A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


10. Following the instincts.

The Halfling had simply been too exhausted to move away from the floor, by his crying a few hours ago. It had slowly let him get into a soft and peaceful sleep on the floor, his body curled together in a ball. He really shouldn't have done it, it would curse a lot of pain tomorrow.

He just didn't find the way to move himself, he was too tired.

It felt like a dream, when someone had picked him up from the floor. The warming chest, the firm muscular arms, which carried him gently.

So familiar…

Bilbo fluttered his eyes opened, he could only see a bit from his view. The scent got to him as he slowly woke a bit up again.

It was Smaug….

Of course it was…

"Stubborn hobbit, thinking he can sleep on the harden floor?" Smaug had mumbled irritated, he kept a firm hold around his Halfling as he had carried him to the bedroom.

Bilbo only let his eyes close again, his head rested against the humanoid dragon's chest. He soon felt he lied on top at Smaug, the warming from Smaug's chest and stomach made it clear for him.

"I'm sorry…" The Halfling spoke gently with a whispering voice.

He only felt a blanket got over his shoulders, even Smaug's arms, which wrapped around him tightly.

"Sorry? For what thing? Kicking me out from your home, because I told the truth?" Smaug asked, he rested his head on top at Bilbo's. Somehow he was mad, but he couldn't stay mad at his little thief. It wasn't in his nature to be mad at him, at least not now.

"That too, but also for being mad at you." Bilbo mumbled, he closed his eyes again and rested his head against Smaug's shoulder.

"You two really couldn't stop but mock each other, it wasn't what I wanted you to do." He mumbled, the Halfling felt Smaug's hand went under his chin. His head were lifted, just so he could look up to Smaug's face.

"What don't you see, Halfling? He simply called you a burglar, am I right? He won't think you are any worth but a burglar. Me on the other hand, I think you are a lot more worth than the lonely mountain itself." He said, as he leaned his head closer to Bilbo's

"I can see it in your eyes too, you rather want to stay here than going wit-"

"I can speak of my own thank you, Smaug. I'm slightly curious about what Thorin really want from me, why do he wish me to get back to Erebor? I have nothing to do there, yet he came all the way himself. Something isn't right…" Bilbo mumbled, he leaned a bit back from Smaug and sat on top at him.

Smaug only watched his Halfling being in that thinking mode again, he leaned back against the bed, his arms fold behind his head as his head cocked slightly aside.

Even Bilbo noticed how Smaug looked at him, a small blush went to his cheeks. He just looked away and got off Smaug while he said. "I think I need something to drink."

So off he was, Smaug only shrugged while he looked out at the nearby window.

Bilbo went to the kitchen, he started to clean after the dwarves had been there. His mind were on Thorin, the way he looked at him, the way he spoke as if he needed too. Even though, he didn't said a word for it, only his voice sounded like it.

Why did Thorin return back? If not only to scold him, for the simply need of not telling he were alive.

He was irritated now, not to know what Thorin really wanted with him. Should he go visit them at the Prancing Pony? Yes, he should do that.

The Halfling slowly walked back to the bedroom, seeing that Smaug were already asleep. He must had been exhausted? He quickly left a note on the kitchen table, before he got ready and left his lovely home.

He know it would take him a few hours, only because he were on foot. Even so, if Smaug found the note, he do be mad somehow. Bilbo though, he had known Smaug almost a bit over a year now. The humanoid dragon could be pissed off easily, special when Bilbo somehow sat himself in danger.


~ Prancing Pony ~


"I think he do show up on a point, Thorin. Ya still haven't told what it is you want with Bilbo, he is home as we promised the wizard. He found his way home, why return to him?" Balin asked, he had seen Thorin standing by a window and looked out at the streets.

"What I want with our burglar, is a case between him and me, Balin. I do wish to speak alone if he arrive to Prancing Pony, is that too much to ask for?" Thorin asked, he turned a bit so he looked over at Balin.

The elder dwarf could easily see something were up, now that he thought about it. Bilbo and Thorin had been strange under the whole journey, they had some sort of weird connection between each other.

"I believe you will speak with him soon." Balin said, he had made a node outside when he had seen a smaller form getting near Prancing Pony. Balin slowly left, he went out from Thorin's room so he could let the two of them speak as soon Bilbo got inside.

Bilbo hardly got inside the Prancing Pony before he were pulled into some strong arms, Kili who had been down in the front along with his brother Fili had welcome him.

"Kili, glad to see you." Bilbo said with a small voice, all the hugging part were still a thing Bilbo weren't used to. What have he done to deserve such thing from the dwarves? He still wasn't sure, but it must be something important maybe?

"I'm happier to see you, Bilbo." Kili said, he had leaned back from the hug and studied Bilbo for a while. "Last time I saw you on close stand, you looked a lot more…thicker. Now you are terrible thin, what happened to second breakfast?" Kili asked with a low chuckle.

"Come to think about it, maybe I forgot that sort of thing." Bilbo mumbled, he had rubbed the back of his neck where he looked a bit around him.

"If you are looking for my uncle, he is in his room. Up the stairs, sixth door to the left." Kili said, as he had pointed at the stairs to where Bilbo should go.

"I- uhm thank you. I will see you later then, Kili." Bilbo said with a small smile, he passed the two brothers where he had made a node at Fili.

As Bilbo slowly got up to Thorin's room, he only stood outside the door. His eyes were on it too, but his mind where some other place.

Should he really do it?

Should he go in, speak to Thorin and ask him straight out?

Bilbo raised his hand and slowly went to knock on the wooden door, but as soon as he was about to do it, the door opened.

Bilbo who still stood with his hand raised, stared up at Thorin. He lowered his hand fast again, almost as if this had been awkward enough.

"You came." Thorin said, but it was more a statement than a question. Thorin opened the door more, he made a hand for Bilbo to get inside.

The Halfling made a node, he had stepped inside where he heard the door closed behind him.

"I do want to ask-"Bilbo yelped when he were pulled a bit hard backward and into a firm chest, he felt the strong arms around him from Thorin.

Why did he do this?

"T-Thorin…" He mumbled weakly, but the embrace only stayed strong and firm.

Bilbo only went silence after Thorin didn't react, he really didn't know what he wanted from him.

The minutes slowly went by, Bilbo didn't know how long actually they stood like this.

So he would try again, maybe Thorin do react this time.

"Thorin…I do li-Uhmm!" His voice were cut off, as Bilbo felt hot lips against his own. He was shocked, he didn't know how to react. Only that his instincts took over him.

Bilbo pushed Thorin away, he took a deep breath and looked shocked up at the king from Erebor. He got out from Thorin's hold, he took a step back, then another.

´"Bilbo…" Thorin's voice were soft as his name were spoken, it gave a shiver down at his spine. He had never heard Thorin speak his name like that, nor even mention it to many times.

"Come with me to Erebor, leave this place and get back to the place you should be." Thorin said, he had dared to take a step closer toward Bilbo.

What?! No, this couldn't be right! What could Thorin possible be speaking?

"I-I don't belong in Erebor, that's your home, your place to be. Mine is in Shire, with-"

"Don't tell me you have accepted that bloody dragon! What did he do?! Promised to protect you, promised that he could give you anything you wished for!?" Thorin's voice thundered, while he had interrupted Bilbo.

Oh yes, he know what Smaug that slimy slug had been doing. The mark on Bilbo's shoulder had spoken it for them, he had never though that Smaug would save the burglar after all. However, he had been surprised.

"I-I.." Bilbo stuttered. No Smaug haven't really promised him anything, only that he would take care of him. That's what Bilbo at least though, was there more in it than he could think about?

Bilbo stepped back while Thorin walked closer to him, he held his hand into his pocket. Somehow he felt like Thorin was a threat, he felt like he should get out before things went to the worse.

"Tell me Burglar! What did he promise you?!" Thorin's mad voice spoke harder, it was a pure shock for Bilbo.

He felt the warm ring between his fingers, he had almost been close to put it on, but the door behind Thorin suddenly got slammed opened.

Bilbo's eyes were connected with a pair of golden glowing and angry eyes from Smaug.

Indeed, Smaug were angry.

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