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6. Questions and Queries: Are Fandoms Taking Over Movellas?

Are Fandoms Taking Over Movellas?


Surely, this question has been being asked ever since One Direction exploded onto the scene and fangirls started using movellas as a place for their fanfictions. This is nothing new -- or is it? What happened to FanFiction.Net, it's in the name after all! Why did all the One Direction fan girls start taking over Movellas and not invading FanFiction.Net? Well, it's all one word;

Loving the Band

Ever since Emilyy from movellas got her fanfiction published in the early days of the One Direction invasion, suddenly every Directioner on the internet wanted in on the money and fame. However, since Emilyy there have been no more Directioner books published, and honestly for a good reason. Emilyy may have gotten lucky, but on the whole, One Direction fanfictions have created an extremely bad name for themselves. Over half of the ocean of directioner fiction is extremely poor quality and about a quarter of that percentage ends up with way too many views. Now every run-of-the-mill fangirl thinks they have something fresh...but do they? Will there ever be another Emilyy? And will we ever run out of One Direction fanfiction?


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