A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


8. As the time went, a new journey should begin.


~Erebor 8 months after Bilbo died~


Thorin were looking out at the kingdom from his window, he haven't been out from his room for a few days now. He hardly ate, he hardly drank. He did nothing to take care of his health, he didn't even let anyone entering his bed chambers.

He just wanted to be alone, his eyes were on the forest a few miles away from the mountain. The forest he so long time ago saw Smaug taking the burglar to. He had done a mistake, he had lost his burglar. More importantly, he didn't make his promise fulfilled.

His promise to get The Burglar home again, it was not fulfilled, Thorin hated himself for not hold his promise. The wizard had been angry, not that he thought the wizard do be happy about the news.

Thorin didn't turn when a knocking was on his door, he simply stared out to the forest.

"Uncle." Kili's voice called out, he sounded a bit upset or worried for that sake.

"Uncle!" Kili called again, he knocked a bit harder on the door. "A letter from the Elves in Rivendell, it's good news uncle!" He called at him. He felt a bit sad over Thorin wouldn't get out, why didn't he just want to get out for once?

"What news should they bring? If it's a deal about peace, the answer is no." Thorin said, he had strolled over toward the door and opened it so he looked at his nephew.

"Even I wanted it to be like that, sadly it isn't." Kili said, he handed the letter to Thorin as he kept looking at his uncle.

Thorin took the letter, he opened it and looked down at the text. It was from the wizard, he did know that the wizard would try and return here on one point, but what the heck where he doing in Rivendell?

Thorin held the letter closer, as he were reading the text below.



It come to my attention, that our burglar isn't dead but indeed truly alive. Elrond has spoken with me, he took in Bilbo Baggins along with… a stranger who followed him along. He has returned to his home in Shire, this is an information you should know.

Ever so kind words.

Gandalf The Grey.


Thorin's eyes wide, he read the letter at least three times more. The burglar, he was alive!?

"Uncle?" Kili asked, he looked at Thorin with fold arms and curious eyes.

"Settle our horses, for those who want to make a trip to Shire are free to follow." Thorin said, he fold the letter and pocket it. He went pass his nephew and went down at the halls, just in time to see Balin on his way to the throne room.

"Get the horses ready Balin, we are going to Shire." Thorin informed him, he had walked right past Balin after that as he went down at the stairs.

"Thorin! What are you up too now?" Balin asked, he had went after Thorin.

"Our Burglar is alive, in Shire to his home." Thorin said, he heard Balin stopped behind him.

"Did ya finally understand what we tried to say? Did ya realize that he could be alive? Oh no of course Thorin Oakenshield wouldn't wish a thought on that, he was just a burglar for you right, lad?" Balin asked, somehow he know that he had gotten through Thorin now. At least his words had, he could see that Thorin turned to him.

"Next time Balin, do kick me if I ever start to change again like I did." Thorin told him, he had then continued down at the stairs.

Balin only smiled, he fold his arms as he looked after Thorin.

"It was on time that gold-sickness went off." He mumbled for himself, as he turned to get the others ready who wanted to join.

This would be another long journey, Balin know that since it had been a long journey to Erebor. Who knows? Maybe the journey wouldn't be as long on their way back?

With those thoughts, Balin simply went to the rest of the Dwarves.


~Shire Hobbiton / 13 months after leaving Erebor~


Bilbo opened his eyes very softly, he yawned a bit into the firm chest he lied against. It was not really early in the morning, nor late at night. Just between it, he noticed since it was still dark outside.

Bilbo slowly lifted himself from Smaug's arms, he looked at the humanoid dragon with a soft smile. Who know that Smaug could be peaceful like that?

The hobbit got out from Smaug's arms, he held the blanket over the humanoid dragon.

He had slept for so long, but now he couldn't sleep more. He could get up and do something useful, well at least until Smaug do awoke from his sleep.

Bilbo had walked out into the kitchen, some tea and bread with honey sounded so wonderful right now.

Bilbo where about to set the kettle over, it was there he heard a hard knocking on the front door.

"SHH!" by the startled moment, Bilbo really didn't wanted Smaug to be awake by a loud noise. He knew how he had been the last past year, the fact that he couldn't turn dragon, he wasn't as strong like before.

"Who the…who is here in that late at night." He mumbled, as he walked out from his kitchen to the front door.

If It were another hobbit from his family, coming to claim they wanted something of value he swear that he would kick them away.

Bilbo opened the door, he was about to say something, but then the words were stuck in his throat.

He looked at Thorin Oakenshield, along with the rest of the company who had been on the long journey.

Bilbo were speechless.

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