A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


1. A Deal With A Dragon

It had been terrifying for Bilbo, being with the dragon alone in the mountain. He had been so close to get The Arkenstone, so very close, but of course the dragon made sure he didn’t have a hold on it.

Bilbo had been hiding, letting the dragon speak, as he tried to get closer to the Arkenstone again. He needed to get it, he needed to make this quest over so Thorin could have his home back again.

“You have been used, Barrel Rider. You were only ever a means to an end. He has weighed the value of your life and found it worth nothing. What did he promise you upon the retrieval of the stone? Some of the gold, as if it was his to give.” Smaug said, he had been looking after the small hobbit. His sharp hearing could spot where the hobbit might be, he could easily scent the small hobbit. It was only matter of time, until the small creature would get out again.

“The king under the mountain is dead, I took his throne, and I ate his people. I’m like a wolf among the sheep’s.” Smaug growled out, he placed his front claw deep down in a pile of coins.

“I kill where I wish, when I wish!” The dragon growled, he held his head down to under a small roof. His eye glowed a bit, as he tried to find the hobbit.

“No, Thorin won’t do such thing. He wouldn’t lie.” Bilbo whispered, he tried to keep his focus, but the words Smaug spoke…it hurts in his heart.

He saw the Arkenstone, its glow shined up from a small pile of coins a bit away from his hiding spot.

Bilbo took a deep breath, it was now or never.

The Halfling jumped over the small pile of golden coins and goblets, he ran toward the Arkenstone and reached out for it. He yelped, as the dragons tail slammed down in the coins and made the Arkenstone fall longer down at the mountain of treasures. Even Bilbo fell down, rolling on top the coins before he hit a stone pillar with his side.

He groaned a bit, the hit had almost knocked the breath out from his lungs. His body ached by now and where a bit in pain, he tried to get up, but his arms and body where shaking.

“You really think, that you can escape me Barrel Rider!” Smaug snapped, as he went down at the coins.

“My armor is like Iron! No blade can pierce me!” He roared in a loud voice, as it echoed through the mountain. “My teeths are swords! My claws are spears! My wings are a hurricane!” The dragon roared again, he made his wings spread out, to show that he was the great dragon who took the mountain away from the dwarves.

Bilbo looked at Smaug, he had tried to sit against the stone pillar. His eyes went to Smaug’s chest,  seeing a small wound. The hobbits eyes wide, as he whispered. “So it’s true, the black arrow hit Smaug…”

“What did you say?!” Smaug asked with a dangerous voice, as he growled while he turned toward the hobbit.

Fear ran down at Bilbo’s mind, the dragon could easily kill him now. He was wounded, he could really feel that. Something were bad, but he couldn’t tell what it could be.

His eyes went over to the Arkenstone, it had been just nearby one of Smaug’s claws.

“I…I just said, that you are the biggest dragon I have ever see here on earth, O’Smaug…the turannical…” The Halfling spoke, his eyes went up to Smaug. “You have no equel on the…entire earth.” Bilbo spoke, he had tried to support his bag against the stone pillar, getting on his feet, as he held his hand at his side.

Smaug’s eyes were only on the Halfling, it was like a lion with its prey, except, this dragon was playing with its prey.

“I’m almost tempted to let you take it.” Smaug said, he let his head get closer toward Bilbo, as he pushed the Arkenstone toward the hobbit. “If only for the joy to see Oakenshield…suffer… Watch it destroy him, watch him as it corrupt his heart and drives him mad!” The dragon hissed, as Smaug’s tail moved a bit around.

Bilbo cleared his throat, he looked up at the Dragon. His eyes locked with Smaug’s, only the silence fell over them. The dragon only watched him, it watched what the Halfling wanted to do.

“We can make a deal.” Bilbo broke the silent between them, as he whined a bit when the dragon growled at him.

“A deal? What is that deal about? May I ask?” Smaug asked, he couldn’t hid that his voice were in a curious tone.

Bilbo cleared his throat, so the dragon would like a deal? Even thought that it were close to kill him too.

“Let me take The Arkenstone out to them, then you can do choose what you want from me.” Bilbo spoke, his voice a bit shaky, but he know this was the only way he could do his quest for Thorin.

“Choose? Whatever I want, from you?” The dragon asked, his head getting even closer to Bilbo by now.

The hobbit nodded, not that he wanted to but he needed to.

“You shall return in here, as soon you have giving the stone to Thorin. Better than that, let’s make a bet. I hear him coming through the hallways by now, his breath heavy.” Smaug said, as he held a claw under Bilbo’s chin.

Bilbo feared for his life, one wrong move and he were cut in two.

“If you do not return with the Arkenstone, I will bet on that Oakenshield will send you back in. If I fail on my bet, I will let you go with the Arkenstone.” Smaug said, as he removed his claw from Bilbo’s chin and down to his chest.

“Your bet?” Smaug asked him, as he pressed a bit on Bilbo’s chest. He made a small cut in Bilbo’s jacket.

“I-I…” The Halfling stuttered, he cleared his throat as he tried to think. “I bet on….that Thorin won’t send me back in alone, I will get help.” Bilbo told him, his eyes looked up at Smaug’s again.

“If I lose?” The hobbit asked, even thought he could tell the price of losing.

“If you do fail our bet, you will return to me and I will slaughter each and every dwarf who came near the mountain. I will keep you in here, as a price of our bet.” The dragon drawled, his voice getting lower.

“Hurry now, Barrel Rider. He is coming near, if you speak out for our bet. I will haunt you down along with your little dwarf friends.” The dragon threat, as he leaned back from the hobbit.

“Go now, don’t be shy.” He told him, as he walked up at the mountain of coins.

Bilbo cleared his throat, he had let out another breath before he hurried to those stairs he had entered. 

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