A Deal With A Dragon

Bilbo almost had the Arkenstone, but the moment he got hurt by Smaug. He make an offer of a deal, Smaug however turned it to a bet instead.


15. A choice of moving.


~ 1 week after ~


Bilbo were in the bed, as he hold the black box he got from Thorin in his hand. He looked at it, he remembered what Thorin told him that evening he visit him around a week ago.

He sighed as he held the box under his pillow, he felt how Smaug's arm sneaked around his waist and pulled him closer against his firm chest.

"You are thinking too much, my dear treasure." Smaug mumbled against his shoulder, as the humanoid dragon nuzzled his head against Bilbo's neck.

"I'm thinking about Thorin, I feel a bit bad over not visit him in Erebor. Even to the point he came all the way over here for one night, then just walk away again after…" Bilbo trailed off, truly he haven't told Smaug about the black box. He didn't know if he should, the contained of the box was the same thing which made the war between Smaug and the dwarves.

"Right after what, Bilbo?" Smaug asked, he had opened his eyes and tried to look at his Halflings face. "He told me stuff…." Bilbo mumbled, he kept his gaze against the bed, just because he know that Smaug could spot a small lie from him.

"Why don't we visit him then?" Smaug asked him, his hand had rubbed Bilbo's chest gently in the tempting to calm the hobbit down.

"You really mean that?" Bilbo asked, he turned his head and looked up at Smaug. The Halfling then felt Smaug leaned over him, he pressed a soft kiss at Bilbo's forehead before he nuzzled his nose against Bilbo's.

"If you want to visit them, I don't see the wrong in doing that. It will be a long journey for us thought, unless we have the right equipment. A horse, if not something fast to ride on, then it do take us months before we reach to Erebor." Smaug mumbled, he rested his head down at Bilbo's shoulder.

The humanoid dragon's tail slowly sneaked under the blanket they had over them, it stroked gently up at Bilbo's leg, which cursed the Halfling to half moan.

"Stop it!" Bilbo mumbled, as he hid his head in Smaug's chest.

"Don't try to make that trick again, last time I couldn't even get a proper word out when you first began that." The Halfling mumbled, as he pushed Smaug's tail off his leg.

"I was thinking about a thing, Bilbo." Smaug said, while he got on top at Bilbo and almost pinned him against the bed. Of course not to scare his mate, he just didn't want him to walk away on what he wanted to tell.

"T-That is?" Bilbo asked, his eyes locked with Smaug's as they were in that awkward position right now.

"Why not move to Erebor?" Smaug asked, he leaned down against Bilbo and rested his forehead against the Halfling's chest. The humanoid dragon could hear and feel how Bilbo's heart started to race up the speed, was it nervousness? Fear? Happiness?

It's a thing Smaug still needed to learn, what all this meant when Bilbo's heart were raising this fast. There was many things he needed to learn, he was just glad that Bilbo were easy on him. Since he had a good temper, he gave up things easily if it didn't went after his head.

"M-Move? To Erebor?" Bilbo asked, he had looked at Smaug with a disbelieving look. He couldn't mean that, could he?

Smaug nodded, he looked up at his little treasure again. His tail wagging softly from side to side, as he looked at how Bilbo thought about it.

"What about Hobbiton? The Shire? My family and friends around here, have you thought about that?" Bilbo asked.

"I know your life is calm around here, but I know you long after being near the dwarves too." Smaug mumbled, he rested his chin on top at Bilbo's chest while he looked at his mate.

"I can handle that I don't see them that much, but this is our home." Bilbo mumbled, he had slowly sat a bit up in the bed where Smaug too leaned up so he had his weight leaning on his hands.

"Our…." Smaug mumbled, as he cocked his head aside and looked at Bilbo with curious eyes.

"Y-Yes…" Bilbo mumbled, he rubbed his arm a bit and looked down at the bed. "Don't you think it's ours by now? Since you live with me and…all that…" the Halfling mumbled.

Smaug had leaned closer, he held his hand at Bilbo's cheek where he wrap an arm around Bilbo's waist too. He hugged his hobbit close, his head rested on Bilbo's shoulder.

"You are true in your words, I just didn't thought you saw it like that. I thought you only opened up your home for me, so I had a place to live. No that you wanted to live with me the whole time, especially not when I know you…have a few problems with me." Smaug mumbled, he held a bit back and cupped Bilbo's cheeks.

"You are talking nonsense again, don't do that please." Bilbo mumbled, he closed his eyes gently and leaned against one of Smaug's hands.

"Would it be bad to move over to Erebor? You will see the dwarves when you wish, then there aren't too much travelling back and forth." Smaug asked him, he had rested their foreheads together. His hand stroked Bilbo's cheek so softly, knowing that the Halfling liked that a lot.

"It will take long time to get there, how do you expect us to reach Erebor? I got no pony nor a horse. My equipment, which is only my sword I got from the day I went on the quest with Thorin." Bilbo explained.

"You have me, I got wings and I can easily carry you most of the time." Smaug point out, he smiled a bit when he leaned his head down at Bilbo's neck.

"In the nights, we stay close together. My body will warm us, you know that." The humanoid dragon whispered, as he pressed a soft and teasing kiss at Bilbo's neck.

Bilbo let out a groaned, he hated when Smaug easily could make him feel so soft just with a single kiss on his weak spot.

"You and your lizard body." The Halfling mumbled, he rested his head against Smaug's shoulder while he wrapped his arms around Smaug's neck.

"You sure…..that Thorin accepts it? Even the others? Have you asked them?" He asked, while he looked up at Smaug. Somehow, he could just see it for him. Smaug and him walking to Erebor and claim a room they should be in the rest of the time.

Nope! That do be so wrong! Even for Bilbo.

"Oakenshield offered me a place in Erebor to stay, if all things here went wrong. The day we never thought you do wake up, was the day him and I made peace with each other too." Smaug explained, he nuzzled his nose against Bilbo's .

"He would be glad to see you, even if it's for everyday of his life." Smaug mumbled, he wrapped his tail around Bilbo's waist and kept his hobbit close to him.

Bilbo closed his eyes, he rested his head against Smaug's shoulder. He was silent, but he felt how Smaug slowly made them both in a rocking mode. It was so relaxing, calm and sweet of Smaug to do that.

Most of the time, Bilbo wished that they just could stay in the bed forever. He felt comfortable, safe and cared in Smaug's arms. He never thought that he would fell in love with the humanoid dragon, he always thought they do stay close friends.

Now he know….

He loved it…

And he wouldn't regret it either….

"Alright." Bilbo mumbled, he had leaned his head a bit back and looked up at Smaug.

"If you want to go there, we should give it a try. It's not like I will lose my hobbit hole here." He explained, while his hand stroked Smaug's shoulder a bit.

"Then let's travel in the morning, my wings will carry us far." Smaug whispered, he slowly lied down on the bed with Bilbo on top at him. He pulled a blanket over them both, his arms firmly around Bilbo.

He felt how the Halfling slowly fell asleep, it was better now. Smaug liked this, he loved how Bilbo could be when he slept.

The humanoid dragon slowly closed his eyes, he too fell asleep after minutes while his arms where firmly around Bilbo.


~ the next morning~


Bilbo had walked a bit behind Smaug, as they had been walking away from Shire. They had left early that morning, just so they could get ahead for them and move on. They needed to get out from Shire, before Smaug would have Bilbo in his arms and fly them as far that he could do.

His hand gently went to his chest, the chain being around his neck carried a small heavy carved white stone in the end of it.

He haven't let Smaug seeing it yet, he didn't know if he would show it to him.

He was afraid….

Thorin had turned The Arkenstone into a necklace of some sort, it was carved down so it could be carried with a chain around the neck. It was that Thorin gave him that evening in the black box, he was shocked that evening he do admit that.

He never thought Thorin would give him the Arkenstone, special not after…last time he had hold it in his hand.

Bilbo shook his head, he held a hand through his hair instead and let out a deep breath.

He had almost forgot the time, as he felt arms getting around him.

"You ready?" Smaug asked, his head being on top at Bilbo's.

"S-Sure…" Bilbo mumbled, his hands clung onto Smaug as soon Smaug had sat him proper and made sure he wouldn't fall off.

After Smaug's mind, they would be at Erebor in three days. His wings could carry him far, so it wouldn't take so long time. That is if they could sleep at nights in peace without anything happening to them, but Smaug already had a plan. He would let Bilbo sleep and take the night watches, he would do anything for his mate's health would be good.

Smaug spread his wings out, he hold Bilbo close to him before he took off from the ground and fly up above the clouds and fast over the landscapes.

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