Behind the stage

We're touring trough Holland. Nobody knows I'm one of that popular boy band Knowless.

It's not weird that nobody knows me. I'm only behind the stage. I sing. For someone who calls himself a singer. But he isn't. He doesn't even sing one word in a whole concert. He only takes the applause. I should get that applause. But i don't. I'm only behind the stage....


1. ||BTS|| hacked

Hey there. Maybe you did read my book, maybe you didn't, but my first account (SunshineHarreh) got hacked. I can't continue on that account so I decided to make a new account. I will remake the book, and finish it too. I really hope you guys still like it, and maybe I can get a view more fans than on my other account. I only got 2 :(

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