***For the Solitaire competition***
You stare at your phone, at the picture of Stacey. You can't even delete it.
How could you have lied like that? All of the lies, the smiles like a stretched out mask, to come down to this? You don't know. All that you know is you may not even be truthful.
You are a lie.


1. Lies

Some people describe lying like a drug. You think it’s alright, but the effects after are disastrous. Someone will find out in the end, even if your already dead and there is nothing they can do. Lying is also addictive, like a drug. After all, you can’t just lie once. You end up lying repeatedly. Is that so bad? It depends on the extent of the lie really.

Nobody can be entirely truthful, whether it’s saying they liked the present they just received (and really hated it) to saying you didn’t kill that man (yet you were holding a blood-splattered knife). Everybody lies, nobody can truly escape it. It’s a like a disease, and you just happened to catch it along with the rest of humanity.

Sometimes lying is good. If you hate your friend’s outfit and they ask you your opinion, do you turn around and say you hate it? Or do you do the nice, polite thing and lie? Lie. That’s what we all do and none of us can say we haven’t.

You look at the photo of Stacey you saved on your phone. It’s the prettiest one you have of her, emerald eyes glowing bright, nice smile, honey-brown hair falling a little over her face. You lied to Stacey, but that was for the good of lying, not the bad. Right?

Looking at the picture again, little things begin to stand out. The sagging, purple bags under her eyes, the cracks and cuts on her lips, the black roots of her hair from the dye. All the camera flashes in the background, like bright stars, the ends hitting the top of her head and the tips of her hair. You can make out hands waving, black silhouettes and excited faces, mouths open or in a wide smile.

Bravely, you tap the bin icon.


It was almost like it saying: DO YOU WANT TO DELETE ALL MEMORIES? No. Yes. Did you? You’d managed to delete the others but somehow this one had stuck. Your finger hovers over the green button. Wincing, you lower it down and then sharply change to the red button.


You try and force a smile onto your face, but it is only a mask. To cover up your sadness, depression, loneliness. The smile is purely a lie. A lie to cover up what you did.

You killed your own daughter.


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