Halflings hands grabbed onto the sheets below them, he hold his legs spread for Smaug. However, inside he thought he wanted to close them. The pleasant feeling were so good, but embarrassing as well.

The humanoid dragon licked his tongue down along Bilbo's shaft, his eyes being on Bilbo the whole time. He studied him, seeing what he liked and what he could tease him with. Apparently, he could tease his dearest treasure with everything for now.

"S-Smaug!" Bilbo moaned Smaug's name, it made good moment for the humanoid dragon. He loved that, he wanted his dearest treasure to say his name over and over.

Smaug leaned back, he let his hand ran down along Bilbo's thighs and to his entrance.

He let a finger tease the sensitive hole, he saw how Bilbo tried to lean away. However, Smaug hold his hand at Bilbo's hip to let him be against the bed.

"It's alright, you need to trust me my dearest treasure." Smaug whispered, he head leaned over Bilbo and claimed his lips again. The sweet moan that Bilbo let out, it was so good to hear.

"P-Please." The Halfling moaned against Smaug's lips, he had wrapped his arms around Smaug's neck. As Smaug leaned a bit back, Bilbo had rested his head against Smaug's shoulder.

"Trust me enough, Bilbo. It will hurt, but it will feel better as we are going." Smaug whispered, he let his hand trail down against Bilbo's thigh again, his finger slowly stroked the hole again, before it gently slipped in.

Bilbo sucked in a deep breath, his hands being on Smaug's shoulders where he grabbed them a bit tightly.

"Relax." Smaug whispered, he rested his head against Bilbo's while his finger slowly slipped in and out from Bilbo.

The feeling were priceless, it was so pleasant for him that he wanted it to continue forever. The Halfling let his noises out, his moans, his whimpering, and even his begging words. It all just got out.

Slowly, Smaug had worked on Bilbo. Stretching him enough, so Smaug himself could get inside of his dearest treasure.

"You are doing so well, my precious treasure." Smaug whispered, the humanoid dragon kissed Bilbo at his chest. His eyes looked into Bilbo's, seeing the please he had and even Bilbo's eyes were filled up with lust by now.

"Urgh!" Bilbo whined pitiful, as Smaug had hit a sweet spot inside him. It only made the humanoid dragon smile.

"I think you are ready for me, my dear treasure." Smaug whispered, he slide his fingers out from Bilbo. Hearing the soft moaned escaping the Halflings mouth.

"Get on your hands and knees, it will go easier that way." Smaug ordered him, he had helped Bilbo to turn over and get him on his knees too.

Bilbo bite his lower lip, his hands clung onto the sheets below him. He let out another pitiful whine, as he felt Smaug's hand caressed his butt. He felt so needy, yet the embarrassing moment for him went farther up to show at his cheeks.

"Take a deep breath." Smaug whispered close to Bilbo's ear, the Halfling could feel something at his entrance which was warm.

He did was he was told, he took in a deep breath. His hands suddenly grabbed tigther at the sheets below them, he let out a whimpering noise while something big pushed inside him.

Even when he was stretched proper out, it was a pain! It hurts so bad right there, he thought that he were going to break.

"S-Smaug!" his voice went teary, not that he wanted it to be like that. It just hurts that bad right now, he couldn't handle it.

He heard how Smaug hushed him, the humanoid dragon had leaned over Bilbo. "You are doing well, relax and let yourself adjust to me." Smaug whispered, he leaned his head to Bilbo's neck where he kissed him softy. Trying to make his Halfling think about something else than the pain, it could work at times.

The Halfling tried to relax, but the pain had been too much for him to handle. He felt Smaug's hand ran gently along his arm, Smaug grabbed Bilbo's hand and intertwined their hands together.

"I will not move one inch, unless you are ready." Smaug whispered, he felt how Bilbo tight his grab on Smaug's hand.

It took several minutes for Bilbo to try and relax, he could feel the pleasure slowly started too built up.

"S-Smaug, you can m-move now." Bilbo breathed against the pillow, his hand had been holding more slightly onto Smaug's hand.

"As you wish, I will make it slow." Smaug whispered, he had gently pressed a soft kiss at Bilbo's shoulder.

Smaug started to rock his hips, he heard the sweet noises Bilbo let out. The Halfling could feel the pleasure building up inside his stomach, Smaug were right. It hurts so bad at the start, but the pleasure slowly took over the pain.

The humanoid dragon slowly picked up his speed, he thrust faster and deep inside his Halfling. He heard the moans and whimpering noises Bilbo made, it was all so sweet. All this was the perfect moment, he finally claimed his mate as he should do.

"S-Smaug! I-I'm…" Bilbo's moans were muffled into the pillow, Smaug let his other hand slip into Bilbo's hand.

He intertwined both Bilbo's hands, holding him down against the bed.

"Let it out, come with me my dearest treasure." Smaug groaned into Bilbo's ear, he made a few faster thrust inside Bilbo, feeling how his little mate came near his limits.

Bilbo curled his fingers around Smaug's, he let out e moaning cry of Smaug's name before he felt himself came down against the bed. The last thrust Smaug made inside Bilbo, shoot out a warm stream of hot liquid inside Bilbo.

They panted together, Smaug pressed a soft kiss at Bilbo's back, as he slowly slide out from his mate.

Smaug lied down beside Bilbo, he held the Halfling close to his chest and manage to slip a blanket over them both. He saw that Bilbo were tired, so he would let his Halfling fall asleep.

It only took a few minutes, before Bilbo fell asleep against Smaug's shoulder.

The humanoid dragon rested his head close to Bilbo's, his eyes softly closed while his hand gently stroked Bilbo's shoulder.

This was a good moment for them, it meant that they truly were mates now.

Smaug wouldn't let anything happen to his special treasure, not for as long as he lived.

He fell asleep after a while, he wanted to be sure that Bilbo were proper asleep before he could fall asleep himself.


~ Three months later ~


Bilbo sat outside his garden late at evening, he know that Smaug were asleep inside after he had worked the whole day long. The hobbit sat with his legs crossed over each other, his pipe in his hand, as he were blowing beautiful grey smoke rings out.

The hobbit looked over Hobbiton, his grey smoke wings flied the same ways as always.

Bilbo closed his eyes softly, he inhaled a deep breath before he took his pipe in his mouth again. This was a good life he had now, Smaug learned each day. Of course about different things, Bilbo then smiled a bit, as he remembered a few weeks again that he tried to teach Smaug to cook in a kitchen.

The humanoid dragon had been annoyed in there, so he figured Smaug couldn't cook without getting angry at the pots and pans.

Bilbo felt something around his shoulders, warm and furry. He opened his eyes a bit, seeing someone settled down beside him.

Bilbo almost got croaked when he inhaled the smoke into the wrong airway, his eyes were on the dwarf there had sat beside him. It was not just any other dwarf, but Thorin Oakenshield himself.

"I start to think that your smoking habit is bad for you, Bilbo Baggins." Thorin said with a small chuckle, he had taken out his own smaller pipe and lighted it up by getting a bit warmth from Bilbo's pipe.

"Y-You gave me an s-shock, how can you e-expect me to react?" Bilbo asked, he coughed a bit and tried to get proper air down in his lungs.

Thorin patted Bilbo's bag, he made sure that the Halfling were alright again after a few minutes.

"I expected you to react the way you always did, even back then." Thorin said, he let the end of his pipe to his lips and looked up at the sky.

"Why are you here, Thorin?" The hobbit asked, he looked at the fur around his shoulders, it has been Thorin's vest that the dwarf had held around him.

"I wanted to visit the best burglar I have even known, now is that a bad thing?" Thorin asked, he let the pipe out from his mouth as he looked at Bilbo.

"No, I just thought you had a kingdom to rule." Bilbo mumbled, he himself sat his own pipe to his mouth.

"I remember the first night when we went on the journey, all us dwarves sat at the fire, where you sat near the cliff from where we camped at." Thorin explained, he smiled softly while he kept his eyes on the sky.

"What exactly are you trying to say, Thorin?" Bilbo asked, while he inhaled another deep breath of his tobacco from the pipe. He let another few grey smoke rings out, they float so peacefully up in the air.

He saw Thorin blew out something too, he made a thin line which hit right into the smoke rings that Bilbo had made, almost as an arrow shooting into a target.

"When you sat on that cliff, all alone and smoked your last tobacco. I went over to you, held my vest over you and sat by your side." Thorin explained, he smiled a little by the memory.

"You even shared the last bit you had, the others had maybe laughed at us. But I found that moment very lovely, it was my way to show that even when I was a jerk. I cared for you under the journey, because the promise of getting you home safe and sound. It was more than that, I wanted you to be safe." Thorin explained.

"I start to remember it, wasn't it around a week into the journey?" Bilbo asked, while he held his pipe out from his mouth and blew out another pair of grey smoke rings.

"The days is similar for me, but they all have been great." Thorin explained.

"That's why, I want to give you something as well, Bilbo." Thorin said, as he held his hand in his pocket and took out a black box.

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