A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


12. A friendly talk.

Smaug looked at his Halfling while he was on the bed, his eyes never left Bilbo's face since they returned to Hobbiton.

After that filthy Orc had dared to hurt Bilbo, Smaug and Thorin had worked together so they could finish the Orcs.

With a promise between them, they sat their own fight down so they could protect the one that they cared for.


Smaug looked down, he had his hand on Bilbo's hand. He never thought a hobbit would affect him this hard, why should Bilbo be so stupid?!

Smaug hardly noticed the small tear, which had escaped his eye. It only slide down at his cheek, where it dipped down on Bilbo's hand.

It had been three days now, three whole days where Bilbo haven't awoke yet. Was it really the Halflings end? Smaug stood fast from his seat, he walked out the bedroom while he had a deep growl in his throat.

The humanoid dragon got outside, he sat into the garden and buried his head into his hands. His wings fold around him, as his tail wrapped around his own waist. He couldn't lose his little treasure, he had too much value!

"Never thought I should see the big mighty Smaug be like this, it's surprising."

Smaug unfold his around him, he looked at Thorin who sat on the tiny bench nearby him. Why haven't he noticed the dwarf?

"One word, Dwarf. I will rip your throat out." Smaug sneered, he wrapped his tail around his waist again and looked away from Erebor's king.

"It was not meant as an insult, more a fact to that I'm surprised over your reaction." Thorin explained, he looked away from Smaug so his eyes were over Hobbiton.

He along with the other Dwarves had sat a camp nearby, they were all worried for their burglar. Oh well, Thorin where the one who worried the most.

"Still no changes?" Thorin asked, his eyes went over to the humanoid dragon.

"No changes, he is only breathing, he isn't going to wake up." Smaug mumbled, he could feel how his heart was hurting by his own words.

"He will, the burglar always returns no matter what you put him through." Thorin said, while he closed his eyes.

"On a time, were had been asleep nearby some goblins caves I thought he had taken his tail between his legs and ran off. He surprised me, he didn't run off, he went along with us as soon we got out from the caves." Thorin explained, he held his hand in his pocket while he eyed the Humanoid Dragon.

"He even saved me from Azog, he almost got himself killed. There I was, thinking he was nothing but a burden. I have never been so wrong in my whole life, like I was those days." He explained, while he took out The Arkenstone.

It was just more different by now, the stone were smaller and carved into a pendant. It were made into a necklace, so the stone shined so bright and nice.

"He went through so much trouble, because of one single stone and our home." Thorin whispered, his thumb ran over the small part where the Arkenstone were.

"We made a bet, him and me." Smaug spoke, his eyes were fixed at some roses nearby him.

"He did speak about that on a time, I still can't believe he made it." Thorin mumbled, he slowly stood from the bench as he slowly made a walk through the little garden. He admired the work in the garden, so filled with life and colorful flowers.

"If you sent him back to find the Arkenstone, he should stay with me as a price on my winning bet. If you took him out, I would have giving him the stone and let you all go." Smaug said, his golden eyes went over to Thorin who almost stood behind him.

"He never said what you promised him on this journey of yours, he never mentioned it." The humanoid dragon slowly stood, so he where on the same level, oh well almost as same level as Thorin were.

"The hobbit know what feelings I had toward him, the others didn't know before almost the end." Thorin admitted, he had looked over Hobbiton. Seeing how peaceful it was around here, if just he could make such peace in Erebor again.

"He were cold one night, we had been through a storm and found a cave to take cover in." Thorin explained, his voice suddenly softer than before.

"Of course he didn't pack enough clothes to change, so he sat there doing the night, freezing and shivering like a scared little sheep." Thorin explained, he fold his arms while he looked at a few children running around nearby.

"We were the only two who was awake, I made a fire for him and took off my fur. I don't think he had expected me to be kind, nor even cared for him. I just didn't want a sick burglar." Thorin mumbled, he looked aside for him and saw Smaug standing there too, watching the children play around.

"He didn't slept for three whole days, as we were travelling back here. When he finally slept, I carried him on my back. He could really sleep through a lot of things, he didn't even noticed I ended in a fight, while I still carried him "Smaug said, he had smiled a bit by the memory.

"When I was injured, he demanded me to stop so he could check on it. After that, I carried him again, even though he protested a few times." He said with a light chuckle.

"What will you do, Oakenshield, if our little Thief is going to die?" The humanoid dragon asked, he looked at Thorin who didn't seem like he had expected that question.

"If Bilbo dies, I will blame myself. I will get back to Erebor, try to make the best things out in life. Even with the burden that I killed my burglar." Thorin explained, he looked up at Smaug, right into the golden glowing eyes.

"And you?" He asked him.

"A dragon only have one person they would give their life for, if my little treasure die. I will go back to the life I had before, but I will go for another mountain. He wouldn't wish me to be mad at your or any of the dwarves, luckily for you eh?" Smaug asked, he turned away from Thorin again.

The dwarf king could easily see that Smaug took this a lot harder than he did. He didn't want to admit it for the other dwarves, but he felt pity for Smaug.

Slowly, Thorin got closer to Smaug and placed his hand at Smaug's shoulder.

"Even if he didn't wish you to return to Erebor, I will make sure you have a place you can be at. Maybe we can make a deal? You can protect Erebor, then you are somehow king under the mountain as well." Thorin told him, he held his hand back again and walked a few steps away from Smaug.

"It's an offer there stand until you have made up a choice." He said kindly, before he slowly got away.

"If he awakes, sent me a letter with one of the hobbits around here." Thorin called over his shoulder, he took his leave so he could get to the camp.

Smaug had looked after Thorin, that offer didn't sound bad. But if Bilbo would awake soon, he would deny it and stay with his treasure.

Smaug closed his eyes, he leaned against a small tree and bent his head a bit.

"Please wake up soon, Bilbo." He whispered, Smaug looked up to see the sunset were getting closer. He took a last look, before he turned and went inside himself.

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