A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


9. An Uncomfortable Talk.

Bilbo only stared at Thorin for a few seconds, he walked backward when the dwarf king walked inside. He just didn't know what to say, he didn't know what he could do other than being quite, the look at Thorin's face weren't to welcoming.

"Ever heard of a letter? Saying you would be fine, going home to where you came from?" Thorin asked, his eyes locked with Bilbo's

"I-I…" Bilbo stuttered, he really didn't know what he should do.

"Did it not come to your mind that we wanted to know if you had survived Smaug's claw? It didn't hit you at all that we were worried for you?" Thorin asked, each question only seem to beat Bilbo down a few inches, he really haven't thought about it, not that he wouldn't let them know.

"Thorin I-"Bilbo again stuttered a bit, but this time he stopped speaking as a loud growling were heard behind him.

The hobbit yelped, Smaug had pulled him back and hugged him to his chest, showing off his huge wings where his tail wrapped around Bilbo.

"Oh great." Bilbo mumbled.

He even saw the Dwarves took out their weapons, Thorin looking mad as he looked at Smaug.

"What is that beast doing here? Has he held you captured in your own home?" Thorin asked, his voice demanding but dangerous sounding too. If they needed to slaughter that humanoid dragon to make their burglar safe, so be it.

"You won't take this treasure away from me, Oakenshield. You got your mountain back, stop hunting us down and get back to be the king under the mountain." Smaug snapped, he kept a firm hold on Bilbo, his tail wrapped tighter around Bilbo's waist.

Why do he feel so humiliated right now? Oh right, a humanoid dragon were trying to keep him away from a pack of dwarves there surely could kill him easily.

"If I shall keep him safe from you, I gladly kill you and use your head as a candle holder." Thorin hissed, he already held his sword ready to fight.

"STOP IT!" Bilbo shouted out, he made Smaug let go at him as he got between the two alphas in there. Clearly, Smaug and Thorin weren't on terms fair enough, but that didn't mean they should fight, in his house! In his home!

"Even you two stop being idiots, or I forbid any of you to be near me again!" Bilbo threat, he looked from the dragon to the dwarf. Seeing their expressions on their face that he made a clear warning, he knew they both had some sort of feeling for him. Just not which feelings it were, he just hope for the best.

"Way to go Bilbo." Kili said with a chuckle, he had taken off his weapons and placed them in the chest nearby him.

"I really don't want to fight, so better be off with the weapons, right uncle?" Kili asked, he had poked lightly to Thorin. Even though Thorin and Smaug were having a starring contest with each other, maybe to see who the Alpha was between them.

"Urgh! You two!" Bilbo grumbled, he grabbed Thorin's arm and held the sword down.

"When do any of you listen to a hobbit?! I'm getting sick and tired of this thing, you two are worser than two trolls!" Bilbo said with a mad voice, he pushed Smaug away from Thorin. "Bedroom, now!" He demanded, the humanoid dragon. "You!" He said, as he pointed at Thorin "Dinner room, along with the rest of you!" He said, as he vanished into his bedroom with Smaug.

"Well better reaction than expected, what do you say Uncle?" Kili asked, he just walked to the dinner room that he found familiar from the first day they had gotten here.

Thorin didn't answer, he simply walked with the rest of his dwarves to the dinner room. Something were wrong with the Burglar, he weren't himself.

Bilbo had pushed Smaug down in the bed, he had tried to keep calm, but he couldn't find the rest in his mind to do so. All 13 dwarves back again in his little home, there weren't space enough for them all. Look at last time! They could hardly fit into the dinner room.

He yelped again, Smaug had pulled him into the bed and settled him on top at his lap.

"Smaug let go" Bilbo mumbled, his hands had been on Smaug's chest as the Halfling looked at the humanoid dragon.

"Don't let them take you away, you are home! You are safe! What are they doing here?!" Smaug demanded answers now, he didn't like dwarves getting into their home.

"I didn't though about sending him a letter, I believe he is mad over I didn't gave a sign to I was alive." Bilbo mumbled, he gently held his hand at Smaug's cheek.

"Please don't be m-"

"It doesn't matter what you should have done, if he thought you were dead, he wouldn't return here." Smaug grumbled, he had lifted Bilbo off his lap and went out from the bedroom.

"Smaug!" Bilbo called, he could hear the front door slammed behind the humanoid dragon.

Great, he had an angry dragon, 13 dwarves in his dinner room. What more could he possibly get?

Bilbo sat on the bed for a moment, he felt like the world slowly started to change around him again.

The hobbit took a deep breath, he calmed his head where he then left his bedroom.

When he had entered the dinner room, he couldn't handle but laugh a bit. The dwarves had done the same thing like last time, making all his food on the tables and started eating. What more could he expect them to do?

"Master Baggins, come eat with us. At least we can have a talk under some good food, don't you think?" Balin asked, he had made a hand to a seat near Thorin.

Bilbo looked at them for a while, he did know that they just wanted the best. Even though, the memory of Thorin in Smaug's lair. It still scared him, how easily he had changed to get a hold of The Arkenstone.

"I believe it's a good thing yes, thanks Balin." The Halfling walked to the seat that Balin had point out for him, even though his body were tends over to sit beside Thorin.

He could feel Thorin's eyes were on him, even when he didn't looked at him. Most of the Dwarves just asked him a few question, also how it was to return back home. Of course Bilbo answered them nicely, even at times he needed to think about the question.

"Then what about the dragon?" Thorin had asked, he had almost been sipping his glass.

"Well, as you might saw…" Bilbo said, he had fold his hands at his lap. "I wasn't in the best condition after what happened, but Smaug actually saved me. He gave up his dragon form an-"

"I told you so Thorin!" Balin had interrupted, he had looked at Thorin where Bilbo had looked between them.

"It doesn't look like Smaug would do such thing for a simple burglar, he then surprised me by doing that thing." Thorin said, he had sat his glass down and looked at the rest of the company.

"It means too that he is weak, we can still make sure he cannot return so we-"

"We do not do anything!" Bilbo interrupted Thorin, his eyes glaring daggers at Thorin.

"Smaug don't want to return to Erebor, he like it around here. You got Erebor, you got the gold, so what do you gain from slaying Smaug? Nothing. Oh no wait." Bilbo said, as he stood while his hands were on the table.

"You gain the thing to lose my respect toward you, that's what you are about to gain. Hurt Smaug, then you won't have my respect or trust anymore." Bilbo said, he had held his chair away and went to walk out from the dinner room.

He felt a hand grabbed his wrist, he thought it was Thorin, but when he turned to scold him. He saw Kili instead, his eyes almost got soft on that moment.

"Bilbo, I know my uncle very well. He just wish you to be safe, Smaug haven't been the best….dragon on our minds. I believe he just want to make sure Smaug doesn't hurt you, can't you give him that a small though?" Kili asked, he had gently let go again at Bilbo's wrist.

"I can understand, but I don't like that people try to hurt someone they barley know. I have travel with Smaug for a long time, almost as long as I traveled with you guys." Bilbo explained, he saw all the dwarves looked curious on him.

"He kept me safe doing the nights, he carried me when I didn't slept for days. He even got hurt, just to protect me. If that isn't a change Smaug, then I don't know what's right or wrong anymore." He told him, his eyes went over to Thorin for a moment.

"He broke his wing, to protect me from an 'unknown' people he thought there were chasing us. It took a month, if not more to make it proper again. Smaug changed, I don't know if it was doing my company in the mountain. But he did and I'm proud of him for changing." He said, when he looked at a few Dwarves, he saw their eyes were not on him but at something behind him.

Bilbo felt an arm slipped around his waist, a chin on top at his head too. Oh of course, right on time.

"Barrel Rider is right, I changed a lot when he lost our bet." Smaug said, he kept his Halfling close to his chest. Mostly to show that no one should take him away, also that no one should get near.

"Barrel Rider?" Thorin asked, he had even let a chuckle escape his lips.

"See that's a name there would match well to our burglar, what more names have you giving him?" Thorin asked, he had looked at Smaug, but his face also went to a blank expression.

"I have giving my Barrel Rider many names, names he even don't want me to speak more. Even though I like them, they match well to him." Smaug said, his arms kept being tight around Bilbo's waist.

"Don't…" Bilbo mumbled, he know to that Smaug would love to tease him with the names.

"What may those names be?" Thorin asked simply, he had fold his hands at the table while he studied the two of them.

"Smaug…" Bilbo warned, he could even feel by Smaug's chin that he were smirking toward the king under the mountain.

"Thief, Barrel Rider, Riddle Maker, Halfling, little hobbit, but the precious of them all." He said, as he had lean his head down to Bilbo's neck. Smaug's eyes kept being connected with Thorin's, a smirk appeared at Smaug's lips.

"My Treasure." He said, as he had slipped a bit of Bilbo's shirt down to show a bite mark.

Bilbo felt his cheeks turning red, he held his shirt up again to cover it. But he yelped as Smaug pulled him back, as there went shouting's into the dinner room.

"How dare you!?" A few of the dwarves shouted, but the one who were louder were Thorin.

Smaug kept Bilbo close to him, a wing went down to cover his treasure from the others. "How I dare? I dare a lot, he was dying and I saved him. He belongs to me now, no one else. That's why he is my little treasure, this one is mine." Smaug said, he had glared at Thorin when he saw Thorin took out his sword again.

"Why would you care, Oakenshield? He was nothing but a Burglar to you, am I right? His mission were only to get The Arkenstone, but you never planned that he would survive in there, now did you?" Smaug asked, he held Bilbo behind him as he let out a loud growl.

"I will spear your heart out dragon! May it rot in a jar buried deep inside the mountain!" Thorin's angry voice went to Bilbo, he couldn't take it much more.

Bilbo got out from Smaug's hold and went in front at him. "Stop it now!" He snapped, he had hold his arms out to protect Smaug from Thorin.

"You sat the value for the Halfling and found him worth nothing, admit it Oakenshield. Your burglar were only a mean to an end, you only wanted him to steal The Arkenstone. Even though, I'm curious about what you did promise him?" Smaug asked, he had held his hands at Bilbo's shoulders. A smirk still being on his lips.

"A share of the treasure? As if it was yours to give, let me tell this. I can easily return my power from the Halfling, taking back what I gave." Smaug said, it was there Bilbo's eyes wide. No, he couldn't. Could he? B-But Smaug wouldn't do that, he know.

"I can transform into my dragon form, easily steal back the mountain from you. Is it that you wish, Oakenshield?" Smaug asked, he had tugged Bilbo backward, so Bilbo leaned against Smaug's chest.

"Even if you did that, I would fight against you." Thorin spat, his sword kept being in his hand.

"For what? Only to get that mountain under your hold? You are mad Oakenshield, you do not see the value of your own life. Those who want you safe, those who wish you the best. Your mind always will return to the mountain, you are that greedy of a dwarf." Smaug snapped, his eyes narrowed on the dwarf.

"You sat everyone around you in danger, just to get back a mountain with lots of gold. Can't you see?" The humanoid dragon then leaned down to Bilbo, he made sure his hobbit were close to him.

"Stop…just please stop it. Both of you." Bilbo begged, his voice lower than a whispering voice.

Bilbo could feel the tears welling up behind his eyes, he didn't want to cry. He had one enough of that, he wasn't going to be weak now.

"At least I am not a slug, being lazy and fat while sleeping under the coins of Erebor." Thorin said back, his sword went up and pointed at Smaug.

"Out." Bilbo said, his fists being tight and shaking this time. "Out, just get out! NOW!" Bilbo shouted at them, he didn't wanted them in here anymore. He wanted them out!

"Thorin, do as he says." Balin said, he had placed a hand at Thorin's shoulder.

"If you want to speak with us anytime Bilbo, we are staying at the Prancing Pony." Balin explained, he had held Thorin with him out, the other Dwarves followed them.

When the front door closed behind the dwarves, Smaug held his arm around Bilbo's waist. He was denied, since Bilbo grabbed it and pushed it away.

"You, out too!" He snapped in a shakily voice.

"Is it really that you wish, my little treasure?" Smaug asked, his voice being soft and silky.

Inside Bilbo do admit it, no he didn't wanted Smaug to go. Even thought, he was very mad at them both.

He simply made a node, he didn't wanted to look at Smaug. He only heard the humanoid Dragon walked back, the sound of the front door opened and then closed again.

It was there Bilbo broke down, why should his life be like this? Why did he ever leave his home from the start?

The Halfling fell on his knees, his hands being at his head while the hot tears ran down at his cheeks.

"I should never had run out from my door." He whispered, his voice being teary.

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