Making Over

I walked through the musty club dodging sweaty body's and snaking through open arms I knew he was in here but I just couldn't see where

I pushed past a tall bald fat man but he quickly pushed me back

"Hey hey hey where do you think your going",he said in his deep American accent

I rolled my eyes and snaked through him but he quickly yanked me back crushing me onto the wall near by

"Hey did you hear me I said what do the fu-",my eyes widen as he was quickly yanked back and thrown in the ground

I looked up slowly from the man to meet the emerald green eyes that I was looking for

"What are you doing here",he asked narrowing his eyes

"I could ask you the same",


1. Prologue

| Making over |


"How are you",


"Are you still the same"


"Do you still remember the day you changed"

"Ha hell yea that was the day I ruined my whole fucking life"

"Do you mind telling the story"

"No, I don't mind actually .... It started of sweet and nice like a little puppy but then cold and brutal like a broken train"

"My grandma always used to say the worst things happen for a reason ... But sometimes I think, the worst things are just a pick up for your mistakes"

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