She Has Your Eyes

Lovers England and America have chosen to bring a new nation into the world, but need a surrogate mother to do so. When England's sister, Ally, accepts, how does the pregnancy go, and the following chaos that comes with raising a baby? USUK and fem!Scotland warning, also implied Franada. Trigger warning, major character death.


1. Prologue - Morning

Sunlight danced across the white carpet, illuminating every speck of dust floating through the air. The newness of morning was evident in every chirp of each bird, every drop of dew glistening on each blade of green grass.


 Alfred allowed his glittering blue eyes to open halfway, and his fingertips searched for his lover, craving body heat and loving touches. However, Arthur's side of the bed was empty, and Alfred furrowed his brow in confusion before slipping out of bed and retreating downstairs, where the smell of burning scones and tea beckoned him.

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