A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


11. Battle of Bilbo

Bilbo stared at Smaug for a whole minute, he couldn't believe how fast Smaug had been- oh right. He had wings to carry him farther than anyone could walk.

"S-Smaug…" the Halfling spoke the humanoid dragon's name. He didn't want them to fight, he didn't want them to shout names at each other.

"What pray tell are you doing here, slug?" Thorin's voice were sternly, his eyes narrowed at the humanoid dragon.

"Getting my Halfling back, he should never go alone to this place." Smaug said, he had moved slightly aside to get over beside Bilbo.

"Excuse me! You Halfling?!" Thorin's voice thundered, Bilbo went over behind Smaug, he grabbed a hold on Smaug's arm and tried to pull him away from Thorin.

Why could his life never be normal?

"Yes, my Halfling." Smaug snapped, he had pulled Bilbo in front at him and ripped a bit into Bilbo's shirt. The Halfling let out a squeaked, he tried to cover himself, but Smaug hold him on a way where he couldn't.

"I bite him, I gave up my power to change into dragon to safe him! He is mine! He is My One!" The humanoid dragon snapped, he had showed Thorin the bite mark on Bilbo's shoulder.

The Halfling felt tears welling up, this wasn't good. He didn't want them to fight, why couldn't they understand?!

Not enough with that, Smaug had been rough this moment. He haven't thought about Bilbo, how he do feel when he ripped his shirt a bit apart to show the bite mark.

"S-Smaug-"his voice were teary, he just wanted to get home now. He-he wanted this to end.

"You bite him because you are greedy, you always want something there doesn't belong to you! Your slimy fat slug! If not It's another one's home, then it's another one's life and love!" Thorin thundered, he reached for his sword and pointed it toward Smaug.

"Let the Halfling go!" He ordered, his voice angry and sternly by now.

Smaug growled deeply, his eyes narrowed at Thorin while he hold Bilbo closer to his chest. Bilbo whined, it hurts! The way Smaug hold him weren't normal, almost as if Bilbo where a simply thing, some sort of treasure there didn't have life at all.

"S-Smaug..." The hobbit breathed in a teary voice, he tried to make Smaug let go at him.

Then it all happened so fast, Bilbo where thrown aside, almost hitting the wall. He didn't thought twice, the Halfling held his shirt proper over him. He then ran toward the door and went out, why could he never just have a normal moment?

"Bilbo?" He heard a few of the dwarves voices calling his name, they had maybe been scared to look at him with teary eyes.

The Halfling didn't listen thought, he just went out from the place and ran away.

As soon he were out from the small town, he sank onto his knees nearby a small river. He clung his arms around himself, the fresh tears ran down at his cheek and dipped on the ground.

He didn't even noticed the rain there slowly hoboed up above the sky, it slowly made his surroundings covert with fresh fallen rain.

All Bilbo cared for right now, were only to get home and be alone. He should turn down Smaug if he came back, he should never had signed up for the quest. Then he wouldn't be in this state right now, and-

He didn't manage to think farther, he yelped when something grabbed his hair and pulled him back. His arms and legs were hold down, where he noticed the stinky smell.

Orcs had a hold on him, Bilbo tried to struggled, but as soon as he did, a sharp knife were hold against his throat.

The Halfling didn't dare to clear his throat, in that affect that his throat do be cut.

"So is this the Halfling? The one and only who had been with Oakenshield?" He heard a voice speak, even though it didn't sounded like he do speak the normal language.

"I saw him with Oakenshield, it can only be the one!" Another one said exited, as he hold Bilbo's head backwards.

"P-Please let me go!" Bilbo pleaded, he looked up at the Orc who stood in front at him.

White Orc, no hand but only a replacement of it. Scars all over his skin, even so he looked very angrily.

"If you are Oakenshields company at his 'journey' I will only keep you. That is only for getting that dwarf out from his hideout, even so I can kill you in front at him to make him suffer!" Azog smirked, he held his own sword out and pointed it right at Bilbo's chin.

"That do be a pleasant thing, then maybe he can suffer before Oakenshield die himself." He said, a disgusting smirk appeared at Azog's lips. He kept his sword at Bilbo's chin, however, he were soon interrupt by a huge roar in anger.

The Orc's turned, only to see one angry humanoid Dragon and a very angry Thorin Oakenshield along with his company of dwarves.

Azog grabbed Bilbo by his hair, he held the Halfling in front at him and held the sword against Bilbo's throat.

"Let him go!" Smaug roared at the top at his lungs, his wings unfold to show he still were a dangerous dragon.

"What if I don't? I could slit his throat that easily, even he won't be able to call out the one he truly care for." Azog said, he smirked even more while he held the sword closer to Bilbo's throat.

The Halfling clung his hands at Azog's arm, he tried to make the sword away from his throat, but it were to no use at all. The Orc were simply stronger than he were, the Halfling then looked over at Smaug and Thorin.

Neither of them were against each other, was this all they needed to get through? That Bilbo himself should be in danger, so they could work together to safe him?


They wouldn't listen to him, but as soon he were in danger they could make peace to safe him? Then what if they did? Would they return to argue who should be with him?

Didn't he have a choice in this?

He whined, he felt a slightly cut at his throat. The warm liquid slowly rolled down at his neck, he knew it was his blood. However, he also knew that he wasn't dead yet. It was only a test, to see how Thorin and Smaug do react.

How would they react?

Bilbo couldn't handle to look at them, not now at least.

It all happened so fast, he felt he were yanked away from Azog, in the next shootings and roars were heard.

The Halfling tried to get away, he didn't want to be between the fight. However, as he tried to run, he felt someone grabbing him, pushing him around or pull him backward.

The Halfling ended at the ground, he only managed to look at an Orc.

A breathe left him, while he felt his chest where speared. The sword which he had in him, twisted and turned so he only went through even more pain.

"Someone surely will die, that someone shall be you!" The Orc said as he laughed out loud.

Bilbo had no strength left, he had no fight in his body right now. He could only feel how the Orc pressed the sword harder in his chest, his hand had been on the shaft of the blade. He tried to give it a last pull to get it out, but his hand slowly dropped.

The darkness surrounded his eyes, he heard nothing but battle cries around him as his world vanished.

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