The deity experiment-NOTES

This diary/behind-the-scenes/FAQ gives you all you need to know about the deity experiment! with character bio's, map, blueprints and artwork, it is a look inside the messy, unchecked, and downright weird area of my noggin devoted to writing. enjoy!


1. character file-zach rancher

Full Name: Zacharias Gordon Rancher

Alias: None most of the time. In 2749, one year before the story starts, a urban legend briefly surfaces, following an eyewitness account of Sin briefly emerging near the waterfront. In it, he is known as the Sydney Poltergeist, however Zach himself acknowledges that most of the facts were vastly overstated.

Age: 16 years, 5 months

Height: 178cm

Weight: 67kgs. He's never been overly worried about his weight, however he does make a decent effort to keep tabs on what he eats.

BMI: 21.1

Gender: Male

Race: White Australian, although he does have distant German relations. His family was originally German, but his father took his mother's name and became Rancher. if this hadn't happened, Zach's last name would have been Bründt.

Eye colour: Lime Green

Hair colour: Very dark brown, almost black

Glasses/Contact lenses: He used to have glasses, but had his eyes operated on six months before SPOILERRRRRRS

Nationality: Australian

Skin: Caucasian, but when people ask him, he just says white

Shape of Face: Generally rounded, but slightly flatter at top.

Clothing: Smart-casual. Most of the time he wears checked/white open collared shirts and light loose jeans, or shorts if the weather requires it ; which in Sydney it often does. However, when he plans to use his powers for any extended period of time, or out in the open, he uses a dark hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, to hide his identity.

Mannerisms: If no-one's looking, he will usually pull out a small shockwave ball and play around with it (and this is a key element of his power that I'll explain later).

Habits: Sleeping in. Zach likes sleeping. He'll often go to bed quite early, and might sleep until nine or ten in the morning. He's also pinpointed at least two prime napping spots around the large park which he lives near. Oh, and he also has a tendency to make sarcastic and/or irritating comments, which can sometimes get him into trouble. He's a little like me in that respect.

Health: A combination of medical and scientific advancement that would make Nikola Tesla swoon, and an annual young person's gym membership has kept him in reasonably good health. However, he has a slightly loose hip joint, and he needs to go to yearly appointments to keep his leg from collapsing.

Hobbies: Sleeping, watching old classics (Forrest Gump and Babe are his favourites), finding new precarious perches on tall buildings, swimming, and animating.

Favourite Sayings:

"Oh shit".

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What?".

"I swear, if one more thing blows up, it'll be wet pants time for anyone within a hundred metres!".

"Now then. This should be interesting".

Voice: Hard, quiet, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes desperate. His personality and actions change a lot depending on the situation.

Walking Style: Slow, relaxed. He doesn't often run, because although the machine can help his running, he used to be the slowest runner in his form at primary school, and doesn't really like doing it for more than he needs to.

Disabilities: He gets panic attacks, although this happens rarely. It usually only occurs when he is restrained (something he has a phobia of) or when he's faced with impossible odds. Also, he is convinced he has Reynaud's which causes the blood vessels in one's extremities (such as fingers and toes) to constrict when coming into contact with cryogenic temperatures. He doesn't have it, although he does hate the cold.

Greatest Flaw: He can get angry easily. This is unfortunate, as it can contribute to Sin's emergence, and even trigger it entirely. He tries to keep his cool, which works most of the time. But once in a while he gets angry, and you won't like Zach when he's angry.

Greatest Quality: His sense of justice. Zach has a strong sense of right and wrong, and almost all the time said sense proves correct. He strives to bring justice to immoral people, and help the vulnerable. In other words - if he found a death note, he would be awfully tempted ; and would have to work hard to stop himself doing a Kira. He donates and fundraises for charity regularly, and has volunteered on several occasions - although never internationally.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current residence: The chrysalis public centre, Downtown Sydney.

Occupation: If asked, he would usually say "aid worker." However, he has no paying job, but the generous benefits system allows him to live in relative comfort

Income: His benefits program gives him an allowance of £600 pounds per month.

Talents: This part might take some doing. The four main powers gifted to him by the machine (haven't thought of a name yet) are matter transmutation, telekinesis, teleportation, and flight. In when using matter transmutation, he transforms matter into energy, and then uses the energy in a variety of different ways - in other words, he splits open matter and uses all the energy locked up in it and then uses it as a weapon. This can be very powerful, as there's an awful lot of energy in matter. If all the energy in a newborn baby was used to generate electricity, it could run a power station for a year. The telekinesis is a special kind that he developed himself, preferring that over traditional move-stuff-with-your-mind telekinesis. It involves control over airwaves and vibration, specifically shock waves. Zach can create shock waves measuring up to 3.5 on the Richter scale, and can focus these to widths of just 2 cm, or over 100 metres. The waves manifest themselves as pulsating grey shapes, only just visible to the naked eye. they can blast through solid concrete, and are extremely versatile, and as such they are Zach's trademark attack. His teleportation is slightly limited, working accurately only in a 10km radius. Beyond that, it's unpredictable and could be off target, or it could not work properly i.e. legs appearing where head should be and so on. However, it is quick, and silent, so it's a good method. However, Zach prefers to fly. He can fly at speeds of almost Mach 10 without any kind of negative effects and can fly up to five kilometres high. However, flying for over an hour at a time is not recommended as he can get altitude sickness or fatigue if he's in the air for too long. He uses it abundantly in combat and pursuits, however he usually teleports for travel purposes.


Childhood & Early Life: He was never really the sort to argue with his sister, so they got along for the most part. He attended a public primary school similar to any other. His levels were quite high, but most notably he was very protective of certain people: disabled people, people who got bullied, etc. However, he was unfriendly and sometimes quite hostile towards other people, like the school bully for example. On two occasions he had to be taken home early as a result of fighting, and his mother considered counselling, but on Zach's insistence that he was fine, the plan never came about.

IQ: Ninety-Two. Even though he thinks intelligence tests are bogus.

Goals: Mostly he wants to bring down Crux laboratories in revenge for turning him into a lab rat. However, he  also wants something else - fulfilment. Even as a child, he always wanted to do the job properly, and was never someone to go halves. To this day, he always seeks the knowledge that whatever job he's done has been done well. He wants to feel like he's achieved something in life, so that it won't be a waste when he does go. As such, he can be a perfectionist sometimes.

Self Esteem: Mostly, Zach really doesn't let others get him down about his physical image. However, he does care about his mental image, and hates it when people call him stupid.

Confidence: Most of the time, Zach's pretty sure of himself. He believes he can take what's coming at him, and a fair amount of the time he's right. But, when things truly get the better of him, he becomes very self doubting and doesn't have the faith in himself to keep fighting. However, blowing something up usually helps.

Emotional State: He is ruled by a mix of logic and emotion, with the former shining through most of the time.

Motivation: The desire to keep pushing forward, the desire to help others, the desire to destroy Crux. Sometimes a mix of all three.

Fear: Disappointment. He hates letting people down, and tries hard not to. Also, he really does not like the cold AT ALL.

Happiness: Contentment. Zach is at his happiest when he's feeling really pleased with himself, and happy with what he's done.

Relationship: Zach would prefer two close friends over a room full of 'acquaintances' any day. He is loyal to his friends, and doesn't really mind gender or race. However. he is  strangely nervous about having a girlfriend. That kind of stuff just doesn't come naturally to him, and so he doesn't even think about it much.


He is a dog person, and has a small white and brown dog called Otis, who is renowned in the area where Zach lives for leaping around everywhere and doggedly attempting to steal food, no matter how many times he is shooed away.

Zach renting his own apartment at 16 is actually not that strange by the standards of  the time. It's not uncommon for more well off teenagers to rent apartments at as young as fourteen, and various young person schemes across the city, e.g. his gym membership, which make it perfectly possible.

Zach is absolutely fascinated by the ice moon Europa, and has a scale model of it on his bookshelf. He donated to UADP (Universal Aeronautic Development Program) to help with missions to Europa. It has been confirmed that almost a hundred kilometres worth of water are down there, but the crust has not yet been broken.

He took up animation as a hobby at the age of thirteen, and he now releases short five minute videos on the internet (which is still around) every week. They usually consist of epic star fighter battles, but he slips in the occasional hint of himself in them sometimes, for a thrill.

Religion: Zach is an atheist. He believes that everyone has their own version of the universe, and that everyone has the right to believe and live out their universe, and no-one should force another version on them.

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