A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


5. A horrible mistake.

The Dwarves had gotten their weapons, they hide away from the burning fire Smaug breathed out to roast them.

"THE HALFLING! WHERE IS THE HALFLING?" Smaug roared loudly, Thorin and the others had looked at each other. So the dragon was after Bilbo, but why?

There wasn't time to think about it, even they slayed that dragon now or they should grab Bilbo and escape while they could.

"Balin, get to the tent. Take our hobbit and the Arkenstone, I will keep his attention away from you and our hobbit." Thorin ordered, as his eyes had been looking at Balin.

"Just don't get ya'self killed out there lad, it's not the risk of doing that." Balin said, before he nodded as he saw a moment he could escape at, so he could get to the tent.

The huge dragon swung his tail at the three dwarves there tried to attack him, Smaug then turned his head, as he heard Thorin call out for him. He growled, of course it should be Oakenshield there would take his hobbit!

"Bilbo, we need to get going." Balin said, as he had gotten inside the tent.

"Balin, you don't understand. I tried to-"

"There is no time now lad, we need to get moving before things ends wrong." Balin interrupted, as he grabbed a few of the bags in the tent. He had placed the Arkenstone on the table nearby, while he packed what they needed. Or at least, what there was important.

"Balin if you just would lis-"

"Bilbo, we got no time for heaven's sake!" Balin interrupted him again, he had went a bit away from Bilbo's sight. His back turned to Bilbo as well, this was getting out of control.

Bilbo looked at the Arkenstone, he reached his hand out for it and grabbed it. Taking it away from the place Balin placed it at, it was all because of this stone. Everyone went insane over this!

"I'm sorry Balin, but this is out of control." Bilbo said, he saw Balin looked back at him, but Bilbo already turned and ran out.

"Bilbo! No!" Balin shouted out, he tried to stop Bilbo, but the Halfling were already out from the tent.

Bilbo look with horror in his eyes at the scene in front at him, the Dwarves tried to hurt Smaug, tried to make him away from the tent. However, Bilbo also knew Smaug by now. He wasn't as evil as they thought, this was all because of that gold!

"Stop it!" Bilbo shouted out, he hold a tight grab at the Arkenstone in his hand.

Thorin and the others tried hard to get a good sword into Smaug, but the dragon only roared out loud and used his tail and claws to make them away.

Bilbo ran over to some of the Dwarves, he passed Kili and Fili. He heard their worried voices calling out for him to stay back, but Bilbo just wanted this madness to stop!

He saw that Smaug was about to leap out for Thorin, even Thorin who tried to spear Smaug with his sword.

"STOP IT! STO-" Bilbo's shouting stopped as he had gotten between the two of them.

It was like time stood still for him, the pain slowly got to his chest. B-But why did he feel pain? Bilbo's eyes looked down at himself, his chest…a claw were right through his chest. Blood slowly ran down and made his clothes red.

"No…." Thorin whispered, it was barley to hear if not Bilbo had been close to him.

"Halfling…" Smaug mumbled, he had taken his claw out fast. Bilbo clung his hand at his chest, he looked up at Smaug. The dizziness slowly got to his head, at least they stopped with their fighting's.

Bilbo couldn't stand anymore, he felt his body got heavy as he fell forward. He saw Smaug turned himself to his humanoid dragon form, Smaug caught Bilbo before he hit the ground.

"No! No! No! No! "Smaug whispered, he hold Bilbo close to his chest and looked at his face.

"Halfling, don't…" he whispered, a hand got on Bilbo's cheek.

"Look at me, Barrel Rider look at me!" He snapped, even Smaug were shaking of anger right now.

"Don't you dare leave, don't you dare try and get away now! You promised!" Smaug snapped, he looked down at Bilbo's hand, the hand there had manage to get the Arkenstone up to give it back. It were covert a bit in Bilbo's blood, only a few spots were white like the Arkenstone should be.

Smaug growled a bit, his eyes flashed of anger, but also sadness. He grabbed the Arkenstone from Bilbo's hand, as his eyes were on Thorin.

"TAKE IT! TAKE IT AND LEAVE!" Smaug shouted at him, as he threw The Arkenstone at Thorin.

"You are not going to take my Burglar!" Thorin shouted back at him, he had dropped his sword to get over to Bilbo. Not letting a thought be on The Arkenstone, Thorin stopped thought, the anger of the Dragon made him step back as Smaug lifted the Halfling into his arms.

He spread his wings out, making them huge enough to scare the Dwarf away from him.

"Take you bloody mountain back, but there is no way this Halfling is turning away from his deal!" Smaug growled, he had let his wings take him away from them. They flew him and Bilbo away from the dwarves, as far as he could while he kept the Halfling close to his chest.

"Hold on a few minutes, you better do that!" Smaug snapped, he flew over to a fest, between a few tress until he found a cave underneath a huge tree.

Bilbo only started to see small stars around his eyes, he could hardly breathe any longer.

"Look at me." Smaug whispered, he looked into Bilbo's eyes as his hand returned to the Hobbits cheek.

"I will safe you, but you need to trust me." He whispered, Smaug leaned down to Bilbo. His mouth inches away from the Halflings shoulder, Bilbo's hand which had been on Smaug's arm slowly let go.

The darkness took over him.

Smaug then bite down into Bilbo's shoulder, he kept a firm hold on the hobbits limp form.

A bite from a humanoid dragon could safe a dying person, it was a thing Smaug never thought he do be able to do for anybody. He didn't wanted Bilbo to die, so he would give up his shape shifter powers so he will stay in human form forever, even thought he would still have the ageing of a dragon and the powers as one.

He gave up his dragon form, to safe his barrel rider, no….to safe Bilbo Baggins from dying.

Smaug held back again, he licked the bite at Bilbo's shoulder and hold the hobbit to his chest. He closed his eyes, he could only wait now and see if the effects would had worked.

He rested his head on top at Bilbo's, he hold the hobbit close to his chest. He would hate himself if he killed his hobbit, a dragon only get to meet The One once in his lifetime. He thought Bilbo had been The One, because he wouldn't admit it in front at Bilbo.

He had liked the Hobbits Company, liked the way the hobbit had 'second breakfast' it sounded weird for him at first, but it turned out it had been a great thing.

Without Smaug noticed it himself, a single tear ran down at his cheek. It dripped down and landed on Bilbo's cheek, as it then continue to run down below Bilbo's chin.

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