Reasons I Wish You Were Here

I wrote this quite a while ago now...


1. Reasons I Wish You Were Here

Reasons I wish you were here;
I’ve spent a long time being on my own,
and now I’m wondering what it would be like
to spend forever in your arms, in the presence
of your eyes and your smile.
I want to know what your lips feel like,
pressed against mine, as well as
clasped between my teeth, deliciously.
I have a fear of being alone, and I fear
that if you’re not here soon, I’ll be hanging
in the balance between loneliness and happiness.
I’ve not spoken to someone like you before,
no one’s made me smile so much,
given me butterflies so many times,
captured me without touching me.
I want you to be here, keeping me company,
talking our way through the night
until we can watch the sun rise together,
and then sleep all day.
The idea of kissing you and feeling you smile
makes my stomach flip in excitement,
and the thought of it happening multiple times
makes me cease from functioning.
Because there is no possible way of feeling you
pressed against me through a phone or an internet connection,
and despite the drag of distance, I know
that it just makes it all more worthwhile.

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