A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


7. A surprise in the forest.


~6 months later~


Bilbo opened his eyes very slowly, he could feel that his body where moving. The last thing he did remember before he went to sleep, was that he were lying close to Smaug. They had found a cave to sleep in, even though Smaug had been a bit tends to be in there.

Now, he felt like someone was carrying him. He yawned a bit, his hand went to his eye and rubbed it a bit. Indeed, he was being carried and he felt like this was a piggy ride, since he was on the back of Smaug.

"Why didn't you just wake me up, Smaug?" The hobbit mumbled, he rested his head on Smaug's shoulder, his eyes already half closed again.

"You haven't slept for days, I thought you did need it. However, I said I wasn't happy to sleep in the cave. I was right about it, something were wrong, Goblins. "He said with a low growl, Smaug stopped when Bilbo poked him at his ear.

"Stop that growling, you aren't really a dragon anymore." Bilbo mumbled, he wrapped his arms a bit more around Smaug's neck and rested his head closer to the humanoid dragon's neck.

"I have right to growl when I want to, because they almost got us both. It's a luck that you didn't woke while I got you away, I didn't want to deal with you freaking out." Smaug mumbled, he ducked when a tree branch had been low as he then continued to walk in the forest.

"To your information, I have already been fighting with Goblins before, even with a weird Creature in some Goblins caves." Bilbo told him, he patted Smaug at his shoulder, a sign to that he do want to get down now.

"I'm carrying you, that's it!" Smaug snapped, he made a small lift at Bilbo to adjust the Halfling on his back.

"Why are you in such a bad mode? Did something happen?" Bilbo asked, he had leaned a bit forward so he could look at Smaug's face. "Go on, what happen?" He asked, his voice clearly demanded answers from the humanoid dragon.

"Nothing happened! The goblins only tried to take us, sadly they didn't know who they tried to fight." Smaug said, a small smirk appeared at his lips while he looked ahead for him.

"You got hurt, didn't you, Smaug?" The hobbit asked, his voice low as a whispering voice.

By the way Smaug didn't answer, he could clearly see and understand that he got damaged.

"Moron, do you know that?" Bilbo mumbled, this time he forced himself to get down from Smaug's back. "Let me see, right now without you making a fuss." Even there, Bilbo know that Smaug wouldn't try to hide it more.

The Halfling helped Smaug to sit underneath a tree, he knelt down in front at Smaug while the humanoid dragon held out his left arm. Bilbo could see a deep cut from a sword, maybe a dagger or close to that.

"How long have you walked around with that, Smaug?" Bilbo asked, his voice slightly annoyed while he held Smaug's arm to him very careful.

"A few hours, it's not that bad. I might not be in my dragon form anymore, but I still have the features of a dragon. Even so I-"

"A very stupid one, to think you could survive with so much blood lost." Bilbo interrupted, he held his hand down to his shirt, he then ripped a piece off, which was long enough to be a bandage.

"What are you doing?!" Smaug said with a demanding and growling voice.

"Helping you! So stop the fuss!" Bilbo snapped this time, he really was traveling with a stubborn Dragon after all.

"Were you also like this with the Dwarves? Or were you their burden to carry?" Smaug asked curiously, his eyes looked up at Bilbo to see if he do speak out the truth.

As Bilbo had wrapped the cloth around Smaug's wound, he couldn't really try to hide how his face was like. It showed a bit of sadness, yet he didn't really speak a word.

"Well, Barrel Rider?" Smaug asked, his hand gently grabbed Bilbo's. His thumb very gently stroked the back of Bilbo's hand.

"In the start, I felt like I only where a burden for them. I wasn't used to be out from my home, so being on the quest, on that journey away from Shire. It wasn't my thing, if I didn't stumbled, then I couldn't fight, I really just…tripped through the whole thing where one of them would catch me before I fall." Bilbo said, he had looked a bit down, but he felt Smaug's hand getting on his chin. He looked up, as Smaug held his head a few inches up.

"If you ask me, Bilbo. When a king request for a Burglar and he doesn't treat him well under his quest, he haven't been the best of man to take care of his own folk." Smaug said, his voice soft while he stroked Bilbo's cheek a bit.

"A Halfling like you, have been the thing they needed. I already told you it back at the mountain, he used you. I will go so far and say he didn't even care in the end, why would he?" Smaug asked him, even though he got a slap at his hand right after.

"Stop speaking as if you knew them, you didn't." Bilbo said, he stood and started to walk ahead.

"You still didn't said what he promised you!" Smaug called out, he got up and went after Bilbo.

"Did he promise a share of that treasure? As if it was his to give out, of course we have spoken about this. But you never answered me about it, not truthful at least." Smaug said, as he grabbed Bilbo's wrist.

The hobbit tried to make the humanoid Dragon let go at him, but Smaug pulled him closer and lifted him so he got on his back again.

"I still carry you, stop making a fuss." Smaug said, just the way Bilbo had spoken to him.

"You can be such a stupid lizard! Do you know that?!" Bilbo snapped, he fold his arms before he rested his head against Smaug's from behind.

"I have been called worst, yet your words hits the hardest on me." Smaug said, he had adjusted Bilbo on his bag. He then continued to walk through the forest, as the Halfling had been on his back.

"Stupid lizard" Bilbo mumbled again, his arms slowly slipped around Smaug's neck to keep him closer against his dragon.

"I promised to take care of you, did I not?" Smaug asked, his thumb stroked lightly Bilbo's leg, as he had continued his walk with his hobbit on his back.

"You did" Bilbo replied, his voice lower and softer.

"You said you trust me, did you not?" Smaug asked, they had walked pass a few trees with web wrapped around them. Not that Smaug really cared to notice it by now, he had a hobbit he wanted to get in a good mode again.

"I do." The Halfling insisted, he rested his head closer to Smaug's neck. He could feel that his body started to relax again, he was indeed tired. Maybe Smaug were right, he should sleep while he could.

"So trust me on my words, I will not let anyone harm you more." Smaug said, he turned his head a bit to look at his hobbit. A small smile appeared on his lips, while he saw Bilbo softly had been asleep again.

Smaug looked forward again, he should watch out for where he walked.

It might took a few hours, but at least they had been going on for a long time. Six months had been a long time, Smaug were still impressed by his little Halfling. The fact that the hobbit wanted to join the quest, getting farther away from his home.

No one that Smaug knew or have heard about would do such thing, something were special about his Halfling. Maybe that's why he liked him, maybe that's why he wanted to protect his little thief.

Smaug stopped, he listen to the forest around him. Something were wrong, the birds didn't tweet. The forest were to silent right now, it could only mean one thing…

Spiders, giant spiders.

Smaug started to run, he kept Bilbo close on his back while he went through the forest. He needed to get them safe, he needed them to hide until the danger was over.

He could hear them, the spiders were after them. He was not letting them get a hold of his Halfling, he was not to let them hurt him.

"Smaug…." Bilbo mumbled, his voice tired and weak.

"Go to sleep, I got you Barrel Rider." Smaug mumbled, he jumped over a rotten tree, which had fallen down to the ground long time ago.

"What's going on-"

Smaug stopped, he growled a bit as a few spiders were in front at them.

Bilbo had opened his eyes, he looked at the few spiders in front at them and his eyes went wide.

"Not again." He whined, while he jumped down from Smaug's bag. He held his hand to his sword, oh they would know this sword, since it was them there be named it for him long time ago.

"Remember this? Stings. Stings very much!" Bilbo said, he swung his sword toward one of the spiders who dared getting near them.

"Halfling no!" Smaug snapped, he grabbed Bilbo's arm and pulled him back, even though Bilbo hit the spider.

"Stop saying I can't do a thing! It's me who have been here before, while you have been sleeping under a lot of coins!" Bilbo snapped, he yelped as he got pulled away from Smaug.

"Told you!" Smaug snapped, as he went after Bilbo, he grabbed his Halflings hand and pulled him away from the spider who had grabbed him.

"They are too many to slay!" Smaug said, he growled again as he held Bilbo against his chest. His wings covert over them both, as he tried to hide away from the spiders.

The sound of a spider getting slaughter was heard, Smaug had looked up above him and Bilbo. Elves, what more could go wrong?

Smaug took the chance, he grabbed Bilbo and got him on his back where he started to run, he then fold his wings out so he could be faster. Making himself and Bilbo fly a bit above the ground, he could hear a few of the Elves were hunting after them.

Smaug suddenly fell from his flying, something had claps around his wings and tied them together. He had let go at Bilbo, throwing him into a bush as Smaug himself rolled on the ground and hit a tree. He let out a groaned, his wings were tied so he had no chance to try and fly away with Bilbo more.

"Don't more." A voice called, as an arrow where pointed at Smaug.

Smaug growled, his eyes narrowed at the Elf, however, he remind unmoving.

"What are a creature like you, doing into the forests nearby Rivendell?" The Elf asked, it was easy to hear for Smaug that they had been closer than they thought.

He didn't answered though, he simply growled at the Elf.

"Elrond!" Bilbo called out, he had gotten out from the bush and dust his clothes off.

"Bilbo Baggins…" Elrond said, he had lowered his bow and arrow a bit, only enough to not make a big threat toward the Humanoid dragon.

"I started to think it was Mirkwood we ended in, those elves aren't very friendly." Bilbo mumbled, he made a small point at Elrond's bow "Put that down please, he doesn't hurt anyone." Bilbo said, he had gotten over to Smaug and knelt down to him.

"Are you certain, Master Baggins?" Elrond asked, his arrow still pointed a bit at the humanoid dragon.

"I'm certain, if he wanted to hurt anyone, trust me he do have eaten me long time ago or let me die." Bilbo explained, he got to Smaug's wings to have a look.

"Does it hurt?" the Halfling asked, his eyes were on Smaug's face as he lightly touched the wings.

A hiss escaped Smaug's mouth, but his eyes stayed narrowed at Elrond.

"Smaug…" Bilbo whispered, his hand got on Smaug's cheek.

"Smaug?!" Elrond asked, his bow went up again and pointed at Smaug.

"Stop it Elrond!" Bilbo snapped, he got in front at Smaug and held his arms out to protect the humanoid dragon. His eyes locked with Elrond's for a moment.

"He won't harm anyone! Is there no one in this word, who even want to listen to a hobbit for once?!" Bilbo asked, he kept his arms out while he felt Smaug wrap his arm around his waist.

"If that is Smaug, the dragon from Erebor he shall be killed. He isn't to trust, he isn't a good 'person' Bilbo Baggins." Elrond said, his eyes kept being on Smaug.

"If Smaug isn't a good enough creature, why would he give up his powers to turn dragon so he could safe me?!" Bilbo asked, his voice hard and sternly as he held his hand on Smaug's there was on his waist.

"A greedy dragon would never give up powers like that, especially not Smaug from Erebor." Elrond said, however, he lowered his bow as he looked at the hobbits face.

"However, I believe the words from a truthful hobbit. But I warn you Bilbo Baggins, if he is up to no good. My folk won't hesitated to kill him, is that understood?" Elrond asked, he had sat his arrow back into the bag and his bow over his shoulder.

"If he was to harm anyone, he will need to go through me first. He already have done that, so I believe he won't dare try that again." Bilbo mumbled, he held a hand out for Elrond.

"Can I borrow your knife please?" Bilbo asked, Elrond slowly held his Elvish made knife out from its shaft. He handed it gently to the Halfling, while he watched their every move.

Bilbo simply turned, he let Smaug keep his arm around his waist. It was his way to say that he still had a protection over Bilbo, but also to say he were in a lot of pain too.

"Forgive me, it will hurt a bit." Bilbo mumbled, he held his hand to Smaug's wings. He heard the small groaning in pain, so Bilbo made it fast. He cut the ropes over there had claps the wings together, he got it away and slowly helped Smaug to unfold the wings a bit.

"I think you broke one of them, it doesn't look good." Bilbo said, he had held the knife over to Elrond again.

"As a small thing, please come with us to Rivendell, you can have peace and a place to heal your wounds." Elrond spoke, his voice kept being calm but his eyes never left the humanoid dragon.

It was easy for both Smaug and Bilbo to tell Elrond was curious, how come they be here and not in Erebor? That's the long story of it all, even though Bilbo prefer not to speak out about it.

"Thank you for your offer, Elrond. It's a kind thing to do, how far from here?" Bilbo asked, he looked back at Elrond with a kind smile.

"Around a mile, Rivendell's forests are far from our city. We like to keep it like that, even though our forests have gotten dark creatures. I heard from Mirkwood they had a spider problem too, even that they captured Dwarves in the forest…" Elrond said, he had made a hand toward his people. A horse were soon over beside him, but Elrond held it forward to Bilbo and Smaug.

"Take my horse to Rivendell, one of my people will follow and make sure you both get a room to stay at. I will see you both later, since I still need to make my duty finish out here." Elrond explained, Bilbo had helped Smaug up from the ground.

He just wanted to check him one last time, before they do sit on the horse to ride along.

"Thank you for your kindness, we will talk later as you please." Bilbo said to Elrond, he watch the Elves leaving, even though one remind back to show them the way to Rivendell.

Smaug had growled a bit, he held Bilbo firmly to his chest before he got on the horse with his Halfling.

He sat Bilbo in front at him, but really Smaug was unsure about the horse. He do never rode one before, so it would be difficult.

"Hold on, I will take it." Bilbo said, he had looked up at Smaug with a bit worried face.

"You sure you are fine, Smaug?" he asked him.

"As long you are unharmed, I will always be fine." Smaug mumbled, he wrapped his arms around Bilbo from behind and hugged his Halfling close to his chest.

"You don't need to say it like that, I have been here before you know." Bilbo mumbled, he sat the horse in motion and followed the one Elf to Rivendell.

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