The Movellian A-List: Issue #1

This is the Movellian A-List Magazine! Bringing you the latest from Movellas!

Issue #1:
The Movellist of The Month!
The Movella of The Month!
Ace Advice from Florence Morgan!


4. Movellist Spotlight: Deziree Romero!

She has original, unique and brilliant ideas that bowl you over and she's the excellent author of our Movella of the Month, Zodiac!


Deziree Romero describes herself as classy, fashion obsessed, a hopeless romantic, a virtuso and fun seeker! Well, she is certainly classy, fashionable and fun!


Romero has many other great movellas such as 

> Bionic

> The World Below

> How Much Do I Love You?

> Strange Collections


Make sure to check out all these Magnificent Movellas!


Vote for who you think the movellist of the month should be next time and we will take your nominations into consideration for the next issue!

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