A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


19. A nephew in Dragon’s care.

Four years, that is how long Bilbo and Smaug had been back in Shire. Nothing much had changed, at least not for Smaug and Bilbo. They were still together even that day today, Smaug though had been a bit more protective against Bilbo.

Obviously right?

Bilbo did his best to teach Smaug a few things. House cleaning, how to cook and even start to learn and write things too. It was not an easy task to teach a humanoid dragon such things, especially not when it was a stubborn humanoid dragon.

The first year had been difficult for them, Smaug being a bit overprotecting against Bilbo. Not even the other Hobbits around Hobbiton could visit them, nor get near Bilbo without Smaug started to growl at them.

Of course, Bilbo could try and calm him down, but again he had to deal with a stubborn dragon. It was simply, if it didn't go the way Smaug wanted, he left the smaller home for hours.

However, he was never far from the house, mostly he sat on the smaller hill on top at the house. That's how he always were close, in that case Bilbo needed him.

The things always worked up together in the end, no matter how mad they could get at each other, they always ended in the bed cuddling with each other again.

That's the thing Smaug liked, he could easily get under Bilbo's good side again. Not being shouted at for days or worst even weeks.

His dearest treasure was that special, because they couldn't stay mad at each other no matter what the other had done.

Second year were a bit special, it had been a late evening where Bilbo and Smaug had gone to bed. However, a knocking on the front door had made Bilbo leave the bed.

He had simply told Smaug to go back to sleep, but Bilbo never expected another hobbit that late at evening. A hobbit which came with a younger hobbit boy, he knew the boy as his nephew Frodo.

It turned out, that Frodo's parent's had been out for an accident and now was gone. Since Bilbo were the only one left to look after him, or for that matter wanted to look after him. He took Frodo in, even with the thought that Smaug were in his house too.

He couldn't just kick Frodo out, the dragon needed to control himself now.

Frodo were nothing but eight years old, a very young boy, but still a smart one. He do be a great Baggins, special because he had the same nerves like Bilbo. Even for an eight year old, he were brave enough to speak to Smaug without fearing him.

Well, Smaug didn't take it well that Bilbo had let a younger hobbit in, he was pissed actually. He needed to share his dearest treasure to some kid? He hated it!

At least for the first few weeks he hated it, just until one day were Frodo had been drawing along with Bilbo. The young boy had drawn Smaug, at least how he could see Smaug in his dragon form and out for what Bilbo had explained to him.

When Frodo had giving Smaug the drawing, Smaug couldn't think if he should be touched by it or throw it in the fireplace. He did know he would hurt the younger hobbit if he did the last thing, even with the small glaring he got from Bilbo as a warning that he shouldn't do anything to harm the drawing. Smaug had gladly taken it, that evening he had been looking at it constantly.

How he missed his dragon form, but he know that he couldn't get it back since he would kill his dearest treasure for that.

It had then been one of the rare months, Smaug would isolate himself for a few days. Not even Bilbo could get him on better modes, because he needed to be alone and think.

Bilbo and Frodo, however, had gotten a surprise while Smaug were outside from their home. Gandalf had choose to visit them, to hear how it was going with Bilbo and Smaug, if not also the little hobbit between them now.

He had asked into how Smaug was, even though he could guess Smaug weren't in the mode for anything. That he heard from Bilbo, that Smaug couldn't change into his dragon form longer.

Gandalf had needed to laugh.

With a curious look, from both Bilbo and Frodo. Gandalf had started to explain everything for them, even knowing that Smaug somehow would hear him too.

A dragon can give up his dragon form to safe a life, but he after a long time will gain it back again. It wouldn't be gone forever, hardly a year. It cannot be simple in a Dragon's nature not to be a dragon. However, it cannot be seen when he can be ready to change.

Of course, it meant everything for Smaug that day. He could be into his dragon form again, however, he would be too big to be around Hobbiton. Even ruin a few things if he changed by now, so that's why Bilbo and Smaug made a deal with each other.

They would walk a few miles away from Hobbiton, just long enough so there were space for Smaug to change into his dragon form. He could do what he wanted, at least what there was a right thing to do.

Most of the time, he was out flying, being into his dragon form and spread his wings wide while being between the clouds.

That….was one of the things that Smaug enjoyed.

That's how second year went on, Frodo being with his uncle Bilbo and even Uncle Smaug.

Yes, Frodo saw Smaug as his second uncle, especially because Smaug took him in by now and was more around the young Frodo.

They could hardly be apart by now, even Frodo at times were allowed to sleep between Smaug and Bilbo, mostly because a few nights he do be scared for nightmares he had.

Being under Smaug's protective wing, even the tail there would comfort him. That was the best thing Frodo know when he was between his two uncles, because it was a safe place. A place he do be loved, taken care of too.

The third year were very good, they couldn't wish for anything other than being with each other.

Of course, Frodo grew by the two years Smaug and Bilbo had him. He were still a lovely boy, he made a smile up in people when they had a visit.

Even….when a few dwarves came by to see how Bilbo and Smaug were holding, it wasn't that big of a surprise one day when Bilbo had opened the door, only to find Kili and Fili along with Balin behind them.

Frodo had been so shy at first, but as soon Kili and Fili got to speak with him. He were a true trouble maker around them, because they showed him tricks and told him stories from their time.

That's only to keep Frodo's ears on something good, while Balin would speak with Bilbo and Smaug.

They had no intensions on making war, they had nothing to worry about. The only thing they needed to worry about, were a pack of traitor dwarves along with some orcs.

Balin had explained, that since Smaug had killed Thorin Oakenshield, a few dwarves had turned against the new King or kings. Kili and Fili, they were on the hunt to get down the dragon who slayed their king.

Of course Bilbo and Smaug took the information close to them, they needed to be on the watch in case they found their way to Hobbiton. Since Balin nor there king brothers had no idea of where the traitors and orcs could be, they needed to prepare themselves for an upcoming fight.


~ A warm summer evening. ~


Bilbo smiled while he watched Smaug and Frodo running around the hill, he sat on a blanket on top at the small hill they had choose to have a picnic at. There was a small basket beside him, along with a bit food, which already had been on the blanket.

Bilbo were reading in a book, but he couldn't handle that he looked up a few times to see Smaug and Frodo. How good they actually played with each other, it was amazing.

Smaug kept chasing Frodo around, he even let Frodo run under his legs and away from him again. Frodo at least looked like he had fun with the humanoid dragon, that's the good thing about all this.

Bilbo looked down at his book again, just in time when Smaug had been looking at him. He heard that Frodo started to laugh, begging Smaug to let him go before he would be tickled.

Smaug however, had hold Frodo close to his chest, but he allowed the young hobbit to get on his shoulder and sit.

"Let's get a break, shall we? I am sure your uncle Bilbo would like you to eat, you didn't take that much down in that stomach of yours." Smaug said, as he let his tail get around Frodo's waist so he wouldn't fall off his shoulder.

"But I'm not hungry, Smaugy! I rather want to play." Frodo said with a pout, as he wrapped his arm around Smaug's neck to steady himself while Smaug were walking toward Bilbo.

"Well, how about you run a bit around. I do like a bit of food, I will catch you later." Smaug said, he gently took Frodo down from his shoulder's and allowed the young hobbit to run around.

"Remember we need to see you! Don't run away!" Smaug called after the youngling.

"Shall make sure of it!" Frodo called back, his voice being in a laughter.

Smaug shook his head a bit, he had a low chuckle in his throat while he got over behind Bilbo. He sat himself so he could get his lovely treasure between his legs.

Bilbo never mind it, he do only lean back to welcome the humanoid dragon closer to him. "You really know how to play with a young hobbit, I am amazed." Bilbo mumbled softly, as he rested his head against Smaug's shoulder.

"It wouldn't be any good if I were chasing him as my next dinner, now would it?" Smaug asked, as he grabbed a bit of bread from the basket.

Bilbo closed his book after he had marked the place he had read to, he settled the book back on the blanket.

"Even if you did, I wouldn't even allow you to get near him. However, I am very glad over you took him in." Bilbo said, as he glanced up at him with a soft smile.

"I would do anything to make my dearest treasure happy, no matter what the price might be." Smaug said, his voice being caressing while he spoke.

Bilbo could only smile up at the humanoid dragon, he gently leaned up against him and pressed a soft kiss to Smaug's jaw.

"I am glad over those days we have, they are so peaceful and special with little Frodo around. I can only see the days being brighter, even after the news Balin, Kili and Fili came with." Bilbo mumbled, he wrapped his arms around Smaug's neck and hugged him closer to the Humanoid Dragon.

"I wouldn't even allow anyone to get near you two, they need to get past me. You know my dragon form is immortal for them, they can't get through even if they tried." Smaug mumbled, he kept an arm around Bilbo's waist to keep him close. Also as a comfort, so Bilbo wouldn't be worried again.

"You know one thing can get through, what if they made them?" Bilbo asked, his eyes looked up into Smaug's eyes.

"Don't think about it, as long they don't have any I will be fine." Smaug promised him, he pressed a soft kiss against Bilbo's lips. His hand gently stroked the hobbit's back to comfort him.

Bilbo allowed his eyes to close lightly, he leaned into Smaug's lips and gently kissed him back again. The thoughts of losing Smaug were slowly vanishing in his mind, even though, a very tiny part inside his heart ached for the fact about he could one day.

The rest of the summer evening, Smaug and Bilbo took care of Frodo like they always did. They had managed to make little Frodo so tired, that Smaug needed to carry him home to their hobbit hole.

A note had been on Bilbo's door, he noticed whose handwritten it was and it worried him right the way. He had told Smaug to get Frodo to bed, even so wait for him in their own bedroom afterwards.

Bilbo who took the note, went to the small office place he had in his hobbit house. The note had been from Gandalf, after all it was the grey wizard who gave him updates about the world around them.



It is important for you and Smaug to stay around Shire, don't move away or walk to far in the forests around you. I spotted a few dwarves and Orcs nearby Hobbiton, beware of the worst.

- Gandalf


Bilbo knew it, it was only the matter of time before the Dwarves and Orcs would find them. He threw the note into the fireplace, he know that Smaug hardly could read it, but Frodo were the clever young hobbit.

The hobbit's eyes went out at the little window, he glance toward the forests over the hills.

Right there, he could even spot a very tiny light from maybe a campfire.

It could go two ways now…

Even Smaug went out to kill them, so that they never could bother them again.

Or Smaugs downfall would be just around the corner, the hobbit just had a feeling of it.

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